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BitLife 3.9
BitLife 3.9

BitLife 3.9 Mod APK 3.9.1 (God Mode, Bitizenship, Always Win Lottery)

Adam Seo May 27, 2023

BitLife 3.9 Mod APK is a very good simulation game where players can orient their future life when they are just kids. It's really fun and worth downloading.

Name BitLife - Life Simulator
Updated 2023-06-02
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 3.9.1
Size 145 MB
MOD God Mode, Bitizenship, Always Win Lottery
Category Simulation
Developer Candywriter, LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link

BitLife 3.9 Mod APK - Your life planner simulator

If you are a player of simulation or fiction genres then this game is for you. Published by Candywriter. This game is very familiar to many users around the world. The game is based on a story about the course of life from birth to death. This game is a small part of the developer's collection. Very compatible with devices running Android operating systems and allows for free download. Below are the details that we want to send to you without rushing through!

BitLife Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship

About BitLife Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship

BitLife 3.9 Mod APK is the simulator program about your life. In this game, you will be chosen for who you are and how you develop yourself from birth to adulthood. BitLife God Mod APK will give you many options to start your life or you can come up with your own idea. First, you will have to choose the character with the criteria of health, appearance, wisdom or happiness on the percentage scale. Whichever factor you choose is more percentage, your development will be directed towards those criteria.

BitLife: Life Simulator Mod APK will help you change your life. You will start the game when you are a newborn baby and you will make a development plan for yourself. You have to think and be seriously oriented in what the future will be like to be a person. Fifteen, twenty years from now who will you be? 

Just clearly planned, you can correctly draw a map of your life. You will break down life into stages such as learning, understanding, manipulation and practice. No matter what development goals you choose, the most necessary thing is to learn. You will have to spend at least a third of your life going to school. Until you reach adolescence or adulthood, there will be decisions about the job of feeding your best friend.

In the process of entering the adult stage, BitLife Mod APK Boss Mode will suggest some development direction. Players can choose to build a career as soon as they are eighteen years old or choose to continue their undergraduate, master's or doctoral studies according to specific disciplines. You have to give yourself many assumptions, if you make a career you will do what and the field of choice. If you choose to continue your studies, you must also come up with the discipline you want to study and set a goal to complete it.

And you will continue to come up with further plans for the age after maturity, you will have to have a stable job, get married, have children and take care of your little family. All of them are drawn on a map of your life. Maybe in the future you will become an employer, an entrepreneur, a giant or a director, a manager, even an employee. You will have to make a choice right now and that is the goal that you have to achieve so that your life becomes the most perfect in your way of thinking. Let BitLife Mod APK Always Win Lottery help you change and assist you to set up your life development plan map according to each different hobby, personality.

Download game BitLife 3.9 Mod APK for Android

Features of BitLife Latest Mod APK 2023

Unlock mode

With the mode of the special feature of this Unlock mode will give players the most complete features that are completely free. When you have this feature you will be unlocked premium items and even characters. In addition, you can share your photos on social networking sites with your beautiful character image or winning image. 

Supporting you to play with conditions of lack of light as at night will be comfortable to use and better for the eyes to avoid the harmful light damage to the eyes. At the same time you will join allies to fight while you are in custody. Players can review their test results and contact the teacher if there are errors. Will be an extremely fun game that you will be exploring and discovering.

Character action control

This BitLife 3.9 Mod APK will take on a character so the control is very simple. This Mod version will give you the character controller so that you can freely adjust the character at your disposal. Every character's actions will follow you. This is when you build a perfect character according to your wishes. Players will have to choose a career for the character. In addition, it is possible to control the character's reason and emotions.

Building relationships

To make the game interesting, players can build relationships with other characters in the game. Will be your companion during school hours, parents, daughters and friends. Those relationships will make the game interesting. The more interesting you can create a date with your girlfriend and will be chosen who will go with you at the end of life. Having relationships will make your life happier.

BitLife Latest Mod APK 2023

Work and study

This BitLife 3.9 Mod APK is very similar in addition to the fact that we always have memorable milestones that this game is also shown. Since childhood, learning has been the most important characteristic. Until he grew up and graduated from a prestigious school. Provided that you will apply for a job in some places and find a job according to your wishes.

Custom character name

With this unlock mode features have been upgraded to enhance the experience of players in this game. Then allows you to change the name and mood of the characters. Allows you to customize the character's name whenever and allows unlimited changes. Also let you make changes of features in each character. In this version you will be used completely free of charge. So enjoy this game and many improvements to give you the perfect game.

Apply preferences

This game has a simulation genre so it will be no different from real life, so players can apply different properties and preferences to match the character. This is very important towards the best life.

Advertising restrictions

This game player will enjoy the full game space without appearing annoying or boring ads. Help players to experience a life without incidents or interruptions. This will be a game for you to feel the aging from birth and until the time is full of boredom. Download game BitLife 3.9 Mod APK for Android this game to have fun filled discoveries and lives with his relatives and friends.

BitLife: Life Simulator Mod APK


In short, BitLife 3.9 Mod APK will help you create a well groomed plan to develop your life. When you have such a clear plan, you will limit your mistakes in life. This game is not only interesting, but it also challenges the intelligence of the player when choosing things for themselves. You really have to consider a lot before making a decision. It will be very useful for the future development of, try downloading it and experience to feel.

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