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Fredina Night Club Game
Fredina Night Club Game

Fredina Night Club Game APK 1.1.4 (Full Game, For Android)

Adam Seo Mar 18, 2023

Download Fredina Night Club Game APK to experience unlimited horror games. Many details and creepy storylines will bring exciting and memorable moments for you!

Name Fredina Night Club
Updated 2023-03-18
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.1.4
Size 230 MB
MOD Full Game, For Android
Category Role Playing
Developer GrimFoxy
Price Free
Google Play Link

Have you played horror games before? What horror game title impressed you the most? Fredina Night Club Game APK is one of the top horror game titles today that we want to recommend. You will experience unlimited horror survival situations. The fascinating plot and many other impressive details will surprise and scare you. How many nights can you survive in Fredina Night Club Game? Refer to the information below to know more about this horror game!

Fredina Night Club Game APK

About Fredina Night Club Game APK

Fredina Night Club APK offers players an unlimited horror experience with creepy and scary details. This is a survival game title with many horror elements that surprise users the most. Players will begin to participate in the plot with a character who is the guardian of the pizzeria. Although it is a place to eat and drink, at night there will be many unpredictable stories happening.

Players can feel the excitement when darkness appears. There are a lot of scary things that you have to face in one night. It makes you feel surprised and thrill while patrolling around the restaurant. You need to pay attention to the surveillance camera screen to recognize the unusual things around you. Sometimes unexpected horror things appear that will scare you to the extreme. Being alone between the large restaurant and the new space will bring more unexpected horror.

Everything you have to survive in this game is a flashlight. It works effectively when the house loses power. In the dark, strange animals and mystical, spiritual forces become even more powerful. They can attack you at any time. You need to be really vigilant and keep the door of the monitoring room closed to prevent the entry of scary animals.

Fredina Fazbear Night Club APK provides unexpected horror for players. You don't know what will happen next. Try to control the sound and light system in the building to distract the monsters. When it is morning, you will be liberated. After passing the first night, the player will continue on the next night. If you don't pass, you will have to start over from the night you die.

Fredina Night Club APK

After completing the mission, the player will receive an impressive reward. Every day there will be a special mission for you. However, the difficulty level of the days will increase according to your ability to survive. The more complicated things become, the more you have to try to survive. Now you can experience more fun and exciting things on your own phone.

Outstanding Features of Fredina Night Club Game APK

Fredina Night Club Game for Android possesses many attractive features. The developer is constantly upgrading the features and expanding them for a better experience for players. Here are some of the main standout features.

Lots of creepy details

The designers of Fredina Night Club Game have tried to bring the most realistic horror to the players. During the day, the restaurant will have lovely and lively decorations. The stuffed animals become gentle, friendly and attractive to children. Everything is smartly arranged and really delicate.

However, when night falls, the cuteness becomes really scary. The stuffed animals will become the main horror elements. They can become monsters at any time, bringing the player a horror experience. You may be attacked by them and have to start over that night.

This mod's special way of instilling fear makes many players not want to have the same experience again. An item that everyone loves can turn out to be terrifying. Players will suddenly encounter scary things at any time.

Fredina Fazbear Night Club APK

Appropriate graphics, sound and lighting

In the dark is when the monsters are active. Insufficient lighting will not give the player an effective scare effect. Fredina Nightclub Game APK is already very good when they combine graphics, light and sound really smoothly. Players can clearly see scary images in the dark. The creepy sound suddenly appeared and changed. The attacks of the beasts became more terrifying when their appearance was completely changed. The cuteness is replaced by details full of scary.

Sad melodious music seems to be the accompaniment for the whole playing process. The gloomy atmosphere appears in every nook and cranny, making you feel melancholy and easily frightened by surprise. Sometimes it will make you more heartbroken and scared than you think.

Support multiple languages

Fredina Night Club Game is aimed at the international market and wants to reach more players. The developer has developed more languages to make this mod more accessible. This mod provides an English interface and audio for all users. If you don't know English, you can choose subtitles from many other languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Dutch, Spanish Nha (Latin America), Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.

Fredina Nightclub Game APK


Fredina Night Club Game APK certainly does not let you down about the horror details it possesses. Scary things are always waiting and can appear unexpectedly everywhere. You will be approached and experience more scary things than you think. Download Fredina Night Club Game to experience it all!

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