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Ready to take your music obsession to the next level? Check out's collection of music games for Android. Our games offer unique and creative ways to interact with your favorite songs, from playing along with the beat to creating your own music. Download now and start jamming!

Friday Night Funkin
Jul 18, 2024
261.0 / For Android
A Dance of Fire and Ice
Jul 18, 2024
2.5.3 / Paid, Original
Spotify Premium with offline download
Jul 18, 2024 / Premium Unlocked
Jul 18, 2024
0.6.6 / Full Game, For Android
Melatonin Game
Jul 18, 2024
1.7.0 / For Android
My Singing Monsters Private Server
Jul 18, 2024
4.1.3 / Unlimited money and gems