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8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang
8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang

8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang APK 5.14.3 (Anti-Ban/Long Line)

Nov 06, 2023

8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang APK is a mobile billiards game with simple controls, diverse modes and online competition.

Name 8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang
Updated 2023-11-06
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 5.14.3
Size 114 MB
MOD Anti-Ban/Long Line
Category Sports
Price Free
Google Play Link

8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang APK is an engaging mobile game app simulating the popular billiards game. It offers virtual pool-playing experiences, allowing users to compete in different settings with simple, intuitive gameplay.​

Key Features of 8 Ball Pool

Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

The allure of the 8 Ball Pool lies in its simplicity. With straightforward controls mimicking real-life pool physics, players can effortlessly execute shots with a swipe and a tap. Even beginners find the game welcoming as it introduces the basics of billiards without overwhelming them. The power gauge and the dotted guideline aid in measuring shots' strength and accuracy, which gradually fade as you level up, adding a layer of challenge.

Diverse Game Modes

Variety is the spice of life, and 8 Ball Pool offers just that with its array of gameplay modes. From quick matches to global tournaments, there’s a mode for every mood. The practice arena allows sharpening skills, while 1-on-1 matches and minigames provide quick fun. For the competitive soul, tournaments present a chance to claim glory.

Global Competition

The thrill of competition is the heart of 8 Ball Pool. This game will connect you with friends as well as strangers to duel on virtual sensation. Online matches are full of tension, pushing you against smarter opponents. Every attack, every win and every loss shapes your journey up the leaderboard, making every match count.

Realistic 3D Graphics

Visually, 8 Ball Pool doesn’t disappoint. 3D images breathe realism into the digital billiards room with assigned cues and animated balls. It's a cultured solution, developing an enjoyable experience similar to playing billiards in real life. These portraits are not just for display; Additionally, they help players compare their photos more effectively.

Cue and Table Customization

Personalization is another feature that stands out. You can customize cues and tables, choosing from a variety of styles that not only look different but also offer varied stats. This customization impacts gameplay, as different cues offer different levels of force, aim, spin, and time, allowing you to tailor your play style.

Top Tips for 8-Ball Pool

Mastering 8 Ball Pool is about strategy, precision, and sometimes, a bit of flair. Here’s how to up your game:

  • Understand the basics: Know your solids and stripes, and remember, the 8-ball is your ticket to victory but pot it only after your set is cleared.

  • Plan ahead: Don’t just play shot by shot. Think several moves ahead.

  • Practice spin: Learning to apply the right amount of spin can get you out of sticky situations.

  • Control your power: Not every shot requires full force. Sometimes, a gentle tap is all you need for the perfect pot.

  • Know your angles: Pool is a game of geometry. Use the diamonds on the table's edge to line up bank shots.

  • Challenge yourself: Play against stronger opponents to improve.

  • Manage your coins: Don’t burn through your stash on high-stake matches too early.

  • Use the right cue: Different situations call for different cues. Invest in a good all-rounder but have specialty cues for complex shots.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly: Accessible for all skill levels, with simple controls.

  • Visually pleasing: Stunning 3D graphics make for an engaging experience.

  • Varied gameplay: Multiple modes keep the game fresh and exciting.

  • Social interaction: Play against friends or join a global community.


  • In-app purchases: Some may find the microtransactions for upgrades off-putting.

  • No guidelines in pro matches: The lack of guidelines in advanced matches can be daunting for new players.

  • Can be addictive: The engaging nature of the game could lead to long playing sessions.

Similar Games

For billiards fans seeking variety, alternatives like "Pool Break Pro" or "Real Pool 3D" offer similar experiences with their own twists. "Snooker Stars" caters to snooker enthusiasts, while "Archery King" provides a different kind of aim-and-shoot game for those who want a break from the pool.


8 Ball Pool stands out in the realm of virtual billiards. It blends realistic gameplay with engaging features to offer a comprehensive pool experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a casual gamer, there’s something in it for everyone.

Free Download 8 Ball Pool Mod Garis Panjang APK (Mod Menu, Anti-Ban/Long Line) Latest Version for Android

Ready for your shot at virtual pool stardom? Visit, your trusted source for the latest 8 Ball Pool Mod APK. It's time to chalk up, take aim, and enjoy endless billiards fun at your fingertips. Download now and let the games begin!

​Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

What basic rules should I be aware of when playing this pool game?

​Similar to a real-life pool, your goal is to pocket all of your assigned balls, which will be either solids or stripes, depending on the first ball you sink. After clearing your set, you need to pocket the black 8-ball to win. Remember not to sink the 8-ball prematurely, and avoid pocketing the cue ball as this will give your opponent an advantage.

How does the game ensure a fair challenge as you progress?

The game employs a level system that matches you with opponents of similar skill as you climb the ranks. The controls begin simple, with guidelines to help you aim, but these aids are reduced as you improve, increasing the game's difficulty and ensuring a consistent challenge.

Can I customize my gaming experience in this app?

Yes, you can customize your experience by upgrading the pool table and cue sticks. Different designs and upgrades can be unlocked or purchased, which not only changes the aesthetic but can also enhance your gameplay by offering different stats like increased power or precision.

What if I'm new to pool games; does the app provide any assistance or tutorials?

For newcomers, the game offers an intuitive control system with a power gauge and dotted guidelines. There's additionally an arcade mode for practicing your talents towards in-recreation opponents, that is best for studying the ropes before you are taking on extra hard fits.

Is there a way to play with friends or against other players online?

Yes, the game capabilities an internet multiplayer mode wherein you can mission pals or compete against different players globally. You can also take part in tournaments and events for more competitive gameplay and the danger to earn prizes and grow your rating.

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