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Age Of War
Age Of War

Age Of War APK Mod 2023.1.8 (Unlimited Money And Coin)

Nov 07, 2023

Age Of War APK is a strategic defense game that challenges players to evolve their civilizations through different historical ages while defending against enemy attacks.

Name Age of War
Updated 2023-08-28
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 2023.1.8
Size 40 MB
MOD Unlimited Money And Coin
Category Strategy
Developer Max Games Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link

Age Of War is an engaging strategy game where you lead a civilization from the Stone Age to futuristic times, battling an opposing nation. It challenges players to manage resources, deploy units, and upgrade defenses across five distinct eras to outsmart and outlast their enemy.

Top 5 Features and Functions

Era Progression System:

The heart of Age Of War lies in its era progression system. You start in the caveman age, wielding basic clubs and slingshots, and as you accumulate experience and resources, your civilization evolves. Each age brings a shift not only in aesthetics but also in the type of units and defensive capabilities.

The progression feels natural yet exciting, as moving to a new era unlocks contemporary units and turrets. For instance, upon reaching the Medieval Age, your slingshots turn into archers. This evolution continues until you're commanding a futuristic army equipped with laser weapons and advanced artillery.

Each era transition is seamless, providing a satisfying sense of advancement and requiring players to adapt their strategy. It's crucial to balance your offense and defense across these ages, ensuring your base is impregnable while fielding an army diverse enough to break through the enemy's defenses.

Diverse Unit Types:

Age Of War doesn't skimp on variety. With 16 different units spread across the epochs, each class offers unique strengths and weaknesses. There are melee brutes that excel in close combat, ranged units for long-distance engagement, and even cavalry types for swift, impactful charges.

The strategy deepens as you realize certain units counter others effectively, reminiscent of a rock-paper-scissors dynamic. Positioning your troops and choosing when to deploy certain types against the enemy's lineup can turn the tide of battle. This depth ensures that no one strategy reigns supreme; adaptability is key.

The game's AI is programmed to challenge this adaptability, often throwing curveballs in the form of unexpected unit combinations or sudden onslaughts that test your tactical acumen and resource management skills.

Resource Management:

Central to Age Of War's strategy is managing resources, primarily gold and experience. Gold is earned by defeating enemy units and is used to purchase your troops and fortifications. Experience accrues over time and through battlefield prowess, leading to the all-important era upgrades.

Resource management is a balancing act. Spend too much gold on troops, and you might not have enough for crucial upgrades or repairs. Focus too much on saving, and you may not survive the next wave. Deciding whether to spend or save, to invest in units or bank on an era upgrade, makes every moment a strategic decision.

Defense Mechanisms:

Your base is your stronghold, and defending it is just as important as sending troops to dismantle your opponent's fortress. The game offers 15 different turrets, each with specific range and damage types, that can be placed to defend your base.

Choosing the right combination of turrets for the current and upcoming eras is vital. Early on, simple towers might suffice, but as the enemy evolves, so must your defenses. Some turrets are specialized to pierce armor, while others deal splash damage to take on groups of enemies.

Strategic placement is crucial as well. Positioning anti-infantry turrets at the front lines while keeping long-range bombardment turrets at the back can create a layered defense that's tough to penetrate.

Multi-Era Battle Dynamics:

Perhaps the most thrilling feature of Age Of War is the multi-era battle dynamic. Battles don't pause during an era change; instead, you might find your modern soldiers facing off against knights of tanks against trebuchets. This juxtaposition isn't just visually amusing but also impacts gameplay.

Older era units tend to be weaker but cheaper and quicker to produce, so there's a strategic element in churning out large numbers to overwhelm an opponent who may be saving for a more advanced, costly unit. Similarly, a well-timed advance into a new era can surprise an unprepared opponent, swiftly changing the battle's outcome.

Best Tips for the Game

To master Age Of War, consider these battle-tested tips:

Upgrade Wisely:

Don't rush to the next era without proper preparation. Ensure your defenses are solid and you have a capable army before evolving. Sometimes, having a strong force in a lower era is better than moving up unprepared.

Know Your Units:

Each unit type has its purpose. Melee units are sturdy and can absorb damage, ranged units provide cover fire, and cavalry units can break enemy lines. Learning which units counter others will give you an edge in any skirmish.

Balance Offense and Defense:

While it's tempting to go all-out on offense, a well-timed defensive strategy can save you in pinch situations. Invest in a mix of units and turrets, and don't neglect your base's fortifications.

Resource Efficiency:

Gold is precious. Spend it wisely on units that are effective against the enemy's current lineup. Sometimes, cheaper units in larger numbers are the way to go, especially if you're saving for an important era upgrade.

Adapt to Survive:

If your current strategy isn't working, change it. The game is about adaptation. Watch your enemy, anticipate their moves, and counter them with your own strategic shifts.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple mechanics, easy to learn but hard to master.

  • Diverse units and turrets across five different eras keep the gameplay fresh.

  • Strategic depth with resource management and unit countering.

  • The era progression system provides a satisfying sense of advancement.


  • Can become repetitive, as the core gameplay loop doesn't change much.

  • The visuals and animations are basic, which might not appeal to everyone.

  • Limited to a single game mode, which may affect replayability.

  • AI can be predictable after prolonged gameplay, reducing the challenge.

Similar Games

Fans of Age Of War might also enjoy "Clash of Clans," "Boom Beach," or "Stick War: Legacy." These games offer similar strategic depth and resource management, with unique twists and different settings. "Civilization Revolution 2" is another excellent option for those seeking a more in-depth civilization-building experience.


Age Of War offers a blend of simplicity and depth that can hook players for hours. Its unique era progression and diverse units ensure a strategic experience that challenges your tactical skills. While it has some downsides in terms of graphics and variety, the gameplay makes it worth a try for any strategy enthusiast.

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Ready for a strategic time-travel adventure? Download Age Of War from, a trusted source, and lead your civilization to victory through the ages. Easy to start but challenging to master, see if you have what it takes to outlast your enemies across the centuries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the core strategy for advancing through the different epochs in this game?

​The key strategy is to balance your resource allocation between upgrading units, advancing epochs, and strengthening your base defenses. Ensure you have a strong military and defensive setup before moving to the next epoch to maintain your advantage over the opponent.

How does unit selection impact my gameplay?

Understanding each unit's strengths and weaknesses is crucial. Different units are effective against various enemy types, so selecting the right troops for battle and countering the enemy's forces can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

Can I still utilize units from a previous epoch after I advance?

Yes, you can. Older units can still be produced and can offer strategic benefits, such as lower costs and faster production times, which can be useful for overwhelming an opponent or for defense while saving for more advanced units.

What is the best way to utilize my gold and experience points?

Gold should be spent judiciously on troops that can counter the enemy's current lineup and on essential upgrades. Experience points should be allocated towards progressing to the next epoch when you're fully prepared. Balancing your spending between offense and defense is the key to efficient resource management.

What should I do if my current battle strategy isn't working?

Adaptability is essential in this game. If your strategy is failing, observe the enemy's tactics and adjust your unit production and deployment accordingly. Don't hesitate to fortify your defenses or save for a strategic push to the next epoch if that's what's required to gain the upper hand.

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