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AI Photo Enhancer
AI Photo Enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer Mod APK (No Ads, Pro Unlocked)

Nov 14, 2023

AI Photo Enhancer Mod APK is an app that uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos. It can fix blurry, old, or damaged pictures, making them look clear and new.

Name UpFoto - AI Photo Enhancer
Updated 2023-10-26
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version
Size 62 MB
MOD No Ads, Pro Unlocked
Category Photography
Developer AI Photo Team
Price Free
Google Play Link

The app we are talking about is designed to improve your photos. It uses AI, or artificial intelligence, to make pictures look clearer and better. This means it can fix blurry or old photos, making them look like they were taken with a modern phone. It's like giving a fresh, new look to your old memories with just a click.

Five Key Features

Optimize Portrait Details

This feature focuses on faces in photos. Whether it's a selfie or a group picture, the app can make the faces look better. With just one tap, it can enhance facial details. This means it can make eyes look clearer and skin look smoother.

Restore Photos

Old, damaged photos can get a new life with this app. It can fix photos that are scratched or worn out. Imagine turning an old, faded photo into one that looks brand new. It's like fixing a torn painting, but for your photographs.

Improve Photo Resolution

The app can make the quality of a photo much better. It can increase the resolution by 200%, 500%, or even 800%. This is like changing a blurry, unclear picture into a sharp, HD quality image. It’s similar to making a small, grainy photo big and clear.

Clear Picture

If your photo is blurry, this feature can help. It unblurs the photo and makes it clearer. Think of it as cleaning a dirty window to see through it more clearly.

Enhance Real-time Photos

This feature works with photos you take at the moment. It means you can improve the quality of new photos right away. It’s like having a professional photo editor on your phone, ready to make your fresh photos look their best.

Best Tips for Using the App

Experiment with Different Features: Don’t just stick to one tool. Try different features to see how they change your photo. Like playing with different colors in a drawing, each feature can add something unique to your picture.

Adjust Settings Carefully: When using features like resolution enhancement, adjust the settings slowly. It’s like adding salt to a dish – too much can spoil it. A little change can sometimes make a big difference.

Use Restore for Old Photos: If you have old, damaged photos, use the restore feature. It’s like fixing a precious old toy, giving it a new look while keeping its original charm.

Be Selective with Enhancements: Don’t overdo the enhancements. Keep the photo looking natural. It’s like putting makeup on – a little can enhance beauty, but too much can look unnatural.

Save Originals: lways save your original photo. This way, if you don’t like the changes, you still have the original. Think of it as keeping a backup of a valuable document.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Use: The app is simple. It's like using a basic remote control – you don’t need special skills to use it.

  • Quick Enhancements: With just a tap, you can improve a photo. It’s fast, like microwaving a meal instead of cooking it for hours.

  • Multiple Features: The app offers various tools, like a Swiss Army knife for photos.


  • Over-Enhancement Risk: Sometimes, photos can look too artificial if over-enhanced. It's like adding too much sugar to tea.

  • Dependence on App Quality: The results depend on how good the app is. It's like relying on a tool – if the tool is not great, the outcome won’t be either.

Similar Apps

  • Snapseed: A popular photo editing app. It’s like a paint set for your photos, with lots of tools.

  • Adobe Lightroom: A professional app for photo editing. Think of it as a high-end camera compared to a basic one.

  • Pixlr: Offers creative effects and filters. It’s like having fun stickers and colors for your pictures.


This photo enhancer app is like a magic wand for your photos. It can turn old, blurry pictures into clear, beautiful images. It’s easy to use and offers various features. However, remember to use it wisely to keep photos looking natural.

Free Download AI Photo Enhancer Mod APK (No Ads, Pro Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

Ready to give your photos a new life? Download this amazing photo enhancer from It’s a trusted source, like a well-known bookstore, where you can get this app safely. Transform your pictures with just a click and enjoy your enhanced memories!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How do I make old photos look new again using this app?

Use the 'Restore Photos' feature. It’s like fixing a torn book. Just select the old photo, use the restore tool, and watch it turn into a fresh-looking image.

Q2: Can I improve the quality of a group photo where I look blurry?

Absolutely! Use the 'Clear Picture' tool. It’s like cleaning a foggy mirror. This feature will help sharpen your image in the group photo.

Q3: How do I avoid making my photos look too artificial?

Be gentle with enhancements. It’s like adding seasoning to food – a little goes a long way. Use features sparingly and always compare with the original.

Q4: What should I do if I’m not sure how to use a feature?

Start by experimenting with simple features like 'Optimize Portrait Details'. It’s like learning to ride a bike with training wheels. As you get comfortable, try more features.

Q5: Is there a way to see how my photo looked before editing?

Yes, always save your original photo. This way, you can compare the before and after easily. It’s like having a 'before' picture in a weight loss journey, so you can see the difference.

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