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Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK 1.3 (Unlimited Money And Diamonds)

Jan 31, 2023

Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK went viral thanks to a surprise appearance on the TikTok social network. Many people are curious about it. Is this simulator game as interesting as many people think? The answer is hidden in our article below.

Updated 2023-03-20
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3
Size 79 MB
MOD Unlimited Money And Diamonds
Category Simulation
Developer KAJEWDEV
Price Free
Google Play Link

A detailed review of Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK

Simulation games have a variety of topics for you to choose from. They relate to student life, business, real estate, and farming. Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK is a game in the category of farming and raising fish, namely pangasius and catfish. Curious about what it's like to be a fish farmer? Specific information about this application is waiting for you to dig deeper into.



Each simulation game brings a unique life experience to the player. Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK is similar because it belongs to the genre of realistic farming games. Players will become real catfish breeders from "zero" with little capital.

Your task is very simple, that is to become a billionaire by breeding and selling giant fish. You will have to increase your profit by selling catfish, catfish to potential customers in your town. The Indonesian publisher has created a viral simulation game that is worth a try. If you can't spend too much money to use the full version of Aku si PETERNAK LELE on Google Play Store, you can use its Mod Game version through our website.


What are the main features of Mod Aku si PETERNAK LELE APK?

The mod version has exclusive features that are free and useful for all players. They promise to bring many surprises for you.

Create a huge fish farm

You are forced to set up and build fences to create a fish farm. The aquariums are streamlined and separate so that they can grow to the largest possible size. A lake cannot have too much fish density. They will hinder each other in terms of growth because there is not enough living space for them. Therefore, you need to pay attention to upgrading the size of your aquarium and farm. The bigger your fish farm, the rare and giant fish will appear. They will bring you a significant source of income.

There is a hierarchy in the types of fish

Game Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK will allow you to admire more than twenty types of catfish. Each type of fish only has different levels and levels from 1 star to 6 stars. The 6 stars represent how extremely rare the fish is, and it is considered legendary. The fish levels will be classified into legendary, extremely rare, rare, and normal. The 1-star catfish is the type of fish that occupies the majority of your aquarium if you do not pay attention to taking care of your fish.


Aku si PETERNAK LELE Unlimited Money And Diamonds

If you want to attract more customers, you need to decorate and improve your farm. Change fence color, aquarium size, and other item types. Diamonds are used to unlock buildings, structures, and research areas in the fish farm. The infinite diamond feature will take you into a magical farming world with all kinds of items and amazing fish-farming technology.

Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK Unlimited Money

Unlimited money will help you do a lot of things you want in this game. You can use the money to buy fish foods, nutrients, and medicines. Your fish can also get fungus, and get sick and they need your care. It may take longer for them to grow when they are sick. Change the water regularly and ensure its perfect life cycle.

On the other hand, you need to feed your fish with different types of bran, seeds, and nutrient-rich food. The higher the grade of the food, the higher the price will be. However, they are essential for the growth of catfish. The huge size fish will help you get a more substantial amount of money.

Aku si PETERNAK LELE Unlimited Money And Diamonds

How to download Mod Aku si PETERNAK LELE APK?

You can choose reputable websites to download and enjoy all the great things about this game. Our website is also an ideal choice for you because you can easily download Aku si PETERNAK LELE APK without any barriers and fees. Try it now!


Aku si PETERNAK LELE Mod APK attracted the attention of many users thanks to the characteristic features of a catfish farming simulation game. In our opinion, it's really fun and well worth your free time. Raise fish and seafood and become a successful business as soon as possible with this game.

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