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Alice In The Land Of Dreams
Alice In The Land Of Dreams

Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK 1.0.3 (Việt hoá, Android Game)

May 21, 2023

Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK is a game with an attractive game through the plot created by players and acted by Alice characters. Download play now.

Name Alice In The Land Of Dreams
Updated 2023-05-21
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.0.3
Size 30 MB
MOD Việt hoá, Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Luccisan
Price Free
Google Play Link

Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK - Experience the fictional space and complete the story in your way

This will be a game for you to get lost in the beautiful wonderland that you dreamed of, now appearing on Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK. A completely new title based on a novel by Lewis Carroll. Bringing you beautiful space brings a completely new hidden genre. This game will fulfill your wish and will accompany Alice on her journey to Wonderland. There will be many interesting and challenging activities welcoming you. You can download on your Android device without any problems. The article below will provide you with important information for you to not miss!

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About the app Alice In The Land Of Dream APK Full Game

Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK is a game application with fantasy storytelling. The plot revolves around the female character Alice, who in a deep sleep wakes up to find herself lying in an unfamiliar place. And when she walked down to the bed and moved out of the room, she was overwhelmed with the vast space of the mansion. And what is more special is that this mansion is scary, and the girl's task here is to find her sister who was missing a few months ago. The player must help the character quickly find his sister and escape from this dreamy, fanciful place.

In GVNVH18 Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK, we will provide you with a room full of amenities such as kitchen, bathhouse, bed, wardrobe so that the character can live in the process of living at this mysterious villa. There are so many strange and incomprehensible things that the character has not yet shaped. You will be the narrator and lead the character in his way. You will have to supplement the idea to complete the unfinished theoretical age by clicking on the screen to choose the right words in your style.

Alice In The Land Of Dreams Việt Hóa APK brings a lot of attractive rewards. The ability to create and complete the end of the story will be the determining factor in your success. The game is also quite simple when you will be suggested some opening content and allow you to unlock many items that support you. Use your rich mind and imagination to make the little room the place where your story is acting.

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Alice In The Land Of Dreams is a fantasy land that gives players the feeling of entering into the real character as the player himself goes in search of his sister and seeks to escape from this realm of dreams. All this will be expressed through various expressions of feelings for the character, she will grow up more when she experiences difficulties in dreams. And the end result was a happy and happy ending when she and her sister were reunited together.

The highlights of the game Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK Latest Version

Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK brings you an adventure to the beautiful wonderland grave and our protagonist is Alice. The girl will call up curiosity and fun for the game. With a variety of unique styles, gameplay is divided into two character classes: Warrior (melee) and magician(long range). Players must overcome a long journey with many different challenges that need to be overcome with a variety of weapons, catering to you during the game. Accompanying them are the highlights that make the episode attractive for players.

Alice's House

When playing, players will visit the House that Alice is in with the architecture of the 19th century full of classics. With the interior on the inside of the house, you have to pay attention and be attracted by the paintings that are hung on the walls. Works of art of that time were also exhibited here. You will be amazed by the horror elements inside the house.

Visit the rabbit cave

Let's visit Alice's garden outside. One day when she was passionate about reading stories in the garden, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and tired, and fell asleep when she saw a fleeting shadow of the bunny running across, apparently in a hurry. Then Alice rushed to the garden to follow the bunny and crawled into the cave by a tree. Can you guess what the story of Alice In The Land Of Dreams will be like?

Other spaces

When starting to get inside it will be difficult to determine where is going with a space without light. But actually this cave is passed through a fourth space and takes you to a beautiful wonderland inside the earth. Are gradually appearing before your eyes.

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When entering the cave gives players a sense of halfway with different dimensions as endless. Based on images and objects that are not fixed. There are many interesting things inside this world that you need to explore.

With many paths

When you come to the multi-dimensional space you can come across a lot of doors. Are you wondering where the rabbit ran? And which way would be right to lead to the white bunny? So you need to be assertive and choose a way to the door and go in the right direction to the rabbit's place.

The world is shrinking

Players will be surprised to come to a strange room and amazement with immense, endless breadth, the surprises here are when they step back. With multi-dimensional space, the room was very large with Alice. By chance she got lost in this room with a hungry stomach and missed eating to make her body huge, Alice felt shocked and panicked with her appearance suddenly enlarged. But she drank the droplets that made her able to get back to her normal state and the goal was to get through the tiny door to get through the colorful world beyond. Where those little doors are, the player must be oriented precisely in this mysterious room.

Parallel worlds in the ground

With beautiful surroundings. Enjoy great music from the beautiful flowers in the garden. There are so many things that you need to explore in this wonderland.

A very interesting game that players need to download to be able to enjoy a colorful wonderland with many outstanding details will make you immerse yourself in the plot. There's a lot of thrilling stuff in this fourth space. Download game Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK for Android to have the most realistic feel and adventure into the wonderland that you dreamed of right! On his mobile device.

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Alice In The Land Of Dreams APK is a fictional world simulation game in dreams for role playing players to tell stories as their own life. You can choose a variety of gameplay to reveal the most realistic feeling. It's great to have the exciting experience that the game offers. If you are interested, you can click on the link in this article to download offline.

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