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American Farming
American Farming

American Farming APK 0.4.46 (Release Date, Simulator Game)

Nov 25, 2023

American Farming APK is a realistic farming game for Android. Grow crops, care for animals, adapt to the weather, and manage finances, all for free!

Name American Farming
Updated 2023-11-18
Compatible with 9 and up
Last version 0.4.46
MOD Release Date, Simulator Game
Category Simulation
Developer SquadBuilt Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is American Farming?

American Farming is a way to learn about and enjoy farming. It uses games on mobile phones that let you feel like you're really farming in America. You do farm work: grow food, drive big farm machines, and take care of animals. It's all made to look very real, like being on a big farm in the only you can see and touch through your screen.

Five most outstanding characteristics

Real Forms: In the game, every farm machine and animal looks just like it does on a real farm. You'll see large tractors, tall wheat fields, and friendly cows, each made to feel real.

Full Farm Life: Players do everything that farmers do. They prepare the land, put seeds in the ground, look after them, and collect the crops. They also can have animals and make sure they are healthy and happy.

Seasons and Weather: Like in real life, your farm in the game changes with the weather and seasons. You might have to farm in the rain or snow and see your farm in both summer and winter.

Money Matters: You must think about how to use your money, like buying new things to help farm or sell what you have grown. The game makes you think about how to make your farm make money and do well.

Explore and Create: You can choose how your farm looks and where things go. You might have fields in one area, animals in another, and your own house to go back to after a long day's work.

Best advice for users of American Farming

  • Start Simple: If you're new, start with easy tasks and learn how to do them well before trying harder ones.

  • Plan Your Work: Think ahead about what your farm needs. Use your money wisely and always be prepared for the weather to change.

  • Take Care of Your Tools: Look after your farm machines and tools. They help you do better in the game and they can last longer this way.

  • Have Fun: Remember, it's a game. Enjoy learning and playing. Try new things and don't worry if not everything goes right.

  • Connect with Others: You can learn from other people who play too. Talk to them and maybe even work together on a farm.


Advantages and disadvantages


  • Learn Farming: It's a good way to find out how farming is done without needing a real farm.

  • Handy and Easy: Play the game when you want, where you want, as it’s on your phone.

  • Fun Choice: Offers a break from fast games, giving you a slower-chill kind of fun.

  • No Risk: Make mistakes and learn without the worry of real-world problems.

  • Big World: The game has lots of places to go and explore, big fields, and pretty views.


  • Phone Limits: Sometimes the game might not feel as real because phone screens are small.

  • Battery Use: Playing games on your phone for a long time can use up your battery quickly.

  • Data Storage: The game might take up a lot of space on your phone.

  • Internet Need: You may need the internet to get updates or to use all parts of the game.

  • Cost: Some parts of the game may need you to pay money to get them.

Alternatives to American Farming

Other games like Farmville, Stardew Valley, and Hay Day can also let you farm on your phone. Each game has its own style and different fun things you can do.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I play American Farming for free?

Answer: Yes, you can start for free but there may be things inside the game to buy with real money.

Question: Do I need the internet to play?

Answer: You might need it for some parts of the game, like to get updates or play with friends.

Question: Is the game safe for kids?

Answer: Yes, it's made to be fun and safe for people of all ages.


American Farming games are a great choice if you like having fun and learning farming without real farm work. The cool thing is how it makes farming so real. Try it out to see for yourself!

Free Download American Farming APK (Unlimited Money, Release Date, Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

Hey everyone, if you want to try American Farming, it’s easy! Go to It's safe and has many games to choose from. Find American Farming there and start your farming adventure!

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