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Android Auto
Android Auto

Android Auto APK 10.8.134343-release (Android App)

Apr 18, 2023

Android Auto 9.5 APK is a great app that helps you when driving without distraction, just give voice commands and the app will do it for you. Download now!

Name Android Auto
Updated 2023-10-26
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 10.8.134343-release
Size 36 MB
MOD Android App
Category Tools
Developer Google LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link

Android Auto 9.5 APK - Car navigation support application

Surely everyone is very familiar with the Google Maps browser, which contains thousands of roads in any country. Especially for those of you who drive cars, it is really necessary. But before, without built-in applications, drivers had to use smartphones to control the navigation, which can be dangerous when the phone screen is too small to focus on seeing the side before. However, Google understands users' concerns, and has now launched an application called Android Auto 9.5 APK. This is an application that makes it easy for you to connect to electricity and will project the whole phone screen on the control device to make it easier for you to control and has many other built-in features. Join us to learn and discover the great things of Android Auto 9.5 APK.

Android Auto 9.4 APK

About Android Auto APK 2023 app

Android Auto 9.5 APK is a smart driving utility application that accompanies the driver. Android Auto APK is developed and released from Google, now available on Android operating system.

The Carplay Android Auto APK app not only allows you to use Google Maps to locate the location you want to go to. It can also connect a smartphone device to the car's entertainment device, when successfully connected, the car screen will display all the applications on the phone device. You can watch youtube, listen to music with spotify, use voice talk to ask for directions on maps, and some third-party messaging/telephone apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger allow users to stay connected on the go.

The app provides access to various features such as navigation, music, messaging or calling. You only need voice control with pre-set commands or can adjust yourself by clicking on the touch screen of the car device.

Android Auto 9.5 APK is a safe and convenient connection application for drivers. The simple user interface optimizes the integration of voice control so that the driver is not distracted when looking at the device screen a lot. The application supports users worldwide and is available in the latest version on the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can both drive and have entertainment equipment while ensuring safety regulations when controlling traffic. Don't bother downloading the app right away to accompany you.

Android Auto APK 2023

Features of Android Auto APK Latest Version

Android Auto 9.5 was released by google to turn your car screen into an easy-to-use smartphone with the same functions as a phone. In order to ensure the safety of drivers when they want to access their phones while driving, now Android Auto 9.4 APK will provide users with an optimized interface and begin to recognize when sitting in the driver's seat. What's better than downloading Android Auto 9.4 APK and find out the features below:

1. Roadmap

Android Auto will provide real-time journey from google map, when you want to go where google map will analyze and give direction, turn left, turn right by voice very convenient when you are driving the wonderful steering wheel rather than updating traffic ahead and guiding you to the right lane, this will be a great and safe feature when you're driving.

2. Entertainment

You can go to spotify, google play pre-set music in the app or install music to be able to listen to a variety of music and control it simply by voice or the controls on the steering wheel and screen of your car. 

3. Call and text securely

Updated for the benefit of our users we've made this feature loved by many because there's no longer a worry about being unsafe when important calls and messages appear, now with Android Auto 9.4 Driving becomes even more enjoyable by allowing the use of

Call and receive text messages using your phone's contacts, all intelligently navigated by voice commands and controlled from the car.

4. Voice control

Previously only luxury cars were integrated with this feature, now you can turn your beloved car on par with a luxury car easily when integrating intelligent control with a virtual assistant that applies many functions with different capabilities. For example, "Ok Google", play me a song you love, or get directions to a place you define and can send yourself a message.

Android Auto APK Latest Version

5. Ensure user safety

Help users using Android Auto 9.5 APK can comfortably drive without being dominated by the phone by phone calls or incoming messages and maps. When you are glued to the phone not paying attention there will be danger ahead now there is Android Auto APK Download 2023 that will guarantee you all the way.

6. Supported from many apps

Android Auto 9.5 APK wants users to be able to experience many applications on one software, so it has combined many 3rd parties to have the most perfect Android Auto 9.4 such as Facebook, Messenger, Spotify and WhatsApp, which should allow you to connect while driving.

7. Interface

The interface of the application is very user-friendly so that users can get used to it easily, and the simple control takes only a few minutes to master the functions of the control panel. Download now for the safest and most relaxing driving moments.

8. GPS Access

Even better, the app allows you to use the vehicle's sensors and inputs such as GPS navigation, comes with a high-quality audio system, and navigates with a precise compass.

Download app Android Auto 9.5 APK for Android

You can easily download Android Auto 9.5 on the Android platform from the available CH Play stores on your device, but you can also download the APK file on third-party browsers. To download Android Auto 9.5 APK simple few steps:

  • Step 1: Open the browser to search for Android Auto 9.5 APK or CH Play.
  • Step 2: Enable "unknown" in your device's settings.
  • Step 3: Continue downloading, wait for the installation file to enter the phone folder.
  • Step 4: After installing into the folder, choose to install the application outside the main screen.
  • Step 5: Installation is complete, now you can experience this wonderful application.

Download app Android Auto 9.4 APK for Android


Android Auto 9.5 APK is definitely a useful application, becoming a companion for car drivers around the world. User-friendly interface with extremely simple control buttons or voice can be used for more convenience. The app will help you navigate accurately and stay entertained during the ride. If you find it useful to you, download the latest version and experience it now.

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