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Assetto Corsa Mobile
Assetto Corsa Mobile

Assetto Corsa Mobile APK Mod 1.16.3 (for Android)

Nov 11, 2023

Assetto Corsa Mobile is a realistic racing simulation game for Android devices, known for its detailed cars, accurate tracks, and advanced physics engine.

Name Assetto Corsa Mobile
Updated 2023-11-11
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.16.3
Size 55 MB
MOD for Android
Category Racing
Developer Kunos Simulazioni
Price Free
Google Play Link

Assetto Corsa Mobile, a top-tier race sim game, brings the thrill of high-speed competition to Android gadgets. What sets it apart is the lifelike racing feel, intricately detailed vehicles, and precisely rendered race tracks. Players can enjoy a range of cars and race on famous circuits, experiencing a simulation close to real-life racing.

Five Key Features of Assetto Corsa Mobile

Many people gauge the quality of a movie adaptation by how well it mirrors their personal imagination of the book's characters, settings, and plotlines. Here's the lowdown on the top five elements that make Assetto Corsa Mobile a standout.

Advanced Graphics and Physics Engine

The game Assetto Corsa Mobile truly shines with its high-end graphics and sophisticated physics engine. This technology makes the game look very real. The graphics engine uses something called DirectX 11. This makes the environment, lighting, and surfaces in the game look like they do in real life. In the game, the physics engine is engineered meticulously to mirror actual driving experiences closely. The game intricately simulates car dynamics, from the way tires handle heat and wear down to how a vehicle's aerodynamics shift mid-race. This level of detail creates a very immersive and realistic driving experience.

Realistic Car Models and Tracks

This game features exclusive, officially licensed cars, reproduced with great accuracy. Brands like Ferrari, BMW, and Lamborghini are included, with models that look and behave like their real-world counterparts. The tracks in the game, like Monza and Silverstone, are created using Laser scan technology. This means they are very accurate copies of real racing circuits. Driving on these tracks feels like racing in the real world.

Hardware Compatibility

A great advantage of this game is its compatibility with various gaming devices. Whether you play with a keyboard, joystick, or a professional steering wheel, the game supports it all. You can crank up the reality factor with cutting-edge tools like Oculus for a virtual reality ride and Track IR to track your head movements.

Diverse Gameplay Options

Assetto Corsa Mobile offers various modes for different kinds of players. There's a career mode for those who want a long-term challenge, and special events for unique racing experiences. Players can customize their races, choose different kinds of competitions, and even adjust the time of day for each race. The game has got you covered with four driving help profiles - gamer, racer, pro and a tweakable option – letting anyone from beginners to pros enjoy the ride.

Modding and Customization

For players who like to personalize their gaming experience, Assetto Corsa Mobile offers extensive customization options. So, you get the power to tweak both the aesthetics and dynamics of cars and tracks in your own way. Players can use the same tools the game's developers used to make their own content, like new car models or custom tracks. Community mods add creativity, letting players make and share new stuff like cars and tracks.

Best Tips for Playing Assetto Corsa Mobile

Master the Controls

Getting comfortable with the controls is key. Start with simpler control settings and gradually move to more advanced ones as you improve. Practice steering, accelerating, and braking to understand how the car reacts.

Understand Each Car's Characteristics

Each car in Assetto Corsa Mobile behaves differently. Spend time learning the unique features of each car. This knowledge helps in choosing the right car for each track and racing style.

Practice on Different Tracks

Familiarize yourself with various tracks. Each track has its own challenges, like tight corners or long straights. The more you practice, the better you'll understand how to navigate each one.

Use Assists Wisely

The game offers driving assists to help beginners. Use these assists, like traction control and anti-lock brakes, to start. As you get better, try gradually reducing these aids to improve your skills.

Analyze Your Performance

Use the game's telemetry data to review your racing performance. Look at things like braking points, cornering speed, and tyre usage. This analysis can show where you need to improve.

Pros and Cons of Assetto Corsa Mobile


  1. Realistic Simulation: The game offers an immersive and realistic driving experience, appealing to simulation enthusiasts.

  2. Diverse Car and Track Selection: With a wide range of cars and tracks, there's plenty to explore and enjoy.


  1. Complex for Beginners: The game's realism and detail might be overwhelming for new players.

  2. Hardware Demands: To enjoy the best graphics, you need a powerful Android device, which might not be available to all players.

Similar Games to Assetto Corsa Mobile

  1. Real Racing 3: Offers a mix of realistic racing with easier controls, suitable for casual gamers.

  2. Gran Turismo Sport Mobile: Known for its realistic driving simulation and extensive car collection.

  3. Project Cars Go: Focuses on more casual gameplay but still offers a good racing experience.


Assetto Corsa Mobile stands out as a top-tier racing simulation game for Android. Its realism, variety of cars and tracks, and extensive customization options make it a great choice for both serious racing enthusiasts and casual gamers who enjoy a more realistic driving experience.

Free Download Assetto Corsa Mobile APK Mod Latest Version for Android

Ready to experience the thrill of racing? Download Assetto Corsa Mobile now from, a trusted source for Android games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way for a beginner to start playing this game?

Start with easier control settings and use the driving assists like traction control. Practice on different tracks to get used to the game's physics and each car's behavior. Gradually, you can move to more challenging settings as your skills improve.

Can I play this game with a regular Android device?

Yes, you can play on most Android devices, but for the best graphics and performance, a more powerful device is recommended. The game is also compatible with various gaming devices like keyboards, joysticks, and steering wheels.

Does the game offer different modes for different skill levels?

Yes, it includes several modes like career, custom championships, and special events. It also offers four driving assist profiles to suit everyone from beginners to pro-level players.

Is it possible to customize cars and tracks in the game?

Absolutely! The game allows extensive customization and modding. You can use editing tools to create and share your own cars and tracks, offering a creative aspect to your gaming experience.

What makes this game stand out compared to other mobile racing games?

Its high level of realism, detailed car models and tracks, and the advanced graphics and physics engine make it stand out.

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