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Attack Hole
Attack Hole

Attack Hole Mod APK 1.19.0 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Jan 07, 2023

If you are looking for an action game with novel gameplay with many interesting details, Attack Hole Mod APK is one of the best choices. Read below to know more about it!

Name Attack Hole - Black Hole Games
Updated 2024-02-09
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.19.0
Size 154 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads
Category Arcade
Developer Homa
Price Free
Google Play Link

Attack Hole Mod APK

Currently, novel action games are more popular with players than other game titles. The fascinating details in Attack Hole Mod APK really have the ability to attract players because what happens during the game is really very special.

Players will be transformed into a black hole and swallow all it can. After becoming more powerful, these black holes will be able to hunt other smaller black holes. Fierce competition helps players see the excitement of this mod. Electric flames can be launched for attack or defense. If you are interested in this mod, then follow our next share. You certainly won't be disappointed.

attack hole mod apk

What is Attack Hole Mod APK?

Attack Hole Mod APK is one of the most interesting character incarnation fighting games at the moment. The character in the game that you transform into is not and the shape simulates a human. You will become a black hole with great destructive power. You will devour anything of the right size. The more objects you swallow, the larger your size will be. After a while, you can swallow the whole city. However, that is not easy.

This game is also competitive to help players feel more stimulated. In addition to your black hole, there are many other black holes appearing within the city limits. Not only do you have to scramble for objects to swallow, but your opponent can also swallow you if they are already larger than you. Of course, you can also do the opposite.

Attachhole Mod APK really brings a new and more exciting gaming feeling. You can choose from many different game modes for your game. You can play with friends to form a group of black holes to sweep the whole city. If you choose to play in unity, the final victory will belong to your team. However, to become strong you need to swallow more things to be able to defeat the enemy. Special strategies are also devised by players to increase the probability of victory during combat.

attack hole mod apk unlimited money

Attack Hole Mod APK players can choose to customize their characters and own their favorite costumes and colors. Unique costumes and colors will help you distinguish yourself from the black holes out there. The place to start the game in this mod is also very well created. The player can choose the location in the city, beach or oasis.

Attack Hole Mod versions

If you are curious about the versions that the publisher created to stimulate players, you can refer to the following:

  • Attack Hole Mod APK Unlimited Money is the most sought after version. Accordingly, you will get unlimited budget and many other attractive policies for your upcoming life. If you want to know more about its experience, quickly choose Attack Hole Unlimited Money Download.
  • Attack Hole APK Latest Version helps players enjoy more new features and continuously update changes. You will be the first to experience them.
  • If you feel bothered when the ads appear continuously, then Attack Hole Mod APK No Ads is the best choice. The program is specially installed so that this mod does not have any ads that can appear. Everything is done to a moderate level and not annoying.

attack hole unlimited money download

Salient features

Attack Hole Mod APK really possesses many different outstanding features. Refer to the shares below if you want to know more about them:

Multiple game modes

Players can choose from many different game modes provided by the mod house. You can go through the installation and customization steps to make the game mode more suitable for your needs such as free play or team play.

Many custom outfits

Players are allowed to customize the character's costume to show personalization and become more prominent. It can be made according to your preferences to get the greatest deals.

Constantly updated

To enhance the user experience, Attack Hole Mod APK has continuously updated with changes or new features. It is the perfect choice to help you feel new when playing games.

attack hole apk latest version


Attack Hole Mod APK is one of the best options to help you be more entertained. This novel gameplay is sure to make you excited.

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