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Azur Lane
Azur Lane

Azur Lane APK 7.1.14 (for Android)

Nov 23, 2023

Azur Lane APK is a mobile game where players collect and battle with ships represented by anime characters.

Name Azur Lane
Updated 2023-10-18
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 7.1.14
Size 1.6 GB
MOD for Android
Category Action
Developer Yostar Limited.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Azur Lane is a game you can play on your phone. It has battles with ships that look like people. You play by choosing up to six ships and fighting against enemies. The game mixes parts of RPG games, shooting games, and strategy.

Five Key Features

  1. First, it mixes things from different games. It has bits from role-playing games (RPGs), shooting games where you move sideways, and games where you plan and use your mind. You get to control ships that are drawn like anime people. This mix keeps your eyes happy and your brain working.

  2. Second, the game is easy. You move to the side and shoot. You do not need to be a pro gamer. You can learn fast how to play. Plus, you choose how you want to play. You can let the computer do the work, or you can control it yourself.

  3. Third, the idea is to make a team with up to six ships. You must think about your team to win. Having a good team helps you break through the enemy and win.

  4. Fourth, you're like a ship collector. You can make a big group of ships from different parts of the world. Some are small, some are big, but all are special in their way. Over 300 ships to collect means lots of choices.

  5. Finally, for some ships, the game uses a special thing called Live2D. It makes the characters look alive when you touch them. It's like real people talking to you.

Best Tips for Azur Lane

Starting Azur Lane, keep things easy to have fun and win:

First, look at what each ship can do. Choose different types of ships to make your team strong. Some ships are better for attacking, others for defense.

Second tip, when you have a fight, watch the screen well. There are lots of bullets, but you can learn to dodge them.

Third, do the tasks the game gives you. It helps you get more ships and things to make your ships better.

Next, don't forget to make your ships strong. Use the items you get to add more power or defense.

Lastly, take your time and play daily. Doing a small bit every day will help you grow your team without feeling it's too hard.

Remember, in games like this, thinking ahead is key. Choose wisely, play smart, and keep improving your fleet!

Pros and Cons

Every game has good things and bad things, and Azur Lane is no different. Let's talk about these.

The good things first: Azur Lane has a lot of ships and you can mix them to make different teams. This makes playing really exciting. It's also cool that you can choose if you want to control the game or let the computer do it. The game is also pretty with its anime style, making it a feast for your eyes. The live characters that can talk back are another neat touch.

But it's not all perfect. Some people might find the game too simple or too easy at first. It can also be hard if you're not used to this type of game. Lots of choices for ships are great, but they can make new players feel lost. Another point is that while you can download the game for free, some things inside it might cost real money.

Alternatives for Azur Lane

If Azur Lane is not your cup of tea, there are other games you might like. 'Warship Battle' is one, with 3D action and real warships. 'Kantai Collection' is another game with ships that look like people, but it's different from Azur Lane. And 'World of Warships' is for players who want more real warship action on their screens!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some questions people often ask about Azur Lane.

Q: Is Azur Lane hard to play?

A: No, Azur Lane is pretty easy to get the hang of. Just play a bit and you'll learn fast!

Q: Do I need to pay to win?

A: You can download and play Azur Lane for free. You may find extra stuff inside the game, though, that can cost money.

Q: Can I play with friends?

A: Yes! You can join up with friends, make teams, and fight enemies together.

Q: What devices can I play Azur Lane on?

A: Azur Lane is mainly for phones—both Android and iOS. You just need space and an internet connection.

Q: How often do new ships come into the game?

A: New ships come now and then through updates or events. Keep an eye on the game news to find out more.


Azur Lane combines lots of ship choices, cute anime looks, and simple playability, making it an engaging game for many. Whether you like strategy or just enjoy anime art, there's a chance Azur Lane will become one of your top game picks.

Free Download Azur Lane APK + OBB Latest Version for Android

Want to start your naval adventure? You can download Azur Lane at It's safe and checked, so get your game there and start putting together a great fleet!

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