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Basketball Stars Unblocked 66
Basketball Stars Unblocked 66

Basketball Stars Unblocked 66 APK 1.3.2

Sep 14, 2023

Basketball Stars Unblocked 66: A thrilling online basketball game where you score points by outsmarting opponents within 60 seconds.

Name Basketball Stars Unblocked 66
Updated 2023-09-14
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.3.2
Size 23 MB
Category Casual
Developer Basketball Stars
Price Free
Google Play Link

Basketball Stars Unblocked 66: An Engaging Hoops Experience!

Hoops fan? Got a minute? Dive into the exhilarating world of Basketball Stars Unblocked 66. If you thought that basketball was just about shooting hoops in reality, this game's here to flip that notion. Loved by teens worldwide, it's more than just bouncing a ball.

Basketball Stars Unblocked 66

Understanding the Game Basics


So, what's the deal with Unblocked 66 Basketball Stars? It's simple. Score points by shooting the ball into your opponent's hoop. Sounds easy? Not quite! With each shot fetching you 2 points, you've got to outscore your rival before time runs out.


While potting that ball seems straightforward, there's a twist. Your rivals? They're pretty savvy. Not only can they block your perfect shots, but they can also snatch that ball right out of your hands. So, strategy becomes key.


Unblocked Games 66 Basketball Stars isn’t just about offensive play. It's a game of minds, a dance between defense and attack. While your instinct may scream "Score!", remember, blocking your opponent’s moves is just as crucial. It's a blend, a balance, and oh, the adrenaline rush when you get it right!

Basketball Stars Gameplay Essentials

Time Management:

Each match in Basketball Stars 66 Ez is a race against the clock, lasting just 60 seconds. That timer ticking under the score table? That's your cue to strategize, plan, and execute. Every second counts, literally!

Roles in the Game:

Players, it's not just about having the ball. This game assigns you two roles: you're on the offense, but you're also on the defense. When you're without the ball, channel your inner thief and try to steal it. And when the rivals aim for a shot, jump to block! On the flip side, when you’re on the offense, use every basketball trick you know. Dribble past rivals, approach the hoop, and make that crowd-cheering dunk. Perfect that juggle, and victory's just a slam dunk away.

Teaming Up:

Oh, and if you're playing with a buddy? Synergy is the name of the game. Teamwork makes the dream work. When both of you are in sync, the opponent doesn’t stand a chance.

Unblocked 66 Basketball Stars

Mastering the Game: Tips & Tricks


You know how in real basketball, the distance between you and the hoop can be the difference between a cheer and a groan? Same rules apply here. Closer to the hoop? Your shots are likely more accurate. But remember, it’s not always about proximity.

Ball Possession:

Holding onto that ball is like holding onto gold. Your opponents will be on the prowl, waiting for that one slip-up to snatch it away. Guard it, pivot, dodge. Make them work for it.

Defensive Play:

Let's say you're leading in points, and the clock's ticking down. Instead of going for another shot, how about playing it safe? Shift gears to defense. Protect your lead. A strong defense can be your best offense.

Utilizing Skills:

Every player in the game comes with their own set of unique skills. Mega dunk, fast breaks, defense – these aren't just fancy terms; they can be game-changers. Learn them, use them, master them.

Choosing the Right Stars:

Before stepping onto that virtual court, pick your star player. It's not just about the names or the faces. Each star brings a unique skill to the table. Feeling adventurous? Switch between stars and get a taste of different gameplay styles.

Game Modes in Basketball Stars Unblocked 66: The Ultimate Showdown

1 Player Mode:

Ever thought of taking the court solo? Unblocked Games 66 Ez Basketball Stars gives you just that chance! Play it cool, with three sub-modes ready for you:

Training: Still getting the hang of the game? This sub-mode lets you hone those shooting and defending skills. Practice makes perfect, and here, there's no clock ticking, no rivals breathing down your neck. Just you and the ball.

Unblocked Games 66 Basketball Stars

Random Match: Ready for a surprise? Dive into a game where your opponent can be anyone from around the world. Choose to roll with one member or double up the action with two. And remember, you're controlling only one character. Keep those reflexes sharp!

Tournament: Craving some serious action? Battle through three intense rounds – quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the grand finale. Win, and you advance. Stumble, and it's back to the start. Choose your difficulty, from normal to hard, and show ‘em what you've got.

2 Player Mode:

Got a buddy with some free time? Challenge them in this face-off mode of Unblocked Games Basketball Stars.

1vs1: Take charge of two characters from different teams and go head-to-head with your friend. A minute of intense rivalry awaits!

2vs2: Team up or face off? In this mode, each of you controls one player, either on the same team or rival squads. Game on!

2vs2CPU: Fancy some tag-team action? You and your buddy join forces against a skilled CPU team. Warning: They’re good, like really good.

Quick Match Mode:

Short on time but big on thrill? This mode's for you. It’s fast, it’s random, and oh, it's fun. No fuss over selecting players or modes. Dive in, and let the Basketball Stars Game Unblocked throw you a curveball.

Basketball Stars 66 Ez


1. Can I play Basketball Stars in school?

Absolutely! The game's unlocked, so school’s a perfect place for some basketball action.

2. Is it really free?

You bet! Every mode, every player – it’s all there for you at no cost.

3. Tablet-friendly?

Yes! Take the court wherever you go.

4. Suitable for kids?

100%. It’s fun, and it sharpens those reflexes.


Mastering the controls is half the game. For Player One: WASD keys to move, B for shooting, S to pump, V for the super-shot, and dash with D (twice). Player Two? Arrow keys to navigate, L to shoot, Down Arrow for pumping, K for that flashy super-shot, and double-tap the Left Arrow to dash.


There you have it! Every dribble, every dunk, every dash – the world of Basketball Stars Unblocked 66 awaits. So, why wait? Lace up, log in, and let those basketball dreams come alive! Challenge a friend, outplay the CPU, or simply sharpen those skills. In the virtual basketball universe, you're the rising star!

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