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Beach City Nights
Beach City Nights

Beach City Nights APK 1.1.4 (Full Version by Dragonmilk Games)

Jun 26, 2023

Beach City Nights APK will bring interesting things when you decide to choose to play. The game is the battle between the guardian character and the  monsters.

Name Beach City Nights
Updated 2023-06-26
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.1.4
Size 230 MB
MOD Full Version by Dragonmilk Games
Category Role Playing
Developer GrimFoxy
Price Free
Google Play Link

Beach City Nights APK - Fight strange monsters in the dark

If you are someone who likes horror games? But haven't found the game to be dramatic enough? Coming right to the game Beach City Nights APK will bring you situations that terrify you. The game requires you to use strategic abilities to be able to survive and destroy foreign objects that appear in the store. The player takes on the supervisor at night and there are many mysteries that appear at night. You handle it so skillfully that you don't get hurt. You have to hide the lid carefully and do not let them reach your location because when approaching them will interfere with the power supply and lead to power outages. It will make it difficult for you to uncover the mystery and safely escape from that store. The game is so attractive that you can download it completely for free on devices running Android. Below is useful information for you to play this game well!

Beach City Nights APK

About Beach City Nights Game APK

Beach City Nights APK is a survival role playing game fighting with dark monsters. The game revolves around male characters and ferocious monsters who want to fight for your place of life. The special thing is that they appear only in the evening. The player takes on the role of a guard at a fast food store. It is the largest dining outlet in the city with a total of five floors. Your task is to guard this place with security so as not to interfere with the guests who come here. The fun things in this game will start when it just collapses dark, there will be strange creatures appearing in the diner and you have to find a way to stop its attack on this place.

Beach City Nights by Dragonmilk Games will give players a sense of horror but enjoyment and desire to discover those mysteries. Strange things will appear when the darkness comes, you will become an excellent guard with the trust of the boss and look after the store. It is always safe and works best. Players will be given the right to manage all the cameras and exits to the store. Observe camera equipment is installed in the main areas and hidden places to protect can control people in and out the easiest way.

Players need to equip themselves with the necessary items before entering the Beach City Nights Full Game APK. You need to have the right protective outfit, weapons to fight when necessary, a flashlight to be able to use when out of power or dark places. And now ready to enter the war. The darkness will come when fearsome diners will appear, hungry monsters will find a way to break into the store in search of food. You have to be highly focused to observe the cameras that are spinning to trace them and destroy them before it gets inside.

Beach City Nights Game APK

The game will provide the latest features so that players can experience the highest modes and levels of suspension. You will complete all tasks at different levels to be rated as a most professional defender. Each successful mission your score will be increased and upon reaching certain milestones will be promoted to your star level. Discover the game now for impressive impressions.

Highlights Beach City Nights APK Latest Version

Coming to the game Beach City Nights Gameplay APK you will experience a unique horror game genre. With many unexpected situations while you're on duty, you'll have to monitor activities from multiple perspectives on the camera to be able to handle those situations. You have to reflect quickly to be able to destroy them while hiding the lid in the safe room. This is probably the game that will satisfy your entertainment with many unexpected horror developments. Are you ready to enter this horror game? Explore the game with some features just below:

Game mode

At the start of Beach City Nights APK you will have to overcome many challenges and have to survive to the end. With many different game modes you have to complete and pass those modes because each double mode will have a different challenge. So you have to complete it fast in order to keep up with the progress of the game. If you suffer a lot of damage, it will affect your game progress. You should be strategic and careful to avoid them being able to contact you that affect the power supply and can lead to power outages.

Beach City Nights Game Download

Navigate the cameras

How to play the game Beach City Nights APK is very simple so players can easily participate in the game. You will touch the screen to observe the cameras around the store for what is wrong or not. You need to increase your observation and acumen to handle unexpected situations. Turn on the lights so they can be easily tracked around your area, and fool them out of your position if they appear. To avoid hurting you and you can die and the game will start over so will make the game slow. Wait for the opportunity and destroy them and find the secret behind those secrets and don't lose your power!

Graphics and sound

When Download Beach City Nights APK for Android you will be equipped with stunning graphics due to improved modern 3D graphics. So, bringing the spooky and scary space gives you a chill feeling when you join. This will be the game that will make you immerse yourself in the game without being able to know. The extremely vivid sound makes people feel scared with various horror sounds such as flashlight, footsteps, door sound, etc. These elements also create a charismatic game that makes players fall in love with the game.

Download Beach City Nights APK for Android


Beach City Nights APK is an adventure role playing game that battles many strange creatures in the dark. An exciting experience that creates surprises and originality in the circumstances that take place in the game. Beach City Nights Game Download to enjoy moments of relaxation both fun and thrilling. A very interesting game for those who are passionate about horror films and love to face mysteries that I did not know before. We hope you will play the game excitedly and overcome yourself.

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