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Being a DIK
Being a DIK

Being a DIK Mod APK (Full Season, For Android)

Feb 25, 2023

Being a DIK Mod APK is an exciting game that offers a unique and immersive visual novel experience with its engaging characters.

Name DIK
Updated 2022-01-31
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version
Size 4.4 GB
MOD Full Season, For Android
Category Role Playing
Developer E C De Oliveira Delivery
Price Free
Google Play Link

Become an excellent student in Being a DIK Mod APK

Being a DIK Mod APK is one of those role-playing games, which allows players to use text to control their character through an American university. The difference between this game and another normal role-playing game is that the plot element is put on top. Players will base their decisions on each level to discover different endings for the game Being a DIK.

Being a DIK Mod APK

What is Being a DIK Mod APK?

On February 14, 2020, Dr. Pink Cake released Being a DIK Season 1, an independent visual novel game. In 2022, Being a DIK: Part 2 will be made available as DLC. The player in this game must deal with a variety of challenging circumstances while deciding whether he tends to be more DIK or Chick. You'll get the chance to deepen your connections with the alluring women in your vicinity. You want to get closer to the beautiful women, so you're ready to talk to them, skinship, and make eye contact. You can take advantage of college life, become friends with the college's sexiest guys club, and develop romantic feelings for a local beauty queen.

A DIK's first and second seasons, each with eight episodes, have so far been made available. Compared to Part 1, which is 1 Episode, Part 2 is longer. Episode 9 has been made available on Steam and Korean platforms, and Season 3 is now being developed. Free Download Being a DIK Mod APK is waiting for you to choose.

Being a DIK Mod APK Download

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What makes Being a DIK Android Mod APK unique and attractive?

The exciting features of Being a DIK's story, gameplay, and characters are what attracts the attention of millions of players around the world.

Familiar visual novels

A visual novel marketed as an NSFW game is called Becoming a DIK Mod APK. The intimacy with other players in your fictional universe makes this game very enjoyable. In this book, you must choose wisely. Your decisions have a significant impact on the personality of your character, and those effects go beyond many of the story's events. Learn about each of the various characters, then unlock new sequences.

Being a DIK Mod is an interesting and well-structured plot. Your choices have a big influence on the Being a DIK plot, which addresses topics like love, friendship, and betrayal. Well-developed characters include the stepmother, the daughters, and the BR school groups. Each of them has a personality and set of goals.

Being a DIK Latest Mod APK

Rewind feature

"Being a DIK" has several features that make it stand out from other visual novels. One of the most notable features is the "Rewind" function. You can go back in time and change your mind if you don't like the ending of the novel. The game also has more than 5 endings. Therefore, you can replay and rewind a scene at any time in Being a DIK Episode 10 Walkthough.

Interesting plot

Tom, the protagonist, loses his mother as soon as he is born. Tom shares a home with his carpenter's father. Tom meets and falls in love with Josy while waiting to be accepted into college and working part-time at a supermarket. The university will next send Tom a letter of acceptance.

Tom started to join B&R University (Burgmeister & Royce) and into the dormitory of the institution. But, Tom and Troy, his radical roommate, have occasionally clashed and had issues. Tom had to locate a new place to live right away because he can't stand Troy's irritation. He progressively began to participate in the restricted BR school clubs. 

The Preps, a group of the school's founders and young people from prominent and affluent families, is one of the clubs that the school offers. Muscular men can be seen in the Tri-Alphas Club, a professional athletics organization. Eta Omicron Tau (HOT) is a club for women only. There is also a party club called DIK and a library club for literature enthusiasts (Delta Yota Kappa). Tom needs to look into several mysteries at the DIK Club.

Many mini-games for your entertainment

Between the main chapters of a certain Episode, there are smaller games available. Playable minigames can be found throughout the narrative and on mobile devices during the Free Roam event. Being a DIK Mod APK Download as soon as you can. 

You will receive a bonus after you complete a mini-game on your phone. To obtain test hints or statistics, people will typically ask Jacob to take a picture, cheat on Derek, or approach Magna or Derek with money. You can also enhance your wallet so that you can choose some pricey personal options while attending occasions. Only money between five and ten dollars can be collected.

Being a DIK Episode 10

How to download Being a DIK Latest Mod APK?

In the newest round of Being a DIK Episode 10, you will transition into a college freshman. Your decisions in the game will direct you to secret endings involving nearby persons and circumstances. You can be an amicable hero, an avid reader, or a badass. 

Most significantly, the girls in the game can be drawn to you because of your principles in addition to the plot that introduces them to you. Will you ultimately have the courage to choose the girl of your choice? Will you give in to temptations, ending the game? Everything hinges on your decisions.

Download Being a DIK Mod APK for Android (Season 1-2-3) Latest Version

In short, Being a DIK Mod APK is a fantastic visual novel that features fun gameplay, a tight story, and a ton of intriguing open relationships. "Being a DIK" is available for download on your phone if you enjoy visual novels featuring attractive women.

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