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Blackhole APK 28 (All Unlocked, No Ads)

Nov 22, 2023

Blackhole APK is a free music app for Android that offers an ad-free experience, offline listening, playlist transfer, and lyrics.

Name BlackHole
Updated 2023-09-14
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 28
Size 44 MB
MOD All Unlocked, No Ads
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer fawazapp
Price Free
Google Play Link

Blackhole is an app for listening to music on your phone. It's free and has no ads. You can find many songs and play them anytime. It lets you save songs to listen without the internet and you can bring over playlists from other music apps.

Five Key Features

Free Music

This app gives you lots of songs without paying. There's no cost to play any track. Find any music you like from different styles and singers. No money needed!

No Interruptions

No ads here! Listen to songs without breaks. You won't run into annoying pauses. This means the music keeps playing nice and smooth, which is really nice when you're enjoying your favorite tunes.

Download for Offline

With Blackhole, you can keep songs on your phone. This is perfect for when you're not online. If you're going on a trip or somewhere without internet, the music can still play.

Bring Playlists

Got playlists on Spotify or other music places? You can move them to Blackhole easy. This way, your music from there will be ready in Blackhole. You don't have to make them all over again.

Sing Along

Singing with the music? Yes, please! This app shows words to songs. Now you can sing right with your favorite tune. Have fun singing alone or with friends!

Best Tips for Blackhole

Save Music Offline

If you'll be someplace with no internet, save songs on your device beforehand. This way, you can enjoy music anytime.

Use the Lyrics Feature

If you like singing or want to learn the words, turn on lyrics. You'll have a blast and get better at knowing the songs.

Make Your Playlists

Don't forget you can make your own playlists in Blackhole. Group your top songs in one place. It makes it easier to play what you like most.

Search Tricks

Use the search to find new music. Type in a singer, song name, or style to explore. You might find your new favorite song!

Check for Updates

Keep your app updated. Newer versions often have better stuff, like new features or fixes for tiny problems. Always use the newest Blackhole to get the best out of it.

Pros and Cons


  • Totally Free: It costs zero. You get all the music without spending money. This is perfect if you want tunes but need to save cash.

  • No Ads: You listen to songs back-to-back. No breaks for ads means you enjoy music more.

  • Offline Listening: Save tracks and play them when there's no Wi-Fi. Super handy for travel or when you're away from internet hotspots.

  • Transfer Playlists: Easy to move your favorite song lists over from other music apps. Keeps your music all in one spot.

  • Lyrics for Singing: Great for learning songs as it shows the words. Makes singing along fun and easy!


  • No Official Support: As it's not an official app like Spotify or Apple Music, there might be less help if problems come up.

  • Limited Features: While it has some neat stuff, it might not have all the advanced things that big music apps have.

  • May Need Updates: Sometimes, these kinds of apps need updates to keep working great, and it might take time to get those.

Alternatives for Blackhole

There are other music apps out there, if Blackhole isn't your thing. Consider trying Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music. They are well-known and have more support, but keep in mind, they might have ads or need a membership fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Blackhole?

Yes, it's usually safe to use, but always download from trusted places to avoid troubles.

Can I share music with friends?

You sure can! Make playlists and share them with buddies who also use Blackhole.

Will Blackhole work on my phone?

If you have an Android phone, chances are it'll work fine. Check if your phone meets the app's needs.

What happens if Blackhole stops working?

Try updating the app or reinstalling it. If that doesn't fix it, you might need to find some help online.

Can I find any song on Blackhole?

It has lots of songs, but sometimes you might not find everything, especially if it's a very new or rare track.


Blackhole is a pretty solid pick for free and easy music playing on your phone. If you like lots of songs without any payment trouble, this could be perfect for you. It has some less-good parts, but still, it's a sweet deal for music fans.

Free Download Blackhole APK (Everything Unlocked, Music Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

Ready for top-notch tunes on your phone? Head over to, a trusted website, and download Blackhole. Dive into the world of smooth, free music enjoyment with no speedbumps. Click, download, play – it's that simple! So why wait? Grab it and let the music play!

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