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Bowmasters APK 5.0.17 (Unlocked All Characters)

Nov 25, 2023

Bowmasters APK is a funny dueling game with a variety of weapons, turn-based gameplay, confrontation mode, and special missions.

Name Bowmasters: Archery Shooting
Updated 2023-11-21
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 5.0.17
Size 159 MB
MOD Unlocked All Characters
Category Action
Developer Playgendary Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Bowmasters?

Bowmasters is a game where you can have duels. These fights take place from a long distance. You use weapons like bows, bottles with fire in them, and axes to beat your enemy. The game is funny and dangerous.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Game Play: In the game, you tap the screen to shoot your weapon. You pull back to see how strong and at what angle you want to shoot. When you lift your finger, your weapon flies towards your enemy. You need to do this well to hit the other player and win.

Turn-by-Turn: You take a turn to attack, and then your enemy does the same. This goes on until someone's life points go to zero. It's like a fun battle where each player tries to hit the other better.

Weapons Galore: You get to use many kinds of weapons. Not just bows but also things that can explode and sharp tools. This gives you many ways to try and win against your opponents.

Versus Mode: In this game, you do not play against a computer. You play against another player. This could be anyone, including your friends or people from far places.

Special Missions: Sometimes in the game, you can do special jobs. These jobs are different from normal fights. They give you more fun things to do, like going against birds instead of other players.

Best advice for users of Bowmasters

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Spend time practicing how to aim and shoot. The more you play, the better you'll get at hitting your target.

  •  Learn The Weapons: Each weapon works differently. Know how they work so you can use them well.

  • Take Your Time: Don't rush your shots. Think about how much power and what angle you need to hit your enemy.

  • Watch The Environment: The wind and other things in the air can change where your weapon goes. Watch for them to make sure your shot is good.

  • Play with Friends: Playing with friends can make the game even more fun. It's also a good way to get better by learning from each other.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fun Graphics: The game looks nice and is fun to watch. The characters are funny and the action is exciting.

  • Different Modes: You can play in many ways. This means you always have something new to try.

  • Play With Friends: You can challenge your friends and people from all over. This makes the game very exciting.

  • Easy to Learn: The game is not hard to understand. Even if you are new to games, you can learn quickly.

  • Regular Updates: The game gets new things often. You get to see new weapons and tasks to keep the fun going.


  • Ads: The game shows you ads. Sometimes these can be annoying and get in the way of the fun.

  • In-App Purchases: Some items in the game cost money. If you don't want to spend, you may not get everything.

  • Repetitive: Sometimes, playing a lot can feel the same. Some people may get bored if they play too much.

  • Randomness: Because you play against different people, sometimes it can be too easy or too hard. There is not always a balance.

  • Violence: The idea of hitting each other with weapons may not be okay for everyone. Some people may not like this.

Alternatives to Bowmasters

If you want to try other games like Bowmasters, you might like Angry Birds or perhaps a game like Archery Master. These are fun too and let you aim and shoot at targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play Bowmasters for free?

A: Yes, you can download and play Bowmasters without paying money.

Q: Is Bowmasters good for kids?

A: Bowmasters is funny, but it shows fighting and weapons. Parents might want to check the game before letting their kids play.

Q: Can I play with my friends?

A: Sure! You can play Bowmasters with your friends by taking turns in the game.

Q: Does it need the internet to play?

A: No, you don't always need the internet. But if you want to play with others online, then yes.

Q: How do you get new characters?

A: You can get new characters by playing the game a lot and winning or by buying them.


Bowmasters is a fun game where you can shoot weapons in duels. A lot of people enjoy it because it is fun, and you can play it with friends. 

Free Download Bowmasters APK (Unlocked All Characters) Latest Version for Android

If you want to try Bowmasters, go to You can trust this website, and it's easy to get the game from there.

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