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Boxing Star
Boxing Star

Boxing Star APK 5.3.0 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Nov 23, 2023

Boxing Star APK is a mobile boxing game where you fight your way from a beginner to a champion, customizing your character and mastering punches along the journey.

Name Boxing Star
Updated 2023-11-06
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 5.3.0
Size 751 MB
MOD Unlimited Money and Gold
Category Sports
Developer FourThirtyThree Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Boxing Star is a fun game where you can become a boxing champion. It lets you throw punches, fight others, and rise from a street fighter to a star.

Five Key Features

Crazy Fights

In this game, fights feel real and are very exciting. You learn boxing and use punches like jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. When you fight, it's like you are really in the ring.

Train & Customize

You can make your fighter stronger and teach him to fight the way you like. You can also change how he looks and give him special skills. One cool skill is called MEGAPUNCH, and it's very strong.

Match With Others

Boxing Star lets you fight other people in something called League Mode. Here, you show how good you are by throwing wild punches. You can win a belt that shows you are the champion.

Join A Fight Club

Instead of fighting alone, you can group up with friends. Your group can fight other groups to see who is the best. This is more fun than fighting alone.

Story Mode

The game has a story where you meet different boxing people. Some are funny and some are strange. You start at the bottom with small fights and go up to big fights that many people watch.

Missions & Events

The game has little jobs you can do to win prizes every day and every week. This also happens in clubs and leagues. You also have events where you can get special stuff.

Best Tips for Boxing Star

If you want to be good at Boxing Star, here are some tips. First, practice a lot to learn how to punch fast and hard. Next, remember to guard yourself. Blocking stops you from getting hurt.

You also need to get better at your punches. You can do this by getting skills and gear that make you stronger. Don't just punch wild! Make a good plan on when to hit and when to wait.

Another tip is to make friends and join a fight club. Being in a club can help you learn tricks from others and get better together.

Lastly, try to finish the little jobs and events you get. This gives you more prizes. Sometimes you can even get new gear or skills. All of this can help you knock out other fighters and win.

Pros and Cons


Real Fun Fighting: You get to do real boxing moves and it feels like you are in a true fight.

Make Your Own Fighter: You can change how your fighter looks and the way he fights. It makes the game more fun.

Fight With Others: You can fight with other people around the world and see who is the best.

Join Clubs: Fighting in a team with friends is great and adds more fun to the game.

Stories and Missions: The game always gives you new things to do, so it never gets boring.


Money Items: Some things in the game you might want to buy with real money.

Waits: Sometimes, you have to wait a long time for things to finish or open in the game.

Hard Levels: A few fights can be very hard and might make you feel stuck.

Big Size: The game can take up a lot of space on your phone or tablet.

Needs Internet: You can't play the game if you don't have an internet connection.

Alternatives for Boxing Star

If Boxing Star isn't your thing, you might like these other games:

Real Boxing – Very good boxing with great looks.

Punch Hero – A funny boxing game that is also simple.

EA SPORTS UFC – If you love fighting, this game has more than boxing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play for free?

Yes, you don't need money to start playing. But, you can buy things inside the game if you want.

Do I need the internet to play?

Yes, you need it most times, especially for fighting with others.

Can kids play Boxing Star?

It's better for teens or older because it feels like real fighting.

Is Boxing Star hard?

It can be easy at first but gets harder. It's all about how well you fight and plan.

Can I fight my friends?

Yes, you can fight with your friends if you both join the same Fight Club.


Boxing Star is a game full of energy and fun. You get to be a boxing hero and it's good for anyone who likes sports and action games. Plus, you meet fun characters and can play with your friends.

Free Download Boxing Star APK (Unlimited Money and Gold) Latest Version for Android

To join in the fun, download Boxing Star at They check their downloads, so it's safe. Start your boxing road today and maybe you'll be the champion everyone talks about!

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