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Brotato Premium
Brotato Premium

Brotato Premium APK 1.3.198 (Premium Unlocked)

Mar 29, 2023

Brotato Premium APK is the most sought-after top role-playing game today. If you want to test your talented and accurate shooting ability, you should not miss this game.

Name Brotato: Premium
Updated 2023-09-13
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.3.198
Size 21 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Role Playing
Developer Erabit Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link

Transform into a potato with Brotato Premium APK

Roguelike role-playing games always make players so addicted and attracted to playing them for hours without getting bored. If you are looking for a shooting role-playing game, we recommend you choose Brotato Premium APK. It allows players to freely think about their actions and choose the right gun in the game without the pressure of time. However, Brotato's steps are already designed, and you cannot move freely in any direction.

Brotato Premium APK

Introduction of Brotato Premium APK

A fascinating top-down shooter roguelike game called Brotato Premium APK. The player transforms into a white potato instead of a heroic figure. To combat creatures and aliens, you will need to employ at least two weapons simultaneously. To design custom gear and armor sets, you can pick from a variety of powerups and items. Till you have a respawn charm, make an effort to survive. The lone cool white potato able to handle successive waves of monsters was Brotato, the sole survivor. You'll need to endure and survive in these terrible conditions if you can't wait for your teammates to save you.

It should be noted that waves of creatures will come into Brotato. The number of aliens and their danger increase with the level. To defeat every enemy and complete this level, you must deal a lot of damage. The game's difficulty can be adjusted to your skill level. You won't have time to plan a defense while a wave of alien attacks is coming at you. To use your gun's most potent abilities, you must rapidly devise the best strategy.

Brotato Android APK

Why do many people choose Brotato Android APK?

The information below will help you better understand the exclusive and exciting features of the Brotato game. They attract millions of users to Brotato Premium every day.

Automatic gun weapon

Setting parameters in the Mod Menu allows you to use automatic weapons in extremely quick battles. Each level and wave occurs quickly, and the entire thing lasts for only five minutes. Gamers can also alter their turn by using menu options. Do you desire to be a proficient gunner, an insane fighter, or a formidable defender? 

Laser guns, short guns, flamethrowers, catapults, SMGs, and circular cyclic guns are among the automatic weaponry available. Every 20 to 90 seconds, 50 more monsters are added to the total number of turns. In that little time, you should endeavor to wipe out every alien. You can gain experience points and loot priceless weapons and power-ups from the defeated monsters when you've eliminated all the invaders.

Simple graphics

The graphics and gameplay in Brotato Mod APK are rather basic. Nonetheless, Brotato continues to draw users in with its entertaining shooting screens, action-packed games, and humorous alien killing sounds. The design of Brotato is based on top-down viewpoint shooting. You can upgrade and utilize a maximum of 6 weapons at once. On the other hand, you can alter the accessibility and time stone used to power Brotato. Your whole control over adjusting health, mobility, and damage computation rests in your hands.

Brotato APK Download

Familiar gameplay

The Brotato Mobile APK game's gameplay resembles straightforward shooting and movement games like Vampire Survivors and Alien Shooter. Nonetheless, it is very difficult for players, and more than half of them struggle to complete Level 100 with the Final Boss. When playing Brotato, you can choose between auto-fire and collect-targeting. Manual aiming will result in greater accuracy and damage if the adversary is far away.

The Brotato game's rectangular, four-cornered map is rectangular. You should avoid being encircled by the enemy and quickly slain when the attacks intensify. To avoid the enemy coming too close to you, try to move in a continuous circle. When necessary, you can use body parts and fruits to heal and speed up. In an emergency, upgrading these components also provides immediate health restoration. 

The player's arsenal also includes turrets, which can aid clear the battlefield. Mines are an excellent zoning tool as well. Lure your adversaries into a minefield if they are pursuing you in a sizable group.

Defeat the most powerful Bosses

In Brotato for Mobile APK, the bosses should be targeted since they drop legendary crates containing incredibly rare five-star goodies. As an illustration, the elixir heals by 300 percent, the laser pistol deals 20 percent more damage, and the shield boosts protection by 18 percent. Now, several tools and weaponry track and show extra data (damage dealt, materials earned, stats gained). Your current level will be shown as a blue horizontal bar in the stats container in the left corner of the screen.

Brotato Mod APK

Brotato APK Download

When battling aliens in Brotato, it's advised that you always keep a check on your HP and MP bar stats. By using weapons and selecting stats like Attack Speed, Life Steal, Armor, and Range from the shop, you can improve your stats. Your battle tactics must be carefully considered concerning the selected Brotato. You can download the Brotato Game from our website without risk. 


Players can turn into potatoes and use their shooting prowess to take down 500 waves of monsters and aliens with the aid of the Brotato Premium APK. In this Brotato Premium game, try to endure and destroy everything. We bet you can pass the time by playing it for hours.

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