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Call Bomber
Call Bomber

Call Bomber APK 2.1.1 (Unlimited Call, SMS)

Jan 18, 2023

Are you looking for a mod that can bomb calls? Want to send messages to a certain audience? Call Bomber APK is the perfect choice for you to do that. Check it out!

Name Call Bomber
Updated 2023-01-18
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 2.1.1
Size 3 MB
MOD Unlimited Call, SMS
Category Tools
Developer Open Source
Price Free
Google Play Link

Call Bomber APK

If you want to tease someone by bombarding calls or messages, then Call Bomber APK is the better choice. This mod is an effective way of sending multiple messages or calls to the phone number provided. Messages and calls will explode shortly after you confirm.

This is a great option if you want to make a joke or annoy someone with constant notifications on their phone. Players can use many interesting features or choose from many different versions. If you are interested in related information about this mod, you can refer to it below!

Call Bomber APK

What is Call Bomber APK?

Call Bomber APK is an app that helps you make jokes or annoy others by bombarding interesting calls or messages. After giving the phone number to the mod and confirming, that phone number will be receive with messages and calls. Missed calls and messages will appear continuously without limit.

Call Bomber Unlimited APK is a great choice for unlimited annoying calls and messages. The publisher also updated many interesting features for users to have a more diverse experience. The feature will appear similar to drones dropping bombs on other people's phones. After easily downloading this app, users can start their bombing campaign. After successful installation, give it access to other applications to make everything work smoother.

Unlimited Call Bomber APK

While these jokes can make players feel uncomfortable, it is an interesting retaliation option. If you are looking for a tough joke to send to others, look no further than this. You will surely have moments of relaxation with it.

Versions of Call Bomber APK

The publisher also creates many different versions for players to choose and experience. If you want to know about them, you can follow the shares below:

  • Unlimited Call Bomber APK gives players the ability to bomb unlimited calls and messages. Users can annoy the owner of the phone number for a long time, it can be said to be unlimited. These are super fun and you should give them a try.
  • Fake Call Bomber APK does not provide real annoying calls. All calls are fake. You can download this version so that recipients receive more calls.
  • SMS Call Bomber APK allows users to send large amount of messages to the target. These messages do not contain negative content but will effectively disturb because the notifications appear continuously.

Fake Call Bomber APK

Salient features

Call Bomber APK provides many outstanding and impressive features to help users enjoy and experience a very interesting trolling feeling. Its attractive features are easy to use and novel.

Easy to use interface

This mod is uniquely designed by the publisher with a simple and easy-to-use interface. You just need to get used to the instructions at the beginning and you can get used to it and use it right away.

SMS Call Bomber APK

Just a phone number to start sending

Call Bomber APK attack can start as soon as you provide the phone number. Just enter the number and confirm it will receive as many spam calls and messages as possible. Surely this troll is both effective and fun.

Update frequently

In order for players to have more interesting features and troll experience, the publisher has continuously updated many new things. These new and unique events are constantly being included by the mod house. You will surely enjoy them.


Call Bomber APK is the top choice for interesting trolls. If you want to annoy someone, there is no better choice than this mod. Download now to start pranking your friends!

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