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Captain Tsubasa Ace
Captain Tsubasa Ace

Captain Tsubasa Ace APK 1.18.15 (Android App)

Dec 07, 2023

Captain Tsubasa Ace APK: Play football with famous characters in 3D, featuring strategic and action gameplay.

Updated 2023-12-03
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.18.15
Size 170 MB
MOD Android App
Category Sports
Developer Program Twenty Three
Price Free
Google Play Link

Captain Tsubasa Ace APK: A mobile football game with famous characters and dynamic 3D gameplay

Hey there, everyone! Let's chat about a cool phone game named Captain Tsubasa Ace APK It's all about playing football on your phone. If you're into football and like gaming, you're gonna love this. Come on, let's find out more about this game!

Captain Tsubasa Ace APK

Overview of the game?

Captain Tsubasa Ace is a game based on the Captain Tsubasa Ace APK English Version story. It's a game where you can play football with famous characters like Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga. You get to do cool football moves, play different kinds of matches, and feel like you're part of a football story. The game is made to look good with 3D animations, making it feel like you're there!

Attractive Point of The Game

One of the best things about Captain Tsubasa Ace is how it feels like you're in a real football match. You can choose your favorite characters and control them on the field. The game has two main ways to play: Dream League and Ace Duel. Dream League is about planning your team and tactics, while Ace Duel lets you control the players in real time. This means you can either be the mastermind behind the team or get right into the action yourself.

The Attractive Features of the Game

Captain Tsubasa Ace is packed with features that make it an engaging and fun game.

Captain Tsubasa Ace APK Download

Realistic 3D Graphics

The game stands out with its high-quality 3-D graphics. This means everything looks very real and exciting, just like watching a football match on TV. The characters and football fields are designed to give you the best experience.

Two Gameplay Modes

  • The game offers two different ways to play: Dream League, where you focus on building your team and deciding how they play. It's like being the coach, choosing the right players and tactics for winning.
  • Ace Duel This mode is more about playing the game directly. You control the players, make passes, and score goals in real time.

Wide Range of Characters

You get to play with many characters from the Captain Tsubasa series. Each character has unique skills and styles, making the game diverse and interesting.

Engaging Storyline

The game follows the original Captain Tsubasa story. You'll experience the journey and growth of your favorite characters, adding a great story to your football gameplay.

Experience of the author of the article and Advantages/Disadvantages of the game

I've spent some time playing Captain Tsubasa Ace APK Download, and here's what I think:

Captain Tsubasa Ace Release Date

User Review about the Game on

Review 1: "Great Graphics and Gameplay"

"I love how the game looks and feels. The 3D graphics are amazing, and controlling the characters is smooth. It brings the Captain Tsubasa world to life."

Review 2: "Engaging and Fun"

"The game keeps me hooked with its different modes. Whether I'm planning my team's strategy or scoring goals, it's always fun."

Review 3: "A Treat for Fans"

"As a fan of the Captain Tsubasa series, this game is a dream come true. It's great to see my favorite characters in action."


  • Realistic 3D Graphics: The game looks fantastic, making it more enjoyable.
  • Two Gameplay Modes: Offers variety with strategic and action-packed gameplay.
  • Familiar Characters: Fans of the series will love playing with familiar faces.
  • Engaging Storyline: Follows the beloved Captain Tsubasa narrative.
  • Easy to Learn: The game is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to start playing.


  • Requires a Good Device: Might not run well on older or less powerful phones.
  • Can be Complex: Some might find the strategy parts a bit challenging.
  • Limited Offline Play: Most features require an internet connection.

Compare with Other Games

  • Graphics and Animation: Captain Tsubasa Ace Date De Sortie stands out with its 3D animations, making it more visually appealing than many other games, which often use simpler graphics.
  • Storyline: This game follows a well-known story from the Captain Tsubasa series, which is unique. Other games usually focus just on gameplay without a deeper story.
  • Game Modes: The two distinct modes – Dream League and Ace Duel – offer a mix of strategy and action that is not always found in other games. Most games focus on either one or the other.
  • Character Development: The journey of characters from youth to adulthood in Captain Tsubasa Ace APK For Android adds a layer of depth. Other games might not have such detailed character backgrounds.
  • Fan Base: For fans of the Captain Tsubasa series, this game is particularly game-leading. Other football games might not have this kind of dedicated fan base.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Date De Sortie


Captain Tsubasa Ace APK is a top pick for anyone who loves football and video games. It's got awesome 3-D graphics, cool ways to play, and an amazing story from the Captain Tsubasa series. This game is really special and fun. Whether you already like Captain Tsubasa, or you're just looking for a good football game for your phone, this one's for you. It's different from other games because you get to plan your strategy and also enjoy fast-paced action. It's fun for all kinds of players. Why not try it out and dive into the exciting world of Captain Tsubasa on the football field?

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