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Captor Clash
Captor Clash

Captor Clash Mod APK 1.4.0 (Unlimited Summon, Android Game)

May 20, 2023

Captor Clash Mod APK is a game with many dramatic elements from the experience of fighting monsters in outer space, where you may have never been.

Name Captor Clash
Updated 2023-06-01
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.4.0
Size 178 MB
MOD Unlimited Summon, Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Fireland Co., Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link

Captor Clash Mod APK - Merge and fight with alien monsters

Captor Clash Mod APK is a top notch digital action role playing game that will surely bring players who love this genre to it. Players will be taken to a different universe than Earth where players will have to fight alongside alien creatures. You have the task of fighting the difficult Boss and have to find mysteries in that area. Download and experience this fascinating extreme game to have fascinating extreme battles. Suitable for Android devices is completely free so you can experience this fascinating game.

About the game app Captor Clash Mod APK Unlimited Money

Captor Clash Mod APK is a fighting role-playing game that takes the idea of a distant planet. You will play the role of a superhero character and explore the mysteries of the new planet with your teammates. During the journey, you will encounter a lot of alien monsters and your main task is to destroy them all to gain the right to life, and survive until the last day to return to earth.

Captor Clash Mod APK Unlimited Money

To be able to successfully overcome the challenges that Captor Clash Mod Menu Unlimited Summon brings. Players need to pre-train the necessary skills when entering the alien world. Strange things, the truth behind ancient civilization will be revealed in this game and you and your teammates discover. The main reason to promote the protagonist's determination to learn so is because he hears that there are many alien visitors who have infiltrated earth.

You are the epoch hero with tremendous power to resist the ferocious attacks of alien monsters. To be able to do this great thing, you need a brave, strong army. Captor Clash Mod APK Unlimited Everything allows you to create a team of connected players around the world. You and your teammates can pretend to fight in the tutorial and practice section to get to know the environment, direction of movement, protective clothing, weapons and food reserves. Fight to the end to be able to decipher things that are different from your earth.

Captor Clash is a classic alien game that is making wind in the game market today. Because, the latest version with unlimited summoning capabilities, unlimited money, rewards value. With many intuitive conditions giving players the experience extremely excited combined with that fancy graphics. The game is a perfect highlight for the role playing genre.

Features of Captor Clash Mod APK

Download game Captor Clash Mod APK for Android

Captor Clash Mod APK features an exciting storyline that gives players a whole new game with top notch action role playing gameplay. When the player will play the role of a hero to a universe where the player must destroy and the creatures are devastating the ruins especially have to fight with the Boss here you will associate with allies they will accompany you to win and receive valuable rewards to upgrade the character. Explore this mysterious universe with features that you should be interested in. The following are characteristic points.

The game is updated regularly

Since this game is updated regularly, it will possess quality graphics and minimalistic controls that make it easy for users to navigate the game without any obstacles.

It will not be too difficult for you to enjoy this game when downloading players will be instructed how to fight and very easy to get used to the game.

Updated with various game modes, players can experience many different challenges and tasks without worrying about being bored.

With this version players can easily roll out moves to knock out opponents and win.

Fast game progress

Captor Clash Mod APK Unlimited Everything

An extremely interesting game that supports players when fighting so need to equip combat skills, costumes, shields, armor and magic must combine to quickly run up to the progress of the ongoing game.

You will be played without worries with development to have fun experiences when you can defeat monsters with your smart strategic skills.

Realistic battles

Captor Clash APK facilitates players to communicate and connect with many friends around the world so the duels will take place equivalent to the actual game. The matches are overseen so it's fair. When exposed to the game the players will have a very honest feeling with the extremely charismatic fighting episodes. So much loved and appreciated by many users.

Unique designed art style

In order to give users a great feeling when enjoying entertainment here, the design of the characters is very well thought out. Let's choose the character that suits your style that can accompany and fight to defeat the monsters.

Character upgrades

In the process of fighting and overcoming challenges, players will receive regular money and items to upgrade your heroes. Not only does the player upgrade experience the God's Blueprint system. This system will assist the player in increasing the power when fighting. Players must collect items needed to upgrade God’ Blueprint as Hanno.

Captor Clash Mod APK Latest Version

But rest assured you will experience the game without worrying about the money limit with this version of Captor Clash Mod APK Latest Version to use the purchase of materials in the store. Memory Fragment is a very important material that increases the indicator for the character not only applies to one, but also to your squad. You should search and own it right in the store or exceed.

The game promises to give you a great entertainment platform with many extremely attractive details that attract players to incarnate the character. Along with many fierce battles between you and monsters in search of mysteries that are hidden behind that universe. In addition, players can use this game without worrying about ads that interrupt the entertainment process and cause discomfort when playing. Download game Captor Clash Mod APK for Android and experience it now!


Captor Clash Mod APK is a game that brings together many action elements to fight with strange monsters in the air. Action game enthusiasts must not be ignored because they will be addicted from the first time they play. Dramatic battles, sound effects, epic visuals. We are confident that it will please you. Download it and try it today.

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