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Car Company Tycoon
Car Company Tycoon

Car Company Tycoon APK 1.4.6 (Unlimited Research Points And Money)

Nov 29, 2023

Car Company Tycoon APK is a game that allows you to manage an automobile empire since 1970, and grow your business in an innovative, realistic game.

Name Car Company Tycoon
Updated 2023-11-18
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.4.6
Size 47 MB
MOD Unlimited Research Points And Money
Category Simulation
Developer R U S Y A
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Car Company Tycoon?

Car Company Tycoon is a game where you can run your own car company. You start from 1970, make cars, and try to become a big and rich car boss. You use tools to make the cars you like and show them to the world. You might do well if you make good cars.

The five most outstanding characteristics

  • Make Any Engine: You can build many kinds of engines. Big ones like V12, or small ones like a 4-cylinder. You can even add turbo to make it more powerful. You can change parts of the engine to make it better.

  • Design Dream Cars: Build many car types. Want a fancy car, fast car, big car for rough roads, or a car for family? You can make all these kinds. You can change the looks and how they work too.

  • Run Car Business: Start the game in 1970 and make cars to sell. Make your car business big. Learn new car things to use and get good words from car talkers. Sell many cars and make your small company into a big car company.

  • Make Hard Choices: To do well, make the right choices. Maybe you need the factory to be better or work with a good company. If your car has problems, say sorry and fix it. Be nice in talks to keep a good name for your company.

  • Enjoy Campaign Mode: You play as the head of a car company. The game gives you tasks to help learn how to run a good company. It feels like real life where you aim to make the best company you can.

Best advice for users Car Company Tycoon

  • Start Small: Begin with easy car models. Learn the game. Don’t use all your money fast. Grow step by step.

  • Check Car Needs: Look at what people want in cars. Make cars that fit what they want. Sell more cars this way.

  • Learn and Use New Tech: As time goes in the game, new car things come. Use these new things to make better cars.

  • Fix Problems Fast: If your car has a problem, solve it quick. This keeps your customers happy and your name good.

  • Watch Money: Always look at how much money you are making and using. Keep balance. Don’t spend too much on just one thing. Keep money for important things.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Learn Big Business: Learn to run a car business. It feels real. It helps you understand how to make decisions and grow a company.

  • Be Creative: You can be very creative. Make cars how you like. Choose colors, shapes, and engines.

  • Think and Plan: You make big plans for your company. This makes you think and learn.

  • No Real Risk: This is a game, so you can try things. If you make mistakes, you learn, but you don't lose real money.

  • Fun Way to Learn: It’s fun to play. You learn about cars and running a business but in a game.


  • Takes Time: You might need many hours to do well in this game. It takes time to learn.

  • Can be Hard: Some people might find the game too hard. There are many things to check and remember.

  • Money in Game: You might need to use game money to do more things. This may not be fun for everyone.

  • Needs Good Device: The game may not work on old phones or computers. You need a good one to play well.

  • Many Details: Some might think there are too many details to deal with. It can be a lot to remember.

Alternatives to  Car Company Tycoon

If Car Company Tycoon is not your style, try games like 'Motorsport Manager Mobile' or 'Gear.Club – True Racing'. They are also about cars and making car choices.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I play on my phone?

Answer: Yes, if your phone is strong enough, you can play on it.

Question: Is it free?

Answer: It might cost money to buy the game. Sometimes, games also have extra things to buy inside.

Question: Do I need to know about cars?

Answer: It helps but isn’t needed. You can learn as you play.

Question: Is it online?

Answer: You mainly play alone. But there might be parts where you can use the internet to play with others.

Question: Is it only English?

Answer: Most games come in many languages. Check if yours is there.


Play Car Company Tycoon because it's fun. You learn to make cars and run a business. It’s nice because you can be creative and it feels like real life.

Free Download Car Company Tycoon APK (Unlimited Research Points And Money) Latest Version for Android

If you want to play, go to It’s safe to use. Download Car Company Tycoon there. It might be fun!

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