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Cheto Box for Carrom Pool
Cheto Box for Carrom Pool

Cheto Box for Carrom Pool APK 2.7.14 (Aim Assist Carrom King)

Oct 28, 2023

Cheto Box for Carrom Pool APK is an advanced AI-based application that enhances gameplay by providing strategic aiming assistance and automated moves.

Name Cheto Box for Carrom Pool
Updated 2023-10-28
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 2.7.14
Size 15 MB
MOD Aim Assist Carrom King
Category Tools
Developer Roshan Jaha
Price Free
Google Play Link

Welcome to the world of enhanced Carrom Pool gameplay with the Cheto Box for Carrom Pool APK. With this app, every game becomes a thrilling adventure to win, driven by advanced AI that takes your regular Carrom Pool experience to new heights.

Features and Functions

Advanced AI Technology

At the heart of the Cheto Box APK Carrom Pool lies its Advanced AI-based Robotic Technology. This top-notch tech cranks up your game, scanning the carrom board and laying down some sharp strategies. It's like having a Carrom grandmaster by your side, guiding you through each shot with precision.

Autoplay Function

One of the standout features of the Cheto Box for Carrom Pool is its autoplay capability. This feature effortlessly takes the reins, spotting pucks and sinking them with a precision that's almost bewitching. However, this feature is clutch when accuracy matters most.


Worry not about whether your device can handle this powerhouse of an app. The Cheto Box for Carrom Pool Aim Carrom King is designed to work seamlessly across various devices, whether you're on a 64-bit or 32-bit system. Although the system aims to deliver a seamless gaming experience on any device, its compatibility across 64 and 32-bit systems enables responsiveness regardless of your specs.

Advanced Shots

Prepare to be amazed by the range of advanced shots this app enables. From the nuanced brush shot to the dynamic double bounce, the limitless connection shots, and even the strategic kiss shot - it's all within your reach. Not only do these features crank up your game, they also sprinkle a touch of sophistication into how you play.

Puck Detection

An exceptional aspect of the Cheto Box Carrom Pool APK is its puck detection capability. The app's got this knack for spotting potential combo shots, even when we're talking about five or more pucks. Because of the ability to strategize shots for any situation, the app can bring your game to a whole new level.

Gift Code System

Privacy and security are paramount. So, the app's got this cool feature where it generates a unique gift code package tailored just for your device. However, this helps keep your use of third-party apps private, protecting your ID from getting banned.

Additional Features

But there’s so much more. Enjoy a staggering win rate, comprehensive support across all tables, and the ability to seamlessly log in with your Google or Facebook ID. What’s more, the Cheto Box for Carrom Pool APK promises a secure AI system, ensuring that your gaming experience is not only successful but also safe.

Why Download and Use

Downloading the Cheto Box for Carrom Pool APK is like unlocking a new level in your gaming experience. Imagine having the edge in every match, courtesy of AI that’s been tailored to understand the nuances of Carrom. If you're all about racking up victories or adding a dash of adrenaline to your Carrom play, this app's got you covered. And who wouldn't crave an app that not only amps up the gaming thrill but also makes sure your privacy and safety are locked down?

Pro and Cons


Autoplay Option: Gives you a break from constant strategizing, letting the AI take control and secure victories.

Wide Compatibility: Supports both 64-bit and 32-bit devices, ensuring a broad user base can enjoy the app.

Security Features: The unique gift code system offers an extra layer of security, keeping your ID safe.

Enhanced Shots Variety: Offers a range of advanced shots, enriching your gameplay with diverse strategies.


Over-reliance on AI: Constant use might reduce personal skill development in the game.

Fair Play Concerns: Using this tool gives you an advantage that others might consider unfair.

Potential for Misuse: There’s always a risk that such powerful tools could be misused in competitive settings.

Requirements to Install

Before you hit the download button for Cheto Box for Carrom Pool download, ensure your device meets these criteria:

  • Android Operating System

  • Compatibility with either 64-bit or 32-bit architecture

  • Sufficient storage space for seamless operation

  • Carrom Pool game already installed on your device

Similar Applications/Games

If you’re looking for alternatives, here are a few applications/games that offer similar functions:

8 Ball Pool Aim App: Offers advanced aiming assistance in 8 Ball Pool.

Aim Carrom Mod APK: Another utility tool that aids in Carrom Pool gameplay.

But marketing on a budget takes creativity. It's an app that helps you nail those pool game shots with precision.

Final Verdict

In essence, the Cheto Box for Carrom Pool Aim Carrom King is a game-changer. But it's basically cheating. However, balance is key. But remember, while this tool can amp up your game, leaning on it too much could stunt your skills growth. Smartly using this tool can give your Carrom Pool game a thrilling twist, propelling it to new heights.

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