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Chicken Gun
Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun Mod APK 3.5.01 (Bomb Hacker, Unlimited Money)

Oct 31, 2023

Chicken Gun Mod APK is an animated, chicken-themed shooting game known for its playful setting, easy-to-learn mechanics, and engaging multiplayer modes.

Name Chicken Gun
Updated 2023-10-28
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 3.5.01
Size 300 MB
MOD Bomb Hacker, Unlimited Money
Category Action
Developer ChaloApps
Price Free
Google Play Link

But small businesses and startups need clever, economical marketing plans to hit their big goals and walk those fine margins. Ditching the usual intense warfare, Chicken Gun puts you in control of a spunky chicken primed for lighthearted battles.

Chicken Gun Mod APK

Top 5 Features and Functions of Chicken Gun Mod APK

1. Unique Character Role-play

In Chicken Gun Mod Menu 3.4.0, players swap the usual human persona for a plucky chicken with a feisty attitude. This feisty fowl is all set, armed to the teeth, ready to kick out any intruders daring enough to encroach on its turf. Unlike conventional shooting games, here, players immerse themselves in a world of inter-chicken warfare. While keeping the fun and humor intact, this fresh spin on shooting games doesn't shy away from the classic challenges and strategies we all know and love.

2. Dynamic Combat Environments

Right from the onset, players find themselves in fast-paced battles where adversaries lurk at every corner. In this game, you've gotta be sharp and think on your feet— it's all about lightning-fast reactions paired with smart strategy. Although defeat is not the end—players can respawn and jump back into action—the game emphasizes a balance of offense and defense. In the game, you can either choose to hide out in homes or set up sneaky attacks—giving a whole new layer of complexity to your battle plans.

3. Customizable Chicken Avatars

A standout feature is the ability to personalize your chicken warrior. You can totally amp up your chicken warrior's vibe by adding some trendy hats, glasses and kicks to its getup. This customization lets players make chickens that show their personal flair.

4. Diverse Arsenal and Equipment

True to its shooting game roots, Chicken Gun Mod Menu Bomb Hacker boasts an impressive collection of weapons. From traditional guns to the whimsical “chicken egg bombs,” players have an array of armaments at their disposal. However, the weapons all have different advantages, so you can pick the approach to fighting that works best. However, resources like the potent chicken-egg bombs are limited, adding a layer of strategy to their use.

5. Multiple Game Modes for Varied Experiences

Chicken Gun Mod APK unlocked everything caters to different preferences with its array of game modes. In the 5v5 mode, working as a team is essential to gain an upper hand over your rivals. If you're itching for a solo showdown, the game lets you dive into an every-man-for-himself mode where your goal is to be the last player standing. Because there's a mode for everyone.

Chicken Gun Mod Menu 3.4.0

Reasons to Download and Use Chicken Gun Mod Menu Speed

Unique Gaming Experience

Chicken Gun Unlimited Money offers a refreshing twist on traditional shooting games. Swapping the common combat settings for a world of animated chickens creates a playful and engaging atmosphere. Because this wacky chicken theme is so different from regular gameplay, it grabs players' attention and promises some good laughs.

Easy Learning Curve

The game’s intuitive controls and straightforward objectives make it accessible to beginners. Chicken Gun, in contrast to other games with tough learning curves, lets you pick up the basics fast so you can jump into the fun without a long training period.

Social Interaction and Teamwork

With multiplayer modes, Chicken Gun fosters camaraderie and cooperation. Gamers can buddy up with their pals or partner with fellow enthusiasts from all corners of the world. This shared experience not only boosts the enjoyment but also fosters cooperation and tactical thinking.

Regular Updates and Improvements

The developers consistently roll out updates, introducing new features, fixing bugs, and ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Constant updates and improvements make sure the game stays exciting, keeping long-time players hooked.

Free to Play

One of the most compelling reasons to try Chicken Gun is its cost-free nature. With Chicken Gun, you get a load of fun for zero cash - an absolute win for those wanting great entertainment on a budget.

Chicken Gun Mod Menu Bomb Hacker

Pros and Cons of Chicken Gun


  • Engaging Gameplay: The unique concept and dynamic battles ensure a captivating experience.

  • Customization Options: Personalizing avatars adds an element of creativity and individual expression.

  • Multiplayer Modes: Encourages social interaction and teamwork.

  • Regular Updates: Keeping the game fresh and bug-free.

  • Accessible: Suitable for all skill levels due to its easy-to-learn nature.


  • Limited Depth: Some players might find the game lacks complexity compared to other titles.

  • In-Game Purchases: While free, some items and features require payment.

  • Repetitive: The game might become repetitive over time for some players.

Installation Requirements and Process

Compatibility and Requirements

Chicken Gun is compatible with most modern smartphones. The game requires at least Android 4.4 or iOS 10.0, ensuring a broad range of devices can run it. With a file size of around 150 MB, it doesn’t demand excessive storage space.

Installation Process

To install Chicken Gun, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your device.

  2. Search for “Chicken Gun”.

  3. Select the game from the search results and tap “Install”.

  4. Wait for the download and installation to complete.

  5. Once the game's downloaded and set up, just dive in by following the prompts on your screen to get playing.

Chicken Gun Mod APK unlocked everything

Comparison with Similar Games

Similar Games 

Chicken Gun often draws comparisons to games like “Fortnite” and “PUBG Mobile” due to its battle-royale elements. But the game's unique spin with a chicken theme offers players a light-hearted, less intense ride compared to its counterparts.


Unlike the more realistic and complex settings of Fortnite and PUBG, Chicken Gun opts for a simpler and more cartoonish approach. But Chicken Gun's silly and laid-back play makes it a good pick for casual fun.


If you're hunting for a casual, fun-filled shooter game, Chicken Gun definitely rises to the occasion. Its one-of-a-kind theme, mixed with addictive play and social aspects, really sells it as an attractive pick. Though it may not hit the mark for those seeking intense strategy, it truly excels at offering a light-hearted and user-friendly gaming experience.

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