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Choox Sega
Choox Sega

Choox Sega APK (Free Diamonds)

Jun 14, 2023

Choox Sega APK is a fighting action game that is most popular with gamers, the battles that take place to determine victory or defeat are due to player skills.

Name Choox Sega
Updated 2023-06-14
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version
Size 135 MB
MOD Free Diamonds
Category Tools
Developer Choox Sega
Price Free
Google Play Link

Choox Sega APK - Fight to step to the championship title

Choox Sega APK is an attractive head to head fighting game that is sought after by many users with attractive elements in the game. Giving players unique and varied gameplay is enough for players to immerse themselves in matches. The game gives you the choice of generals that you love to participate in 5v5 matches. With the game rhythm takes place very quickly bringing great entertainment to the game. You can download the game completely free on the Android operating system. The article below will be important for you to develop combat skills, so do not rush to glance!

Choox Sega APK

About Game Choox TV App APK

Choox Sega APK is a sports game preferred by many gamers around the world. This game is also known as the national electronics is intensely sought after by young people new time launched. Choox ML APK belongs to the genre of direct fighting games between characters suitable for many ages and is fought by both men and women. The game requires players to have skilled skills to confront opponents. Battles that take place not only use strength to be victorious, you need to have a sharp mind and flexible reflexes to accommodate the enemy's unexpected attacks.

Choox Apps Free Diamonds allows players to play with various modes such as 5v5, 3v3, solo and many other modes that are regularly updated in new versions to increase user experience. You can create a realistic team to fight in the game, each player will take on a different mission and position. The game will revolve around the mortal matches between the legendary generals, possessing a lot of powerful generals, very beautiful appearance and many beautiful skin. In the game you can participate in events to get more skins and other items. Or try to win matches to get more attractive rewards.

Features of Choox TV App Free Diamonds

Let your friends enter the epic world of fighting, then you will be given a choice of game modes and confront online multiplayer. You will choose a general in your collection to accompany you to create teams together with other players. Bring a team with tremendous power. At the start of the match you will proceed to the pairing to find your teammates or friends to create a team within ten seconds. 

Choox Sega Download APK


The battle begins when the player begins to sweep from the forest road, destroy pillars, compare skills, rob charms, combine with teammates, and sneak opponents. The fun things that are only available in this game will bring you moments of peak entertainment. Help you show the skills of the general you accompany to bring home the victory for the team. Below are the features that you need to explore.

Epic classic maps, 5v5 battles

At the beginning of the game Choox Sega APK you will choose the match, in which the 5v5 players will proceed to pair the team and fight the opponent under real time. Players must overcome obstacles in three lines including the middle, upper, and lower lines to raid the opponent's charge posts. A very diverse game will make players fall in love with the 3D scenery in the game as there are four forests, eighteen defensive posts, and finally two bosses that are the goal that you conquer when fighting. 5v5 matches are intended to create for players to have the most vivid experience moments nothing real. In addition, the game allows us to learn to unite with teammates to create victory.

Unite to victory

This Choox Sega APK game is highly united, because the strength of teammates when combined, no matter how strong, can fight. In addition, there is not only a team element, but also thanks to the combat skills of a general. Players can choose heroes with attributes such as gunner, assassin, wizard, support blow, assistant, etc. To match the squad in need. In addition, there are many new updated generals that give you the opportunity to own and choose your collection.

Choox Sega Free Download APK

The fight was fair and won

This is a dramatic strategy game with 5v5 matches taking place, helping players to train the skills of the heroes. You will be using infinite diamonds to upgrade the character to become stronger. Victory or defeat in skill, so the fight is fair. This will be the place for you to show your skills and stance against your opponents. Win with your ability to take advantage of the game. You should participate in the combat mode training abilities and accumulate experience points for heroes who have more power when fighting.

Simple control mode

Due to this version for mobile, players will experience the controls on the screen. With virtual keys located on the left and skills located on the right, making it easy for players to manipulate is very simple. This makes the game very smooth and smooth without losing any obstacles. In addition, the player also possesses the ability to support the blow and dodge opponents very conveniently and can return to the cylinder to heal when the blood is running out. At the same time, you are also provided with a very useful tap to equip system, which will help you to concentrate when the game takes place without spending a lot of time equipping the feature for the hero.

In this game Choox TV ML APK players will experience extremely vivid 3D graphics. Help players to immerse themselves in the game with realistic scenery in the battle. The characters in the game are beautifully designed to make the player want to own into his collection. This will be a dramatic fighting game for you to entertain along with friends and connect with other multiplayer very easily with just ten seconds. Choox Sega Download APK now to have an engaging battle with his heroes!

Choox TV App Free Diamonds


Choox Sega APK is an extremely attractive mobile game for players with many artistic and skill hitting moves. The game creates a virtual combat space but everything is very realistic giving a real experience that has never been in other games. The character and background images are the most impressive points for the player. You can Choox Sega Free Download APK easily right in this article to immediately play the most attractive game of today's time.

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