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CODM Test Server
CODM Test Server

CODM Test Server APK 1.0.41 (Full Season)

Nov 24, 2023

CODM Test Server APK is an exclusive version of Call of Duty Mobile that lets players preview new game content, report issues, and help shape the game's future.

Name Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10
Updated 2023-09-25
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0.41
Size 2.5 GB
MOD Full Season
Category Action
Developer Activision Publishing, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

The CODM Test Server is a special version of the game Call of Duty Mobile. It lets people play the game and see new things before everyone else. It's used to find problems and make the game better.

Five Key Features

Early Look at New Stuff: Players on the CODM Test Server get an exciting chance to see new parts of the game like fresh maps, cool weapons, and fun characters before they are shared with all players. It's a sneak peek into what the future of the game holds!

Find and Report Problems: While playing, if you see something wrong, you can tell the people who make the game. They use your help to fix things. This means the game is the best it can be for everyone when it's ready.

Give Ideas to Make Game Better: Do you have a clever idea for the game? You can share it! Maybe there's a way to make the game even more fun. Players on the test server can tell the game makers their thoughts.

Custom Reports: When you find something not working right, you can send a special report. You can add photos or videos to show what is happening. This makes it easier for those fixing issues to understand what needs attention.

Help Improve the Game: Your opinions and what you notice are super important. They help shape the game. Every problem you find and every idea you share is a way to make the game top-notch for everyone.

Best Tips for CODM Test Server

Play a Lot: Spend a ton of time playing on the test server. The more you play, the better your chances of finding stuff that needs a fix.

Look at Everything: Don’t just play the game, look closely at the menus and settings too. Sometimes things that need fixing are hiding there.

Write Good Reports: If you see something that’s not right, write about it clearly. Say where it is, what it is, and maybe even an idea on how to make it better, so people can understand quickly.

Grab Pictures & Videos: If you can take a picture or a video of the problem, that’s really helpful. It’s like showing someone exactly what’s wrong instead of just telling them.

Be Honest: Always tell what's true when you report something. If you do, you're really helping to make the game the best it can be.

Pros and Cons


  • First Look: Being on the test server is cool because you get to check out new things before other players. It's like a special sneak peek!

  • You Can Make a Difference: If you tell the game makers about bugs or your cool ideas, you can help change the game. It's like you're part of the team!

  • Improve Skills: Playing with the new things early can help you get really good at the game.

  • Free to Use: Trying the test server costs no money at all. It's great if you love Call of Duty but don't want to spend.


  • The Game Might Crash: Since it's for testing, the game might stop sometimes. It can make you feel a bit annoyed or upset.

  • Limited Access: Not all players can join the test server. You have to be fast or lucky to get in.

  • Temporary Progress: Keep in mind, the cool things you get or achievements you make on the test server don't move to the real game.

  • Less Stable: The test server has more bugs because it's there to find problems. So, you might run into some trouble while you play, which can be a bit annoying.

Alternatives for CODM Test Server

If you can't play on the COD Test Server, don't worry. There are other ways to know what's happening. Some games have betas you can join. Game forums and social media like Twitter also share news and leaks. Keep your eyes open there to know what's coming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CODM Test Server for?

It's for playing the game with things not out yet, to find bugs, and share good ideas to help the game be its best.

How can I join the CODM Test Server?

You have to download it and get in before it gets full. It's like a race to grab a spot.

Does progress from the Test Server move to the real game?

No, what you do or get on the Test Server stays there. It's just for trying and testing!

How important is my feedback?

Super important! What you say about bugs or new ideas can help make the game better for everyone.

Can anyone try the Test Server?

Not everyone, but if you can join, you get a free peek at new things and can help improve the game.


The CODM Test Server is a really good place for true fans. They can play new parts of the game early, help find bugs, and share ideas. Remember though, that it can have problems because it's a test, and not everyone can join in.

Free Download CODM Test Server APK (Season 11) Latest Version for Android

Do you want to be one of the first to try new game things in CODM? Go to to get the Test Server. It's a trusted place, and you can join other players in making the game awesome. Don't wait too long—download it today and start helping to shape the game's future!

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