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Cool Timer
Cool Timer

Cool Timer APK v2.0.6 (Para Ver Filmes E Series Gratis)

Getmodnow Jan 13, 2024

Cool Timer APK is a multi-functional timekeeping app with a stylish interface, offering alarm, stopwatch, countdown, and personalized alerts.

Name Cool Timer
Updated 2024-01-13
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version v2.0.6
Size 27.2 MB
MOD Para Ver Filmes E Series Gratis
Category Tools
Developer JOSEPH1980
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introduction of the Cool Timer APK

Welcome to the sector of green time control with the Cool Timer APK. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a hectic figure, or someone who wants to spice up their everyday exercises, Cool Timer has something for each person. Let's discover the interesting components that make this app an ought-to-have on your Android device.

Cool Timer APK

Overview of the CoolTimer APK

Cool Timer is not just another clock app. It’s a bendy, user-quality device designed to make the time control amusing and realistic Available in both a free and a pro edition, Cool Timer offers three key modes – a stopwatch, an alarm, and a countdown – to cater to a wide range of needs on your Android device. Whether you’re timing your morning jog, counting down for a baking session, or setting up a wake-up alarm, Cool Timer has you covered. It’s the App Cool Timer everyone needs.

The Attractive Features of the Cool Timer APK Latest Version

Stylish Vibes

App Para Ver Filmes E Series Gratis goes beyond the ordinary by infusing style into the very essence of timekeeping. The interface isn't always best a group of numbers ticking away; it's miles a graceful, visually appealing show that transforms the mundane act of checking the clock into a fulfilling experience. With a cutting-edge and sophisticated design, Cool Timer stands proud as a fashionable companion within the realm of time management.

Animated Fun

One of the standout features of Cool Timer is its incorporation of animations into the timekeeping process. Say goodbye to dull and static timers; Cool Timer introduces animated timelines and backgrounds, injecting an element of fun and engagement. As time passes, customers are handled as a visible spectacle, turning the act of tracking time into a unique and dynamic revel. It's not just a timer; it's a mini light show on your screen.

Cool Timer Filmes Download

Sensory Overload

Cool Timer takes time awareness to the next level with a sensory overload of both visual and audio notifications. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to lose track of time. Cool Timer ensures that you stay on top of your schedule by tapping into your senses. Visual cues and audible alerts work in tandem, developing an immersive experience that guarantees you won't leave out a beat. Your phone becomes a personal timekeeper, actively reminding you when it's time to move to the next task.

Sleep-Friendly Functionality

Have you ever set an alarm only to realize that your phone was on the bedside table, and you couldn't hear a thing? Cool Timer has a solution for that. Even in sleep mode, the app stays vigilant. The alarms reduce through the silence, making sure that you awaken on time or never miss a critical occasion. It's a unique function that speaks to the app's willpower to be greater than the most effective timer—it's through ways a reliable companion in several components of your lifestyle.

Time for Everyone

Cool Timer doesn't discriminate when it comes to timing preferences. Whether you need a quick countdown for your cooking endeavors, a precise stopwatch for your workouts, or a set alarm to wake you up, Cool Timer has got you covered. It caters to all-time periods, ensuring that it's far a flexible tool for a large selection of activities. From short bursts of seconds to extended hours, Cool Timer adapts to your timing needs, making it an all-encompassing timekeeping solution.

CoolTimer APK

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cool Timer APK For Android


  • User-Friendly: Big buttons, intuitive layout – Cool Timer makes time management accessible to all.
  • Versatility: Whether it's workouts, baking, or waking up, Cool Timer adapts to various timing needs.
  • Background Operation: Cool Timer continues working in the background, ensuring seamless task management.


  • Vibration Inconsistency: In silent mode, vibrations may not be consistent.
  • Interface Attractiveness: While functional, the app's aesthetics might not be its standout feature.
  • Limited Built-In Sounds: Default sound options could offer more variety.

Cool Timer Filmes Download

For a secure download experience, head to and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Cool Timer Download button on the website.
  2. Once downloaded, click on the setup file to initiate installation.
  3. Run the program after installation is complete.

Cool Timer Download


Cool Timer APK emerges as a flexible and consumer-friendly timekeeping companion for Android users. With a myriad of functions catering to special desires, its precise blend of style and functionality units it apart. Whether you're a seasoned timer fanatic or a newcomer to green time control, Cool Timer proves to be a dependable and attractive tool.


  • Stylish Vibes: Cool Timer brings a hint of class to timekeeping with its glossy and visually attractive interface, making it more than only a useful app.
  • Animated Fun: Unlike traditional timers, Cool Timer introduces lively timelines and backgrounds, including a fun and engaging element to the timekeeping enjoyment.
  • Sensory Overload: With both visual and audio notifications, Cool Timer ensures that users are alerted to the passage of time, even amidst the chaos of daily life.
  • Sleep-Friendly: Even in sleep mode, Cool Timer remains active, ensuring that alarms cut through the silence and users never miss important events.
  • Musical Harmony: Syncing with favorite music players, Cool Timer allows users to time their tasks to the rhythm of their lives, integrating entertainment seamlessly into the timekeeping process.
  • Widget Wonders: Cool Timer introduces convenient widgets for quick access, casting off the need to navigate through app drawers and supplies consumer-friendly enjoyment.
  • Sleek Interface: Combining simplicity with splendor, Cool Timer's interface isn't the best clean to use however additionally visually beautiful, making it a satisfaction for clients to interact with.
  • Background Beats: Even when the app is closed, Cool Timer continues to operate in the background, ensuring that users stay on track with their tasks while using other functions on their devices.
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