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Criminal Case The Conspiracy
Criminal Case The Conspiracy

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK 2.41 (Unlimited stars, energy)

Administrator Nov 10, 2022

Becoming a detective in Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK will help players solve many interesting cases. It will surely satisfy your dream of being a detective.

Name Criminal Case: The Conspiracy
Updated 2023-10-12
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.41
Size 82.5 MB
MOD Unlimited stars, energy
Category Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple
Price Free
Google Play Link

If you are a fan of detective stories and want to become a detective solving dangerous murder cases, then Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK is one of the games you cannot ignore. Download Game Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK helps you enjoy the moments of dramatic crime solving. Dangerous criminals are constantly appearing and they are really smart. Their tricks can lead you to investigate in the wrong direction. You need to use extreme observation skills and logical thinking to find suspects and perpetrators. Follow the information we share below to know more about this mod.

What is Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK?

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK is one of the most popular character role-playing and simulation games today. In the game you will play the role of a detective who needs to coordinate with the police to investigate the perpetrators of serious murder cases. Each case will have different suspects and behaviors. You need to conduct investigations from the crime scene to the victim's body to get the best clues.

After going through the initial investigation, the player needs to collect clues and interrogate suspects. Once you have received the correct clues, you must use your superlative thinking and analytical ability to come to a conclusion who the killer is. Before making a decision you need to consider carefully, if you catch the wrong person, you are considered a failure.

One of the biggest difficulties in the game will be confronting the cunning criminals. They can misrepresent the truth and use tricks and schemes to deceive you. However, you must always stay mentally strong and find the truth for justice to prevail. Download Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK now to enjoy the moments of being transformed into a talented detective.

Criminal Case Conspiracy Mod APK Versions

The publisher of Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK always tries to bring the best mod versions to users. In addition to the official game version as described above, users can choose from a number of other upgraded versions. These variations will give players some special advantages that make solving cases easier.

It's like a "VIP" version that can help players have everything in their hands. Although they are divided into many different versions, they are all free to download or use. Players can freely download the game and manipulate it without worrying about being charged any additional fees.
Here are some versions of Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK:

  • Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK Unlimited Stars And Energy is a very welcome upgrade version. When participating in this mod players can use unlimited abilities of stars and energy. This feature provides an unlimited number of stars and energy to the player. You can get any job done in no time.
  • In addition to choosing this mod, players can Download Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK Unlimited Energy. This energy unlimited version only gives you unlimited power usage. If you want to increase your star count, you still have to complete the quests.
  • Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK Instant Analysis is a completely different version that supports players in terms of analyzing cases. This feature can help you analyze in the right direction the case happened and quickly catch the real culprit.

Outstanding Features of Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod Menu has everything you need in a simple and easy to use interface. You can use the widgets in this interface to complete tasks. Here are some important features:

  • Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK's forensic laboratory is equipped with many modern and advanced equipment to make it easier for players to find clues on the victim. The technology of autopsies or DNA testing is also very developed.
  • The cases this mod gives are also very diverse and interesting. Players can experience many different stories and cases. Conspiracies will gradually be discovered.
  • Graphics are one of the highlights of this mod. It not only makes the player see the game more realistic, but also helps the player observe the evidence better.


Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK is a great game title that helps players experience the thrill of detective work. Download this mod at Getmodnow now if you want to have such great experiences!

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