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Crunchyroll APK 3.49.0 (Premium Unlocked, Android App)

Mar 05, 2023

Start accessing the world's largest anime treasure now with Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked. Learn more about the Crunchyroll app through the information below now!

Name Crunchyroll
Updated 2024-02-13
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 3.49.0
Size 47.9 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked, Android App
Category Entertainment
Developer Crunchyroll, LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link

Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked - Top anime watch app in Asia

With the help of the entertainment app Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked, users may enjoy watching animated movies on their smartphones without having to pay any money. Currently, the US and Asian nations employ a lot of the issuer Ellation, LLC's products. More than 100 million people have downloaded the app, and both kids and adults are growing to enjoy it. For moviegoers to enjoy in their spare time, Crunchyroll has provided wonderful moments of relaxation.

Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked

What is Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked?

Anime and TV programs can be streamed using the free app Crunchyroll. While having started off as a forum website in 2006, the service has now changed its name to become a full-fledged platform. It provides the ability to stream authorized anime and television shows like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. 

With Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked, users may watch the most well-liked Japanese anime for nothing. Have a look at fresh programming including Dr. STONE, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Firepower, Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Abandoned Monster, One Piece, Naruto, and many others! Watch Crunchyroll-licensed programming to keep artists busy and enjoy fantastic animation every week.

Other anime-specific streaming services include VRV and Funimation. Anime and TV shows can be found on popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. But many of the most entertaining animated movies are available on Crunchyroll. While all apps routinely add and remove titles from the library list, TV shows are frequently refreshed.

Crunchyroll Mod APK Premium Unlocked

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What are the outstanding features of Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked?

There are many compelling reasons why you want to download this app right away. Here are five key reasons you should know.

User interface easy to use

The UI of Crunchyroll is attractive and sophisticated. To thrill the audience, the newest and trendiest cartoons are constantly shown on the app's screen. For audience convenience, the movies are separated into categories. The movie search engine is located in the top right corner of the program, and for simple navigation, the bottom corner features Home, My Lists, Browse, Simulcasts, and Settings. 

There are tabs on the top of the window in the straightforward user interface. You may examine your history and queue on the Home tab. You can sign up or log in using the links at the bottom of the window or the hamburger menu, respectively. Under the menu list, you can choose to upgrade to a premium account.

Online shoppers can purchase anime-related goods from the Crunchyroll store. A Crunchroll crossbody bag is a yearly perk that some subscription plans offer in addition to the bonuses that come with a paid membership. The mod version of this application, Crunchyroll Premium Mod APK, allows you to freely use and own the paid features.

Categories are displayed logically

The New tab will display the newest programs that have been added. All of the anime books and genres in the library are located in the Anime section. Even though Crunchyroll doesn't offer a big selection of TV shows, you can browse the titles in the Drama section. 

Crunchyroll Premium Mod APK

Each show will have a description and its episode number mentioned. By tapping the magnifying glass in the right corner, you may easily find material by typing keywords into the search field. You can sort the outcomes using the Sort by filter, which by default has Popular selected.

Subtitles are in English

You can read the English subtitles as you watch. Crunchyroll Mod APK Premium Unlocked primarily employs subtitles for translation even when there is a dub for the original sound. If you'd prefer to listen to the cartoon content instead of reading the translation, this anime streaming service offers dubbed cartoons.

A reputable app for anime animation

Users can mostly watch cartoons and comics on Crunchyroll. Although there are animated versions, real people typically voice the characters in TV shows. Crunchyroll's selection of content is dynamic, so occasionally TV shows and comic books that were previously accessible stop being so. While free users would have to wait longer for new content, Crunchyroll always updates the database for paid subscribers.

Cross-platform is regularly updated

In order to expand the platform's functionality, the developers provide regular software upgrades for Crunchyroll Premium APK for Android. On Android, Wii U, Apple TV, iOS, Fire TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 3, Roku, PS4, and Windows Phone devices, you can download the cross-platform Crunchyroll app.

Crunchyroll Premium APK download free

Crunchyroll Premium APK download free

Crunchyroll has formal approval to publish content on the platform because it is legal to use. On Crunchyroll, you may view anime, TV shows, and comic books, although cartoons are the main focus of the program. Both new and classic movies are available on the streaming service. The Crunchyroll library contains older works like Cardcaptor Sarkura and the original Naruto. It is acceptable for you to own, free, and secure.


Using Crunchyroll APK Premium Unlocked is completely safe, and using this service won't put your copyright at risk. The free app features repeated advertising that plays during each episode, but you may watch without ads by signing up for a free subscription.

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