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Cyrax Mod APK 16.12.2 (Mod Menu, Aim, Auto HS)

Apr 02, 2023

Cyrax Mod APK is the ultimate fighting game released by Mobile Legend, which will give you a lively entertainment space, download it for free now!

Name Cyrax
Updated 2023-04-02
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 16.12.2
Size 183 MB
MOD Mod Menu, Aim, Auto HS
Category Tools
Developer Cyrax
Price Free
Google Play Link

Cyrax Mod APK : Legendary skill

You are looking for a game for entertainment, then Cyrax Mod APK is the most suitable choice for you. Known and used a lot around the world, Cyrax Mod APK has also gradually shown its position in the field of Mobile Legend games. Allows players to use completely free features available in the game. With compatibility with devices running the Android operating system, this is an effective assistant for users who will not experience lag or problems because this is a fully-featured version. give players many peak emotions. This is the most well-received and loved game of 2023 with such diverse gameplay that has surpassed many famous strategy games on the market today. With a simple one-click download, you have the Cyrax Mod APK application on your device and have moments of entertainment with us right away.

Cyrax Mod APK

About Cyrax Mod MLBB APK

With the warming of the game has created a lot of attraction and will cause a town because the fighting game genre is extremely attractive and very lively by each character in the game that has made the attraction for everyone. user when joining the game. Along with a variety of different gameplay, it is necessary for players to have skills and tactics when fighting, if not preparing skills in advance, it will be easy to die by the opponent with quick moves that can kill you in a short time. momentarily.

When you have joined the fight you need to predict the tactics and moves when the enemy is coming because Cyrax Mod APK is a game with many different gameplay depending on the champion that person holds so you must predict to dodge attacks and surprise opponents. We will have rooms to train you to become the strongest to fight the enemy and you will train with experienced and professional players here you can hone many combat skills more so you can use it to win rounds with powerful enemies.

Cyrax Mod MLBB APK

The generals will have special skills and different powers hidden in each character: Mage will have high magic skills, jungle has the skill to destroy monsters to increase the power of enemy turret pushers, and the assistant has the ability to support with a huge amount of blood and protect teammates from attacks from the enemy,... With such skills, you can create the most different play styles to win. victory over the opponent.

Therefore, the game will not ask anything about you, but your skills will win for your teammates. Because with such diverse gameplay, it has given users a fighting game and a high fighting mindset, the interface is easy to use for beginners, so it is not too difficult to experience.

Win or lose at the skill that creates your position only in Cyrax Mod Latest Version for Android

Join the diverse gameplay that creates a harsh arena where there will be chaos among players to win. Along with a way of unexpected attacks will create more drama for the game. Smooth high resolution programmed by Mobile Legend vi this is the latest version so it unlocks various features. Skill is very important for all players who want to win so we have equipped a high graphics to make your experience more breakthrough. This Mod version will be equipped with many advanced features to improve the previous errors. The application is equipped with many different skins for you to use thanks to this version. The equipment is upgraded to give the champion of the table the most advanced power such as the system of gems, badges and support boards that contribute to not earning to help you gain an advantage over your opponent.

Cyrax Mod Unlock All Skin APK

So with a simple control mode, it will give players a lot of interesting and exciting discoveries in each match at each different level to hit and smash the enemy's towers to win.

Latest Breakthrough Features From Cyrax Mod Unlock All Skin APK

To maintain their position will rely on the help of Mobile Legend. Cyrax Mod APK creates many strengths that no competitor can overcome because of the creation of many unique and vivid features that only in this software will create your own game world. Also create many battlefields to fight and there will be freedom to fight as you like.

Freedom to use costumes

For this version you are free to use because it is unlocked and completely free, the costumes will build up different character images as legends and behind the skin will be a different story that makes brands of generals.

Easy-to-see map interface

The display interface is easy to control with half the screen displayed in a small left corner and on the right are the attack skill boxes and can customize the map mode as you want. Help determine the enemy's position and strategize to attack the enemy. It is possible to manually adjust the zoom according to your preferences for all things that serve in your battle.

Fastest summoning time

With this feature you can summon spells automatically and will appear at the right time so you can use spells at the moment of combat, killing enemies in seconds thanks to a combination of combat skills to win.

Push the tower to win

Turrets are barriers to protect the enemy's main turret, if raiding those enemy turrets will contribute to reducing the strength of the enemy's members, the faster destroying the turret will cause the enemy to lose direction and reduce his spirit. enemy battle god.

Vivid sharpness and sound

The vibrant design features moving plants, water ripples in the river, and harmonized lighting that allows users to customize settings and set up graphics to their liking.

Vibrant cool beast images and cool champions with many unique skills. Download Cyrax Mod new update upgraded, caring for each character to help players have a fascinating entertainment experience.

Download Cyrax Mods v12.2 APK

Download Cyrax Mods v12.2 APK to have a great experience

  • Step 1: You directly click on our link below or go to the web on the search device on the application.
  • Step 2: Before downloading, go to the settings and turn on "unknown sources". To proceed with the game installation.
  • Step 3: Click download and take a few seconds for the application to install on your screen.
  • Step 4: Open the application and experience the game with a friendly interface that is easy to use.


The application will give you inspiration when experiencing entertainment in Cyrax Mod APK to help users enjoy a lively space. The game will create a feeling of true combat and skill is your advantage to defeat the fastest enemy. Along with an easy control mode that makes it easy to control with a few taps, assert your position and your teammates, challenge any squad with 5 vs 5 matches and an online arena at Cyrax Mod APK. Victory is due to your skills, live entertainment experience. What are you waiting for, download it now!

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