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DanMachi: Battle Chronicle
DanMachi: Battle Chronicle

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK 1.2.0 (Global)

Aug 26, 2023

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK is the most popular action RPG game in the game world today.

Updated 2023-10-13
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 1.2.0
Size 236 MB
MOD Global
Category Role Playing
Developer Aiming Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK - Join the action battle and collect the strongest characters

Role-playing action games are always the genre that gamers always respond to and its prevalence never stops. For that reason, the DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK game launches everyone with a mobile version to meet the needs of today's players. This game will be built using 3D graphics, character upgrades, more optimized for mobile devices, promising to bring the most satisfying experience for you. Please refer to this game in the article below.

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK

About game DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK

Danmachi APK is an action RPG inspired by the famous anime story. The game is full of characters to bring diversity to players to try. Coming to the game, gamers will be able to meet, specialize and fight alongside their favorite characters. With an engaging storyline,the game promises to bring the gameplay and cooperation of the character according to certain principles to best support the player during play. This game conveys to the player what is the most authentic from the anime movie, everything is eager to bring the spirit of the most entertaining experience for all players.

Attractions of game DanMachi: Battle Chronicle Global APK

If you are a fan of anime and are looking for a suitable title, then DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK. Will give you an epic action role-playing feeling with realistic 3D graphics. Bring a world of exciting combat. With a unique storyline revolving around a famous cartoon for players to experience the first-person perspective, start controlling the protagonist. Players will play the game with exclusive content when immersed in the main character. Give players the opportunity to experience many attractive battles. Then players need to equip skills to be able to win in real time.

Don't worry that you will fight alone, there will be a detachment to help you overcome all challenges. Each character will possess a distinct skill and power. So look carefully to choose a member with excellent achievements to become his team. In addition, you also need to upgrade your skills to increase combat power. The characters in this game will give you moments of fierce fighting. Players are also provided with a diverse game mode where you will have to confront seven different enemies. To be able to win the game you have to win life and magic stones.

Danmachi APK

So this is a famous role-playing game for the purpose of rescuing the girl in the dungeon. When starting to participate in the game the player will have to fight in the dungeon and encounter monsters and fight to destroy monsters. The game will give you defensive and offensive abilities with simple controllers. Will create a vivid fighting space with attractive details that the game brings.

Featured features of game DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK

Explore the Danmachi world

In order to create a vivid 3D space, DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK download for Mobile for players to get an attractive anime role playing world. Meet all the entertainment needs of the player along with gorgeous characters. Thanks to 3D graphics with a unique anime style. Make it possible for players to enjoy the cartoon space with charismatic combat segments.

Fight monsters in dungeons

The game offers separate skills to start the monster battle in the dungeon. You will get simple controllers to be able to dodge and attack with an excited fight. The main purpose was to rescue the girl who was being held there for a short time. Give you a fierce fighting space with your teammates. Destroy monsters in a short time and win.

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle Global APK

Adventure with favorite characters

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle also offers the ability to fight with many characters and create epic teams. It is a combination of strength between the player and his teammates to be able to win. While fighting you must collect magic stones and take life to the end. In addition, to increase the power and upgrade you need to use magic stones. Will let you get epic fighting space.

Experience the real and Advantages/Disadvantages of DanMachi: Battle Chronicle

Realistic experience of this game

This game gives me a lot of emotions when playing. These emotions are also manifested when experienced through different characters. This game is really very interesting and the anime is designed by a very honest developer. I love this game and will experience more versions of it later.


  • Explore adventures with favorite anime characters
  • Character list and clear upgrade tiers
  • Extreme 3D fighting experience attracting

Download DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK for Android


  • A stable internet connection is needed to join many other players
  • Currently the game only supports downloads for Android

FAQs about game DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK

Download this game at is it safe?

It is very safe to download the game right here at this site. This game has been carefully examined by the publisher of the team with expertise, security and reliability for users around the world.

How to download the game?

Downloading this game is very simple. You only need to access the link at the Official Information section.

Configuration required to run the game

Users need to prepare Android smartphones with a minimum configuration of 8.0.

Does this game get a free experience of pro features?

Yes, this game is absolutely free when you download the APK file.


DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK is an immersive action game filled with intriguing details. For you to experience the moment of fighting the charismatic dungeon. Complete the missions and become the last survivor. To achieve the purpose of rescuing the girl who was locked in the dungeon for a short time. Download DanMachi: Battle Chronicle APK for Android via website and download right below!

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