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Dark And Light Mobile
Dark And Light Mobile

Dark And Light Mobile Mod APK 0.29 (Unlimited Money, Resource)

Mar 25, 2023

Dark And Light Mobile APK Mod is a survival game from the US publisher Snail Game. This game has special features in terms of plot and graphics. Find out about it now!

Name Dark & Light
Updated 2020-09-02
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 0.29
Size 65 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, Resource
Category Adventure
Developer SHN Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Survival with Dark and Light Mobile APK Mod

Because of the game's long history on Steam for personal computers, Dark and Light is a name that many international gamers are familiar with. The mobile beta for Dark And Light Mobile APK Mod was formally announced by Snail Games on December 28, 2020. This game is in the sandbox genre and features a strong, immersive, fantastical virtual environment.

Dark and Light Mobile APK Mod

Introduction of Dark and Light Mobile APK Mod

Dark and Light Mobile APK Mod, according to what the developer Snail Games stated, was created based on the PC version of the same name. In this awesome game, vast mystical realms like Gaia and Archos are waiting for you to master and advance. Gamers will be able to escape to a vast and stunning open world in Dark and Light to take in the landscape or rise to the position of king and rule a realm. You are free to choose, investigate, and pursue anything. 

Many appealing features are included in Dark and Light Mobile, including a sizable sandbox and independence. Besides, players can raise falcons, hunt dragons, battle monsters, and unleash a variety of striking magic. Its features are incredibly distinctive, and its operating principle is complicated by magnificent open-world vistas, magic, and weather effects. The lives of animals, plants, and even a magical system based on rare elements can all be explored by players.

Dark and Light Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Money

What are the main features?

You better choose the Mod of Dark and Light Mobile because of its special features. Here are the details about it that we want to share with you.

Ancient European Magic World

The open environment in Dark And Light Mobile is rather sizable and has a European feel to it. You can choose from the three main races of humans, elves, and dwarves in Gaia. There will be distinct homelands for each race. Each of the Dark and Light Mobile characters and non-player characters has a unique set of talents and special abilities. Additionally, in Archos, you have the option of selecting your character's gender and changing certain aspects of its appearance.

Your character will have indications of food, water, health, and stamina, which drop over time, and depending on the condition of the weather, they can decrease quickly or slowly. Every time the player completes the assignments, winning with monsters such as unicorns, and elephant mamas, your experience points will increase. Your attribute points above will be raised using these points.

An exciting variety of gameplay

The player's primary objective is to establish a domain for himself while honing their use of various elements like earth, water, wind, darkness, and light. To attain harmony, a lot of mystical and physical aspects have been carefully incorporated into the gameplay of Dark And Light Mobile. 

There are two PvE and PvP servers for the game. To learn the game, explore, and fully enjoy all of its aspects, new players are encouraged to play on the PvE server. Then you should move to the PvP server once you reach a specific level and have gained enough experience and skills. You can engage in stressful, dramatic PK battles with other players, get extra resources, and benefit from incentives.

Dark and Light Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Resource

Dark and Light Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Resource

Gathering resources like trees, mines, food, water, and respawn-able things requires players to seek or search. Three main kinds of mining equipment—gold, silver, and copper—can be used to extract these minerals. Each tool yields a varied result depending on how you employ it. The player can use the materials to make new items and weapons up till they have enough collected. 

Players will be able to survive more easily in this chaotic, dark planet of Archos thanks to the feature of boundless resources. Your fighting prowess and skill level will therefore be greatly improved. Every adversary that appears in the game can be fought by players. Gamers need also to stake out their region to prevent intruders and foes from entering.

Dark and Light Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Money

The Dark and Light Mobile has a sizable collection of various kinds of weaponry, including staffs, swords, axes, bows, and wands. Similar to other weapons, these need to be upgraded to get divine properties. such as creating ice, starting a fire, letting out water jets, and calling forth thunder. 

Gamers can also train monsters and animals to become pets or mounts. To obtain ingredients like meat and bones, you can kill them. Flying creatures, such as dragons or birds, can serve as the player's mode of transportation by enabling them to move more quickly and avoid coming into contact with adversaries on the ground. If you use the limitless money function in Dark and Light Mobile Mod, you can unlock them all and claim them as your own. 

Dark and Light Mobile Mod APK Latest Version

Players that enter Dark and Light will be changed into a race of either the light or dark sides and battle in various locations. From there, you will find many marvels in the places you travel to, including Gaia, cosmic chaos, where enigmas about spirits and magic are just waiting for you to unravel. On our website, you can download the most recent version of Dark and Light Mobile APK Obb for mobile. Try it right away! 

Dark and Light Mobile APK for Android


With its highly lifelike, vibrant 3D graphics background, Dark And Light Mobile APK Mod is deserving of your time. The planet in this game is specifically separated into 9 distinct lands, and 8 historical eras, and has a maximum area of 15 million square meters. Will you choose Light or Dark?

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