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Dead By Daylight
Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight APK Mod 1.245033.245033 (Menu Mod, POV)

Mar 24, 2023

Dead By Daylight APK Mod can bring players into heart-pounding chases. Do you want the horror version of hide and seek with Dead By Daylight? Find out about it now!

Name Dead by Daylight Mobile
Updated 2023-10-19
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.245033.245033
Size 3.4 GB
MOD Menu Mod, POV
Category Action
Developer Exptional Global
Price Free
Google Play Link

Try experiencing nightmares with Dead By Daylight APK Mod

If you love a horror game with formidable serial killers, Dead By Daylight APK Mod will be the top choice for you. Dead by Daylight comes from the developer Behavior with exciting gameplay, heart-pounding scares, and tension. The special thing is that you do not participate in this chase game with its AI. You will play it with 4 other players. Let's explore the unique features of this game with us.

Dead By Daylight APK Mod

Overview of Dead By Daylight APK Mod

In the horror and action game Dead by Daylight, you can take on the role of a serial killer, the bad guy. You are unstoppable in your pursuit of a quartet of Survivors. To save their own lives, they must act quickly. The Survivors' strength depended solely on their intelligence to avoid a dangerous lone enemy. In every map, the Survivors' goal is the same. To escape, the survivor must find some generators, repair them, and then find one of two exits. Killer needs to stop Survivor at any cost.

The asymmetrical multiplayer game Death By Dawn on mobile is also available. It is a term used to describe games that have different numbers of players on each team. Gameplay in Dead by Daylight by Behaviour is thrilling, and the game's balance is impeccable. It features suspense and heart-pounding scares beyond anything you've ever experienced in a multiplayer game.

Dead By Daylight Mobile APK

What are the outstanding features of Dead By Daylight Mobile APK?

Dead By Daylight has a lot of secrets and interesting things that players hardly know. We will update details about it through the information below.

Brave and smart as a Survivor

Survivors must flee from one of a group of terrifying Killers to survive. Moreover, to hide from a killer, survivors can create a bear trap or ring a bell. You must think and plan rapidly as a Survivor from the very beginning of Dead By Daylight Mod APK. Finding the killer you are up against is crucial, but you also need to locate a generator and go to work fixing them right away.

No matter which side you are on, you constantly feel the urge to try because of many unexpected circumstances and horrific killings. There is tension on both sides. When a Killer suddenly captures you and starts torturing you, players can scream. When you are a Killer pursuing a Survivor who is attempting to flee through the woods, you can also behave erratically.

Take advantage of the time

You'll struggle to finish your generator repair task once the Killer captures your companions. You must make a difficult choice when the Killer hangs or assaults your pals to carry out a blood sacrifice ceremony. You can take the chance of saving them. You're better off, however, making the most of the time he's idly passing the time, forcing your face into your friend who's fastened to the electric chair, and safely repairing a generator.

Dead By Daylight APK Download

Hunting as a Killer

You can move rapidly as a Killer in Dead By Daylight Netease APK. There are up to 22 Killers available, and each has a unique set of special skills. If you are a skull merchant, you will harm foes with the use of the blades in your hand. Download the Dead By Daylight APK to take on the character of a vicious killer. 

Although you can easily capture survivors, in the third person they move more quickly and have an edge (as opposed to the Killer's first person). It is simple to lose sight of your prey, intensifying each pursuit. It is fairly simple for a Survivor to expose their location. Running away creates numerous distinct tracks that Killer can follow. In the generator repair area, killers frequently prowl moving while hunched over or perhaps hiding in tall grass are often Survivor's best choices.

Upgrade by random system

Bloodweb is a special, randomly created enhancement that is available to each Survivor and Killer. Any party may accept this Bloodweb system as a donation. You must acquire Blood points by completing tasks on either side to level up. By successfully tying all necessary knots, players will unlock tree branches. This can make the Killer stronger when you level up and start afresh with new abilities and gear. At any time, each side can alter the circumstances to their benefit. Dead By Daylight APK Download is waiting for you to check.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Download APK

Dead By Daylight Mobile Download APK

Players are given the freedom to freely and impartially experience whatever they desire thanks to developer behavior. There will never be a problem for players to play the opposite team. Matching makes more sense than randomly selecting five people and placing them in the same waiting area, which could lead to angry people quitting if they don't get the side they desire. Also, you cannot intentionally form a group and progress in the game together. Get Death by Daylight to learn how to survive or to become a headhunter.


Dead By Daylight APK Mod has a nimble gameplay and control system. Gamers can utilize a controller for their Android device, a mouse, or a virtual keyboard to play. Be ready for unpredictable QTE circumstances that heighten the difficulty. With heart-stopping scares and exhilarating chases, each match's increased tension adds to the entertainment value and will have you hooked on Dead By Daylight.

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