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Deep Sleep 2
Deep Sleep 2

Deep Sleep 2 APK 1.1 (Android Game, English/Español Version)

Jun 23, 2023

Deep Sleep 2 APK is a fun puzzle game where you have to overcome challenges in that girl's sleep, you must not wake her from her sleep. Download now!

Name Deep Sleep 2
Updated 2023-06-23
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.1
Size 177 MB
MOD Android Game, English/Español Version
Category Adventure
Developer DeepSleep
Price Free
Google Play Link

Deep Sleep 2 APK - Discover the best dreams and sleep protection

With this modern technology, it is difficult for you to get a deep sleep. So if you are looking for an attractive game, Deep Sleep 2 APK will be very suitable for you. Bring you a world of puzzle adventure full of fun. At the beginning of the game, you will get lost in a girl's sleep and cannot escape because you have fallen into her sleep. To be able to escape, you need to interact with the character to solve puzzles and get rid of that sleep before morning.

Keep in mind you have to be skillful in answering questions because every decision and outcome will be due to you so be skillful in every situation and avoid keeping her awake. A game that is very suitable for many players who love the puzzle adventure genre and can be downloaded completely for free on Android. Don't rush through the article below to be able to easily win this game!

Deep Sleep 2 APK

About Deep Sleep 2 Android APK

Deep Sleep 2 APK is a game with a puzzle genre to take the character out of deep sleep. Players will reincarnate as female characters and help the character find a way to cancel the binding away from the dream. Last night, she had a very long sleep and experienced a lot of things in a dream. In the game Deep Sleep 2 APK Android, players will be forced to find the correct answer to the questions that are posed in many situations that they will experience during sleep. The game takes you into a dreamlike world with miracles that you've never had a chance to experience. Not only that, but it also brings unprecedented pleasure. You will never regret joining this journey of the game.

If you are ready to join Deep Sleep 2 APK Español, the problem is inevitable. Through each different level, the number and level of questions will also be changed, making it more difficult to challenge the intelligence of the player. You will have to successfully solve the puzzle to best protect the girl's sleep and help her get rid of bad dreams. Good sleep will have many factors to decide, following the circulatory system of the body to help the girl stabilize sleep.

Deep Sleep 2 Android APK

Deep Sleep 2 APK English with minimalistic gameplay for players to easily feel and immerse themselves in the night space. Integrate yourself into the character's sleep, accompanying her throughout the journey of dream discovery. Then you will have to bring her back to reality by successfully solving puzzles to awaken the character. The game helps you understand the benefits of sleep, protecting sleep is the same as taking care of your health.

Features of Deep Sleep 2 Game APK

When coming to Deep Sleep 2 Mod APK this person must perform the task of aligning your girl to a deep sleep after a stressful working day. So it is time for that girl to rest and sleep with a beautiful dream. But you get stuck in that dream so that you can get out and not let that girl wake up, you need to interact with the character. To be able to complete the challenge and overcome the obstacles. Deep Sleep 2 APK aims to decipher puzzles and escape from that dream before dawn. You have to protect the youngest girl from waking up because when you wake up you will be stuck in that dream forever. So be careful to make decisions decisively so that you can be safe. The following are the features that you need to refer to so that you can get rid of that dream without letting your girl wake up:

Custom sleep program

Deep Sleep 2 APK Android

Starting this game you will meet a girl and role-play that girl who is suffering from stress and insomnia for days in a row. But to sleep better, you need to adjust the sleep system accordingly. When you can create a personal sleep schedule on time and your plan sets out. To get the deepest sleep without being startled awake at midnight. Help your girl to experience sleep that she has never had before.

Advanced sleep tracking

Deep Sleep 2 Download APK allows you to monitor your sleep using modern technologies applied to this game. Make it easy to control that girl's sleep with the feature provided. It is great to be able to provide hours of sleep each day and remember them, supporting the girl to be able to understand well what is interfering with what affects her sleep. Your daily activities also affect the consumption of substances in the body and also affect sleep as caffeine. Stress work in this application will give you the information to get a good sleep and energy for activities for the best new day.

Sleeping sound

In addition, to be able to support your sleep is improved, the application provides a huge set of sounds to help you relax mentally and easily fall asleep fastest. Along with sounds monarch melodies include the sound of the wind, sea waves, trees, and leaves interspersed with birds singing. You can easily search for sounds to sleep when falling into a state of insomnia.

Alarm clock with the soothing sound

Come to this Deep Sleep 2 APK you will help your girl get good sleep. To wake you up do not worry that the alarm will be too noisy or startling you. But at this game, the alarm sounds are very gentle, along with many sounds for you to choose from including meditation, nature, and white noise starting a new day. In addition, you can adjust the volume for that alarm.

Download Deep Sleep 2 APK for Android

Let's Download Deep Sleep 2 APK for Android now! To have moments of adventure and escape from that girl's sleep before morning and remember not to wake that girl up!


Deep Sleep 2 APK is a game that allows you to experience things that often happen in everyday life. Safe sleep and must overcome many challenges deciphering puzzles. Players must always ensure that the character gets a good night's sleep. Download the game now to discover many features as well as novelties.

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