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Dekamara Android
Dekamara Android

Dekamara Android APK 0.4.02 (Full Game, Paid for Free)

Jun 17, 2023

Dekamara Android APK is an action role playing game with simple controls, players will fight the enemy to win and uncover the mystery above. Download play now.

Name Dekamara Android
Updated 2023-06-17
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 0.4.02
Size 46 MB
MOD Full Game, Paid for Free
Category Adventure
Developer Dekamara Android
Price Free
Google Play Link

Dekamara Android APK - Fight enemies and discover the ultimate mystery point

To earn a fighting game genre, yes? A genre in which you can play with friends and have a lot of thrilling action, Dekamara Android APK will choose the most suitable for you. When you come to this game you will play the character Dekamara, with the power that he possesses, can defeat every opponent and is very flexible when using his skills to fight with enemies. In addition, players can also choose warriors and wizards. Each character will possess a distinct personality and strength.

Dekamara Android APK

Players will not be conceded to enemies for only a few seconds; they will defeat you at any time, show your technique such as kicking, dodging, jumping, etc. You will be free to navigate your moves and take advantage of every opportunity to destroy the enemy. Very attractive game will make you fall in love with those wars. The game is compatible with every device running Android for free. Follow the article below to learn more about this fun game!

About Dekamara Game APK Full Game

Dekamara Android APK is a video game in the genre of combat role playing and completing the goal of jumping to the top to solve the secrets. Fighting games often revolve around the issue of scrambling for positions, unlocking secrets, and survival to the end. The game does not delimit a particular plot and direction. Depending on the different players will have different tactical construction. There are players who will start from this direction also there are players who start from the opposite direction. Two players in different directions will fight each other for the right to move forward.

When you are ready to join the fight press start to play. Game Dekamara APK Paid for Free creates an extensive play environment full screen. Your phone is very convenient for observing enemies and moving during combat, exploring goals. Players perform moves left, right, jump up, jump down, forward, skillfully back to fight with powerful enemies. The basic control buttons are displayed below the left and right root, the player can change the control position for the most convenient for himself.

Dekamara Game APK Full Game

Dekamara APK Full Game with many different levels of play, players must pass each round of play to conquer the final point. The mortal battles will be fought in a row, you have to be quick and quick to destroy the enemies that are attacking you, try to jump to the highest places to limit and pay attention to avoid objects that damage you. The higher you reach the positions, the fewer opponents you will meet and the easier it will be to accomplish your discovery goal.

Dekamara by PsychoSeel APK Paid for Free offers a lot of weapons, items and hints for you to support the secret search journey and fight to be more favorable. You must use your own tactical skills in combination with your ability to solve problems, determine the correct direction and control the correct manipulations so as not to make mistakes that lead to losses. If you can balance and combine the above, it will be easy to win.

Features of Dekamara APK Full Version

Coming to this game you will experience a very unique game with a unique fighting style, when played with your friends. Allows players to create battles with their friends by participating in online activities and can also interact with many players around the world. In addition, when the fight begins the player will be observed and scored according to your ranking system, so it is necessary to win and maintain his position compared to many others.

Dekamara character selection

Dekamara Android APK allows players to choose Dekamara to easily change the appearance of the character. Dekamara has a lot of different types, each type of appearance will have a separate skill. Therefore, players are only allowed to create a character for themselves and are entitled to change if you wish. So this game is very interesting because you can freely design the character according to your preferences. To increase your experience is enhanced.

Dekamara by PsychoSeel APK Paid for Free

Planning and skills

To be able to defeat opponents, it is necessary to use your skills and have a clear strategy to seize every opportunity to destroy them. The characters will possess a special skill and in order to be able to deliver accurate and high damage attacks, the player needs to be assertive in any situation in the most ingenious way to win.


In order to increase the drama of the increasingly attractive game, the developer also offers a scoring system. With this Free Download game Dekamara APK for Android you can track your battle process to be able to draw experience for later battles. The goal is to rise to the highest position in the ranking. Players need to win because the more enemies are defeated, the higher the score is added. In order to stimulate players to show their full potential, they have brought an attractive competitive factor.

Mode alone

In addition to multiplayer mode you can also join the game mode alone where players can show their abilities and draw experiences in other battles. Here players can immerse themselves in a story for adventure and start completing missions in order to explore the world inhabited by Dekamara.

Attractive graphics

Players will experience extremely beautiful graphics with the scenery of the game being very diverse. Each fighting place will make you fall in love and enjoy the landscape. The developer takes great care of every detail for the graphics in this game. So every design is beautifully drawn from the character to the surrounding landscape. Dekamara Android APK is aimed at aiming for a most amazing entertainment experience before the beauty of this fighting game. In addition, the player is provided with vivid effects that make the player into his sword without being able to escape before the game.

Free Download game Dekamara APK for Android

Get rewards every day

The rewards you will receive every day if you log in regularly will have valuable items to upgrade the character to become stronger. Players must actively fight and win more rewards that will be able to assist you when needed. The items will be an opportunity for you to have the advantage to fight enemies with enormous power. This game is very attractive for you to use your strategic abilities to defeat opponents. This will surely be the game that gives you an attractive discovery with many different levels.


Dekamara Android APK is a fast paced game that feels adventurous but fun. Players are delighted with the action entertainment genre of this game because it creates an atmosphere of extremely exciting combat. If you love fighting games that are not so powerful then maybe Dekamara is the right choice for you. Download the game now to experience great things.

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