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Dogas Doraemon X
Dogas Doraemon X

Dogas Doraemon X APK 0.7 (Android Game)

May 15, 2023

Doraemon x APK is a game that is a memory for many young people with the role playing Genre in the cartoon character of the Movie Doraemon. Download Now to Play.

Name Doraemon x
Updated 2023-05-15
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 0.7
Size 70 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer hotmilk Patreon
Price Free
Google Play Link

Dogs Doraemon X APK - Journey to solve puzzles and find out secrets at Nobi's House

If you love role playing genres please recommend to you Dogas Doraemon X APK. A colorful version takes the idea from the cult cartoon Doraemon. Want to know and understand better you can at this free game on the Android platform. Hustle and glance with us to learn more about the useful information about this game just below.

Dogas Doraemon X Game APK

About Dogas Doraemon X APK

Dogas Doraemon X APK is a widely developed game genre based on The Story Of The Intelligent Doraemon machine cat. Surely everyone in childhood knew about the character named Doraemon. And in particular, in which the character lives in the same house and most often uses the magic bag of Doraemon that is Nobita. The game will require you to reincarnate into the Nobita character to perform various complex tasks. Use your intelligence and responsiveness to successfully solve tricky questions. 

In Dogas X Doraemon APK, the player takes on the role and seeks to complete the assigned tasks. However, the game app also allows you to control characters such as Doraemon, Xuka, Chaien and Xeko to assist you solve difficult puzzles. When you successfully complete the tasks you will receive rewards and valuable objects. Players will be able to explore the beautiful world in the comic series by adventuring with your team to complete puzzle pieces that solve the secrets of their family. 

The game will have many levels forcing players to pass this level to play the next level. In addition, in the game there are many small Games, events so that you can earn additional income support to quickly fulfill the purpose of the game. Dogas Doraemon x 0.7 APK has been greatly improved to give you hours of game experience at the top of the blink. The more you explore the game, the more you will feel addicted and find out many mysteries contained within the character's family. 

Dogas Doraemon X Download APK Full Game you will enjoy the unique scenic spots and bewitching graphics set from the timeless universe of Doraemon. Colors are very detailed through complex images of landscapes and characters. The animated images are very sharp with a little fun. The character shapes in the game are reminiscent of the player's memories of childhood, impressing the previous generations. 

Download game Dogas Doraemon X APK for Android

Dogas Doraemon X game APK is a superb game that is never outdated or boring for players. You will feel addicted and satisfied with the real game adaptation scenes like the original movie. The desire of the publisher is to take you from one interesting to another that will help you always be renewed in many aspects of the game. There is nothing better than right now downloading the game app and you will have moments of fun entertainment.

The highlights of Dogas Doraemon X APK mod Latest Version

Characters from famous cartoons

This game was inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon and was named Dogas Doraemon X APK. You will play the role of Nobita participating in the question-solving events, giving the correct answers to overcome difficult levels.

This exciting adventure will feature the characters Doraemon, Shizuka, Nobisuke,Tsuneo, etc. There are many levels for you to choose from easy to hard. Players need a good question-answering skill to successfully solve difficult puzzles.

Realistic graphics and sound

Possessing honest 2D graphics, giving users realistic feelings like adventure into the very cartoon that they love. If you are a fan of this movie, you must be familiar with the cast because it is very similar to the game.

Dogas Doraemon X 0.7 APK

Desire to reach out to people and be able to enjoy the best entertainment. The graphic background has been carefully thought out so that it resembles the version of the anime movie you watch.  m Bar is very attractive. This is also important to create attraction for the game.

Multiple game modes and connect friends

In order to create an entertainment space, users can train their brain and compete with many different modes from easy to difficult. Once the tasks are completed, you will receive rewards and items.

Items you can collect to cater to puzzle adventures along the way and many different challenges. They are intimately connected, so activities provide an opportunity for users to receive and solve questions correctly. Create more fun in this game you can connect friends together to solve puzzles and conquer challenges.

Features of Dogas Doraemon X APK

Level up characters with multiple levels

Allows players to search and accumulate members about themselves and level up for different characters from the Doraemon series, each character possessing a unique power.

Real-time solo matches

At the start of the game you can start taking so many battles in real time and other players. This is when you take advantage of the human resources you own and level up to win.

Dogas Doraemon X APK Mod Latest Version

Standalone game mode

The game has an independent game mode, where players can play with Nobita and Doraemon in many puzzle-solving adventures. Start fighting various enemies and end bosses.

Custom base

Better than you can freely adjust your base. Decorate and add houses for an enjoyable experience here.

Why should Download game Dogas Doraemon X APK for Android?

Because you will get a ticket back in time to the familiar moments and before you wished to be able to accompany your favorite character on adventures everywhere. Now, this game will make your dream come true allowing you to collect characters, fight with characters you fan, and have exciting adventures here. The reasons above are enough to convince you to download this game right now to have a great experience.


Dogas Doraemon X APK has been transformed and built into a mobile game based on the storyline of the Doraemon series. The game offers a variety of levels of play, many attractive rewards and countless gold features for the latest version. To get a great moment of relaxation, read the article immediately to know how to download the game!

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