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Door Kickers
Door Kickers

Door Kickers Mod APK 1.1.24 (Unlimited Stars)

Nov 23, 2023

Door Kickers is a strategic game where you command a SWAT team to tackle tough missions. It's all about planning, quick thinking, and action.

Name Door Kickers
Updated 2023-08-25
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 1.1.24
Size 50 MB
MOD Unlimited Stars
Category Strategy
Developer KillHouse Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Door Kickers is a game where you lead a SWAT team on special missions. You make plans, choose tools, and tell team members what to do. Your job is to save people without letting your team get hurt. This game is like a puzzle but feels real and can be hard.

Five Key Features

One great thing about Door Kickers is the number of missions. There are 80 different ones you can try. You can stop bad guys, save people, and use smart ideas to win. Each job is a new challenge you can enjoy many times.

You can also pick many weapons and tools. You have over 65 options. Some are guns, some help you see better, and others can open doors fast. These tools make your team strong and ready for any mission.

In the game, you see everything from the top. This way, you see all your team members and can make better plans. You can see where the enemies are and find the best path.

You can stop the game at any time. This helps when things get too fast or tricky. You can think, make a new plan, or give new orders. The game doesn't have turns or difficult rules. You can do what you want when you want.

The game is real but still fun to play. The levels can be done in different ways. You can try many new ideas to win. The game is not easy, and this is what makes finishing a mission very fun.

Best Tips for Door Kickers

To do well in Door Kickers, follow these tips. First, always plan before you start. Look at the map, see where the bad guys might be, and choose the best door to go in. A good start can make the whole mission easier.

It's always good to move slowly and check everywhere. If you rush, you might miss an enemy and lose a team member. Take your time and be careful. The best plan changes as the mission goes on. The game lets you stop and think anytime. So, when things change, stop the game, think, and give new orders if you need to.

It's good to use different tools and weapons for each job. Sometimes you need to be quiet, sometimes you need to be fast. Pick the right gear for the mission.

It's also smart to use different team members in the best way. Some are better from close, others from far. Make sure everyone's in the right place.

Lastly, practice makes perfect. Play a lot, and you get better. If you lose, try again, and you'll learn how to win.

Pros and Cons

In Door Kickers, there’s a lot to like, and a bit not to. A big plus is how the game lets you plan and change plans in real time. This makes you feel like a true leader. You are free to choose when to act. Also, the top view is very useful, as it allows you to see everything and be clever with your strategy.

The game is hard, which can be good for some. You feel great when you win because it was not easy. But it's not just hard work; you can also enjoy trying many ways to solve a level. And learning to be better is part of the fun.

But this game might be too hard for some players. If you make mistakes, you might lose quickly. This can make you feel bad or frustrated. And because the game doesn’t guide you, you may not know what to do at first.

Some players may also want more stories or reasons for doing the missions. If you like stories in games, you might miss that in Door Kickers.

Alternatives for Door Kickers

If you like Door Kickers, other games like it are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Rainbow Six Siege. These are also about tactics and leading teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to know much about tactics to play?

No, you can learn as you play. But it can help if you know some.

2. Can children play this game?

It's for older kids and grown-ups because it’s realistic and can be hard.

3. Will there be new updates or missions?

The game often gets updates and new things. Keep the game to get them.

4. Can I play on a phone or tablet?

Yes, the game works on these too.

5. Can I play with friends?

This game is just for one player.


Door Kickers is a cool game for those who like to think and plan. It can be tough, but that’s part of the fun.

Free Download (Unlimited Stars) Door Kickers Latest Version for Android

Ready for a fun challenge? Get Door Kickers now at It has lots of levels, tools, and ways to play. Lead your team and save the day!

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