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Doraemon X
Doraemon X

Doraemon X APK 1.0.7 (Full Version GVNVH18)

Adam Seo May 09, 2023

Doraemon X APK is the game adapted from the most popular cartoon today with great adventures combining fascinating puzzle solving, download!

Name Doraemon X
Updated 2023-05-09
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.0.7
Size 70 MB
MOD Full Version GVNVH18
Category Adventure
Developer Doraemon X
Price Free
Google Play Link

Doraemon X APK - Puzzle adventure with Doraemon and Nobita

Doraemon X APK is an extremely attractive puzzle-solving and adventure role playing game that will give players an attractive game if players love this genre, it is very suitable for you. This game is adapted from the famous cartoon, so it will be very close to players when participating in this adventure. Best of all, you won't have to be annoyed or interrupted by ads because we enhance the entertainment of our users, so we limit third-party ads from appearing during gameplay. This will be a masterpiece for you to explore and learn right here or download.

Doraemon X 0.7 Mod APK

About Doraemon X APK

Doraemon X APK 0.7 is a game application with a vivid and intuitive design that gives players an extremely interesting game. Not only does it have 2D motion graphics that help players feel the most realistic world with unique details, players will be caught up in this close-up cartoon when transferred can become a game even more interesting and satisfy the love of the characters in the game.

This game will be very attractive when you start to role-play on an exciting adventure with dramatic gameplay, then you need to match the characters that will create excitement in this game. Then you need to solve the puzzles attached during the game. You can rest assured that this game will not be too difficult to challenge you so all players who can play mistakenly want users to be able to play with this game.

Not only for players with basic levels, but we also give players many main or side quests where players can earn money and buy items to aid in your adventure.

In order to give our players the most immersive experience, we wanted to give fans more access to their favorite characters, so we gave you the opportunity to interact a lot with anime and manga characters. You will be amazed with the picture quality that the game brings with the details in the game extremely vivid.

Download game Doraemon X APK for Android

With the game Doraemon X 0.7 Mod APK, the player will role-play into Nobita with the task of adventure and discovery to be able to open many different levels, then the player needs to overcome the puzzles and conquer the obstacles ahead so you can continue your adventure. When starting out on a dramatic adventure, you need to team up with popular characters from a Doraemon universe, including Suneo, Shizuka and Gian.

Doraemon X 1.0 APK 2023 will be the game you should experience today with many types of power-up functions and items. So players can freely choose the experience along with elements from puzzles and different actions. This will be an extremely attractive game for you when you can block ads from appearing from 3rd parties to ensure players have the best experience.

Doraemon X 0.8 APK will be the hottest game in 2023 for you, wishing to bring you the best experience when coming to this game with many new elements for you. Please quickly surf, read, and learn more about the functions below that will be very helpful to you in the process of playing the game.

Doraemon X GVNVH18 APK latest version

Advanced features of game app Doraemon X GVNVH18 APK latest version

Doraemon X Mod APK is a fun role playing game that brings many new experiences to players. The game allows you to socialize and play with many people around the world. In this latest version, you will encounter many special features that the publisher has invested a lot of brain in with the desire to always innovate and increase emotions during the experience for players. Get ready to experience all these outstanding features!

Famous cartoon characters

The game application is inspired by a real Japanese movie titled Doraemon. When participating in the game, you will play the role of Nobita character to participate in solving puzzles and overcoming challenging levels of the game. In the game, there are also many other characters such as Doraemon, Shizuka, Jaian, Suneo, Nobisuke, Tamako, Dorami and supporting characters. In this adventure journey, you will experience many different levels of play with each level from easy to difficult. Players need a super intelligent brain and logical thinking ability to successfully solve difficult puzzles.

Vivid graphics and realistic quality sound

The game with realistic 2D graphics gives users a realistic feel of the images like in the original anime movie. The character images are very close and familiar to players when you are a fan of anime movies. With the desire to give players the best and friendly experience, the manufacturer has integrated the graphics of the characters very similar to the movie version. And the graphics are always optimized with the highest resolution depending on your smartphone device.

Doraemon X 0.8 APK

Sound is an indispensable part to make the game lively and fun. In this game application, the sound is voiced through the characters very real and high quality. Players can imitate the voice of the characters in the game, which is very interesting and unique. The sound has created vivid and realistic for players.

Game Modes and Connections

The game is hierarchical with many different levels of play so that players can learn and try with levels from easy to difficult. Players will assist the character Nobita in tracing and solving questions to complete the mission. Each completed mission you will receive rewards and items. You can accumulate and use those items for the adventure of solving difficult puzzles in the next road battle. Puzzles and exploration activities are always closely linked to each other for users to easily grasp and overcome difficult challenges. Besides, players can connect and experience the game with friends or other players around the world.

Join the game now to be able to explore all the features that the application has. Games with play style to relax and entertain, players can play with friends. You can Download game Doraemon X APK for Android right on our system to ensure the safety and security of your device. You must make sure to allow it before you start downloading the app with the APK file.


Doraemon X APK will be an attractive adventure role-playing game modified from a movie that is very familiar to the player's childhood, so it will be very attractive. Bringing players a realistic 2D motion graphics will and many fun elements in the game, an exciting game awaits you. Download today so you can play a game you love today!

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Francisco Williams
Connect with friends and players worldwide.
19/09/2023 08:00 | Reply
Sheila Mcgee
Solve puzzles and tackle challenging levels.
19/09/2023 08:00 | Reply
Tony Cummings
Interact with famous characters like Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo.
19/09/2023 08:00 | Reply
Glenda Cunningham
Stunning 2D graphics reminiscent of the beloved anime.
19/09/2023 08:00 | Reply
Hey, can you leave another latest version
21/06/2023 05:22 | Reply