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Duskwood Mod APK 1.10.14 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

Nov 24, 2023

Duskwood Mod APK is the game to solve a thrilling mystery as a detective, engage in realistic conversations, and watch suspenseful videos on Android.

Name Duskwood - Detective Story
Updated 2023-09-19
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.10.14
Size 331 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked, No Ads
Category Role Playing
Developer Everbyte
Price Free
Google Play Link

Duskwood is a game where you solve a mystery. A girl named Hannah is gone and you must find out what happened. You get messages and make choices to solve the case.

Five Key Features

Chat with Characters

In Duskwood, you talk to people through a pretend message app. These people knew Hannah. By picking words to say back, you help find out what happened. This feels real and gets you thinking.

Solve Puzzles

There are mini-games inside Duskwood. Passing them lets you keep playing the story. You need to think well to solve these puzzles.

Real Videos

The game uses videos that look like real life. This makes it more exciting and the story feels like it is actually happening. It is like being in a movie!

Deep Story

Hannah's friends get weird texts and you join the plot to solve it. The storyline is long and full of turns. It makes you want to keep playing to find out the end.

Keep Coming Back

Duskwood has many parts to play. You always come back for more because the story leaves you wondering. Each part gives new puzzles and things to do.

Best Tips for Duskwood

Think Like a Detective

Pay attention and think hard. The clues and what you say back change the game. Be smart in your choices.

Watch And Listen

The real videos are key. Watching helps find clues. The sound can give hints too, so listen well.

Stay Calm

The game can be creepy and have scary surprises. Stay calm to think clear and solve the mystery.

Take Notes

Sometimes, the story has many details. Write them down somewhere. This helps remember later in the game.

Play Again

You might want to try different choices to see what they do. Playing more can show new parts of the story.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging Story: Duskwood grabs you with its story. You want to keep playing to see what happens next.

  • Real-feeling Chats: The chat feels like you're really texting people. It's like you are part of the story.

  • Mini-Games: Puzzles in the game are fun. They make you think and keep things fresh as you play.

  • Video Content: The use of real-like videos makes everything seem real. It adds to the fun and scare.

  • Replay Value: You can play many times and make different picks to change the story. This means you can enjoy the game over and over.


  • Waiting: Sometimes, you have to wait in the game. You might not like waiting to see what happens.

  • Scary Parts: Some parts can be scary. Not everyone likes things that make them jump or feel tense.

  • Choices Matter: If you pick wrong, you might miss parts of the story. It's important to choose smartly.

Alternatives for Duskwood

If Duskwood isn't your thing, you can try games like "Lifeline", "Sara is Missing", and "Her Story". These games also have mystery and story that feels real. They mix puzzles and stories in other cool ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play for free?

Yes, you can play some of Duskwood for free. But some parts might need to pay to play.

Is it scary?

It has tense and scary bits. If you like a good scare, you'll enjoy the game.

Can I play with friends?

Duskwood is a single-player game. But, sharing the story and working out puzzles with friends can be fun.

How long is the game?

The game's story is long with many parts. How long it takes depends on how fast you solve puzzles and moves.

Is it in other languages?

Yes, you can play Duskwood in different languages. That's nice if English isn't your first language.


Duskwood is a cool story game with puzzles that make you think. Its real-like videos and scary parts make it thrilling to play. If you like stories and playing detective, you'll like Duskwood.

Free Download Duskwood Mod APK (Premium Unlocked, No Minigames, Multimedia Pack) Latest Version for Android

Ready to try finding Hannah in Duskwood? Go to to safely download the game and start your mystery adventure today. Have fun playing and good luck solving the case!

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