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EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino
EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK 20.9.07 (Download Game for Android)

Sep 24, 2023

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK offers a sneak peek into FIFA 24, enabling users to play, customize and experience new features before the official launch.

Name EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino
Updated 2023-09-24
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 20.9.07
Size 390 MB
MOD Download Game for Android
Category Sports
Price Free
Google Play Link


Excited about soccer? EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK is here to offer a sneak peek into what FIFA 24 for Android has in store! This preliminary version lets you practice, build your Ultimate Team, and play full games against real teams even before the official release. Now, what’s cooler than being one of the first to experience the thrilling new features of the forthcoming FIFA 24?

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK

Key Features

Next Level Gameplay

Imagine this! You’re on the field, the ball at your feet, and the game in your control. The new Impact Controls like Power Shot, Knock On, and Hard Tackle allow you to experience mobile soccer like never before. Every slide, every shot, every moment feels more real and intense, thanks to these controls. And the True Player Personality feature? It makes sure each player behaves and performs just like their real-world counterparts! This brings a whole new dimension to the EA FC 24 Mobile Chino APK.

Locker Room Customization

Ever wanted to be the stylist for your team? Well, the Locker Room feature lets you do just that! Customize your team and each player to fit your style. From adjusting the kit numbers to the length of their socks, sleeve length, and shirt tucking style, you have control over every detail. It’s like being in a real locker room, making sure your team looks sharp and plays sharp!

Immersive Broadcast Experience

This feature is a game-changer! The Immersive Broadcast Experience draws you closer to the action with new match introduction scenes and dynamic gameplay camera angles. You are not just playing; you are in the game, feeling every pass, every goal, and every victory. The pre-game ceremonies to the trophy celebration, everything feels like you’re living it, enhancing your gaming experience in EA Sports FC Mobile Chino APK.

EA Sports FC 24 Chino APK

UEFA Champions League

Fancy competing in the most prestigious club football competitions? The UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League are all playable! Live events corresponding with the real-world tournaments let you earn special UEFA Champions League players. It’s not just about playing; it’s about living every step from the group stages to the UEFA Champions League Final in EA Sports FC 24 Chino APK.

Control Systems and Interface

Soccer is about control, and the control systems in this game are perfectly adapted to touchscreens. Your left thumb can guide any player who’s in control of the ball across the field. With your right thumb, you get to perform various offensive and defensive actions. It’s intuitive and responsive, making sure your moves on the small screen are as smooth as your moves on the field!

Passing the ball is as simple as tapping on a teammate or an empty spot on the field. Shooting? Just slide your finger across the screen. Need to sprint and dribble? There’s a button on the right just for that. It makes the game not just playable but enjoyable, allowing you to focus on strategy and skills rather than struggling with controls.

And talk about clean! The game interface is elegant, neat, and practically identical to its PC and console version. It makes navigating through the game a breeze, letting you dive straight into the action without any fuss.

EA FC 24 Mobile Chino APK

Special Events and Rewards

Ever dreamed of being one of the founding players in a game? Here’s your chance! By playing the Founders event on August 24 UTC, you get to break new ground as a founder of The World's Game. Special Player Items, Vanity Items, and access to the Founders Premium Star Pass are some of the exclusive benefits you earn to kick off your future EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile journey.

Being a founder means you reserve your spot to receive these unique benefits when the game officially launches. So, it’s not just about experiencing the game early but also about enjoying exclusive rewards that set you apart from the rest!

Authenticity and Licensing

In the soccer world, authenticity is key, and FIFA Mobile Chino APK brings unparalleled realism to the mobile gaming experience. With over 18,000+ players across 650+ teams and more than 30 leagues, you experience the diversity and richness of the soccer world. You don’t just play with random players and clubs; you play with the world’s top players, clubs, and leagues. It’s like having the entire soccer universe in the palm of your hand!

The licenses this game holds ensure that every player, every team, and every league is represented with utmost accuracy and detail. From the Premier League to LaLiga, every competition is brought to life, making the game a true-to-life representation of the world’s most loved sport.

EA Sports FC Mobile Chino APK

Download Information

Ready to dive into the action? Downloading FEA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK for Android is a breeze. Follow step-by-step guides available online, ensuring safe and secure downloading. Be cautious and download only from reputable sources to avoid any security risks.

For our Spanish-speaking friends, buscar “Descargar EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK” en línea y seguir las instrucciones paso a paso para una descarga segura y sin problemas. ¡Estás a solo unos pasos de experimentar el emocionante mundo del fútbol en tu dispositivo móvil!


EA Sports FC 24 Mobile Chino APK opens the door to an exhilarating and realistic soccer experience on your mobile device. From next-level gameplay and immersive broadcast experiences to the customization options in the locker room and the authenticity brought by licenses, every feature is designed to make your gaming experience unforgettable. Whether you are in it for the love of the game or the thrill of competing, FIFA 23 Mobile Chino APK promises to deliver a unique and unparalleled experience.

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