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Epsxe APK 2.0.16 (Full Version, Paid for Free)

Nov 30, 2023

ePSXe APK is a mobile software enabling the play of PlayStation games. It's versatile and supports multiplayer, and visual options.

Name ePSXe for Android
Updated 2023-09-27
Compatible with 2.3 and up
Last version 2.0.16
Size 8 MB
MOD Full Version, Paid for Free
Category Arcade
Developer epsxe software s.l.
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Epsxe?

ePSXe is a software that lets people play old PlayStation games on phones or tablets. It works well and makes games look smooth. Many people like it because it helps them play games with no big spaces and on just one handy thing.

The five most outstanding characteristics

  • Good to use on mobile devices: ePSXe makes it easy for anyone to play PlayStation games on their phone or tablet. No need for big computers.

  • Play games with up to four people: This software lets up to four friends play games together. They can see their own game part on the screen.

  • Many ways to control games: You can touch the screen to play, use buttons on the device, or pretend joysticks. This makes it seem real and easy.

  • Don't need lots of steps to start: ePSXe has an easy screen that help you begin without tricky steps. It works like a helper on the computer but is simpler.

  • Change how you see the game: You got three ways to see your game - scene style, tall style, or whole screen. You choose what looks best for you and the game.

Best advice for users Epsxe

  • Use the best setting for your game: Try different picture sizes and game modes to find the best look for your game.

  • Play with friends: Join in games with up to four friends for fun together.

  • Customize controls your way: Change how you control the game to what feels best.

  • Save game states: You can save the game as you play, so you won’t lose progress.

  • Get help if stuck: If you can't do something, ask other users or look online for help.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lots of games to choose from: Play many different kinds of games, from action to adventure.

  • Go back to fun old games: Enjoy games from the past on your new device.

  • Play on the go: Take your favorite games with you anywhere, no big machine is needed.

  • Be together with pals: Invite friends and share the fun in multiplayer mode.

  • Easy touch control: No keyboards, just easy taps, and swipes on the screen.


  • Might be tricky for new users: Some might find it hard to set up at first.

  • Not all games work perfect: A few games could have small hitches or not go at all.

  • Phone battery can go fast: Playing games can use lots of power from the device.

  • Need a strong device: Some older phones or tablets may not run the games well.

  • Controls may take time to get used to: New players might need time to learn touch or button controls.

Alternatives to Epsxe

Other software like FPse or ClassicBoy can let you play old games from PlayStation on your phone too.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I save my game?

A: Yes, you can save any time and return where you left off.

Q: Does ePSXe use much space?

A: It's made to not take up much room on your device.

Q: Need the internet to play?

A: No, you can play games without being online.


ePSXe helps you replay cool old games with friends and on the go. With good choices for game control and viewing, it offers much fun.

Free Download Epsxe APK (Unlimited Money, Full Version) Latest Version for Android

Visit today to download ePSXe. Trust this site to get the real and safe app for your games. Have fun with your favorite games on mobile!

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