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Error 143
Error 143

Error 143 APK 0.74 (Full Game)

Dec 21, 2022

What is Error 143 APK? What special features does this application have? We will share with you the latest information about this application right now.

Name ERROR143
Updated 2023-08-07
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 0.74
Size 445 MB
MOD Full Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Jenny Vi Pham
Price Free
Google Play Link

Error 143 APK: attractive novel visual game you should not miss

Play the game not only to become warriors with fierce combat. Besides, you also have the experience of many soothing games to help you relax. Especially in the article below, we will give you a better understanding of Error 143 APK Mobile, an extremely hot dating simulator game recently. Discover now.

Error 143 APK

What is Error 143 Android APK?

Error 143 APK Download Android is an Indie simulator game by a Vietnamese publisher, Jenny Vi Pham. She is the one who wrote the script and content of the game with the help of many friends with the art and graphics aspects.
The main character in this game is a hot and cranky guy with characteristic curly hair. His name is Micah Yujin. You will chat and flirt with him. Can you come to a happy ending with this good-looking guy?

Currently, this game is only available on platforms like Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. It has yet to be officially announced on the Google Play Store.

But don't worry. Getmodnow will always update the latest APK to you. Visit our Telegram channel for daily news updates!

Error 143 APK Android

What are the outstanding features of Error143 Mobile APK?

New features and stunning graphics have made many users go crazy with this app. Here are the things that make this game attractive.

Unique plot

This game is a great mix of a visual novel dating simulator. Visual Novels do not have an open world, nor do they have the ability to control character movements. It's all based on the player's choices.
The game will start with the branch you are hacking the computer and the data of the guy Micah Yujin. He is a handsome, funny, and witty guy with a healthy complexion. With a smirk with two sharp fangs, he can make your heart beat.
You did not expect this guy to hack your information again. Micah's adorable bickering, flirtation, and humor make you start to fall in love with him.

Interesting gameplay

You will need to make different choices in your answers, conversations, and actions to get the best outcome for both of you. There are three endings: a good ending, an open ending, and a bad ending.
Micah will ask what your name is and call you by that pronoun. His answers will make you twist your hair, and blush with a pounding heart. He's adorable, charming, and sexy with golden eyes that sparkle like gems. You'll chat and flirt with him like you're chatting on Discord. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

Error 143 APK Download

Impressive graphics and sound

Independent publisher Jenny has designed the game interface to be compatible with most devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It carries the main theme like the screen of a personal computer. You will go online and flirt with Micah. The neon 2D panel will keep you amused.

On the other hand, Micah Yujin's ASRM voice is extremely genuine and gentle. He is voiced by Corey Wilder, a friend of Jenny's. You will feel as if he is whispering sweet and romantic words in your ear. His primary language is English so you don't have to worry about the language barrier.
Error 143 Mobile APK also has a very good playlist for players. Currently, there is an original Error 143 Soundtrack on Spotify for you to enjoy while playing games.

Error 143 APK free download

Error 143 APK Download

This game also supports Android devices, so you can safely download it from Error 143's official website. The downside of this game is that there is no alternate female character and there is quite a lot of adult content. and intimacy. Players need to make sure they are 13 years old to continue dating this handsome guy Micah. Error 143 APK free download is ready for you to discover.


Error 143 APK Mobile is a very unique Indie dating simulator and visual novel game. It will make you giggle and blush at Micah Yujin's sweet flirtations. This game is not only for girls but also suitable for men. Don't miss this game, experience it now!

Wait a minute! If you read this far, you seem to love this game very much. Then why not visit the developer's Tiktok channel to discover the development process of this game? Have a nice day!

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