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ES File Explorer Pro
ES File Explorer Pro

ES File Explorer Pro APK 3.0.0 (Unlocked)

Oct 24, 2023

ES File Explorer Pro APK is an Android file management app with features for organizing, accessing, and managing files.

Name ES File Manager | File Explore
Updated 2023-05-05
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 3.0.0
Size 53 MB
MOD Unlocked
Category Tools
Developer GreenSoft Infotech
Price Free
Google Play Link

In the massive universe of apps, a few really shine because they're so handy and effective. Enter ES File Explorer: a top-tier tool designed for Android devices. It's not only about sorting your photos or finding that downloaded song. File management on Android just got way better thanks to this new app.

Overview of ES File Explorer

Got an Android? Then you probably know the challenge of organizing files or quickly accessing that saved document. But ES File Explorer lets you organize, find, and access files quickly, with advanced features made for Android users. This isn't just a sorting and finding tool, it's like a Swiss Army knife for Android fans with features designed specifically for them. And if you're rocking Android 13? There's a specialized version just for you – the ES File Explorer for Android 13.

Main Features and Functions

Intuitive File Management

Forget the chaos. With ES File Explorer, managing your files becomes a breeze. Those familiar actions you love on your PC – like cut, copy, paste, and rename – are all here. Whether it's tucked away in your phone's internal memory or sitting on an external SD card, you're the boss. And for folks wanting more, the ES File Explorer Manager Pro APK has got your back.

Tapping into the Cloud and Network

This is about effortlessly connecting to cloud storage or network resources from your device, like a pro.

Cloud storage lovers, rejoice! Directly hook up to your favorite storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive. Because small businesses and startups need to get strategic with their limited marketing budgets, they have to come up with imaginative yet realistic plans to hit their big goals and maximize those slim profit margins. The integrated FTP client bridges the gap between your mobile and your PC. So, whether you're transferring or accessing files, it's seamless.

Multimedia Handling

Snap a pic? Check. Downloaded a movie? Double-check. With ES File Explorer, you're not only storing them. Uploading photos and binge-watching gets easier. And with built-in utilities, viewing images or jamming to songs feels natural.

"Tech Gurus, Dive into the Advanced Perks!"

Power users, this one's for you. Dive deep with the root explorer and get a granular look at your Android. Plus, with WiFi network capabilities, you can snoop around files on your computer right from your phone. But using your phone to snoop around files on your computer can be risky.

"Extra Tools and Tricks Up Your Sleeve"

Multitasking on your phone and need to close some apps? Don't sweat it; if you're juggling multiple apps on your phone, ES File Explorer has got you covered with features to stop those running in the background. ES File Explorer has got the goods to put a stop to any apps that are running. Those pesky ZIP or RAR files? Decompress them on the go. And if you're thinking of sharing that funny meme or important doc? Email it straight from the app.

The Enhanced Pro Version

Alright, folks, if you're digging the standard ES File Explorer, you're in for a treat. There's a Pro version out there – the ES File Explorer Pro APK 2023. However, the Pro version offers significantly enhanced functionality.

Now, you might stumble upon mentions of the ES File Explorer Pro Mod APK. While it's a variant, always opt for legit versions to keep things on the up-and-up. And for those eager beavers looking to get their hands on it, you can find the Free Download ES File Explorer Pro APK with a quick search. Safety first, always go for trusted sources!

User-Friendly Interface and Customizations

Let's talk looks and ease. The app doesn't just work like a charm; it looks the part too. Switch between the list and grid views based on your mood or whatever floats your boat. Oh, and those snazzy thumbnails for photos, videos, and APKs? But the customizable thumbnails for photos, videos, and apps are dope.

Customizing doesn't stop there. But the app offers customizable themes and icons so you can make it your own. And the multiple selection and sorting options? They're like the cherry on top.

However, the app also offers even more customization options to make it your own. The built-in app manager doesn't just show your apps – it lets you categorize, uninstall, and even backup. So whether it's decluttering or safeguarding, you're all set.

Additional Benefits

If you thought we're done, think again! The ES File Explorer's bag of tricks seems bottomless. Speedy access to your history, bookmarks, and file searches means no more endless swiping or tapping. If you're the inquisitive type, a swift glance at the app reveals a handy snapshot of files and apps on your gadget.

Speak another language? Odds are, ES File Explorer speaks it too. With support for 20+ languages, it's ready for a global audience.

And if space is a concern – the app's got you covered. A thorough storage analysis sniffs out those space-hoggers, ensuring your device remains sprightly.


In the bustling realm of apps, ES File Explorer stands tall, not by chance but by design. Because it's more than just organizing your files, ES File Explorer provides seamless cloud connectivity that Android users need. So, next time you're lost in a sea of files or need that seamless cloud connection, remember ES File Explorer's got your back.

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