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Exambro Mod APK 6.8-Rdeveloper (Free Purchase, Bisa Keluar, Latest Version)

Dec 06, 2023

Exambro Mod APK stops cheating in exams, is suitable for all test types, and is customizable for schools.

Name Exam Browser 2023 - Exambro
Updated 2023-11-19
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 6.8-Rdeveloper
Size 12 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Bisa Keluar, Latest Version
Category Social
Price Free
Google Play Link

Exambro Mod APK prevents cheating in exams, compatible with all test types.

Today, I want to chat about an awesome app called Exambro Mod APK. It's all about keeping tests honest and stopping cheating. We know how big a deal exams are, right? This app helps make sure nobody cheats. In 2023, lots of schools and colleges are using the app to make sure their exams are fair for everyone. Whether you're taking a test on your computer or doing it online, the app has got your back!

Exambro Mod APK

Overview of the App?

Exambro is an app that's all about keeping exams secure. It's like a smart guard for your tests. This app makes sure students can't cheat by blocking things they shouldn't use during an exam. It's perfect for all sorts of tests, like computer-based ones, Google Forms, and even other platforms like Moodle and Candy CBT. Schools love it because they can even make it look like their own, with their logo and name on it. It's like having a custom-made, super-secure exam room right on your Android device!

Attractive Point of the App

The most awesome thing about Download Exambro Mod APK is how it makes exams fair for everyone. No more worrying about someone getting ahead by cheating. It's got some cool tricks up its sleeve:

  • Lockdown Mode: Once you're in the exam, there's no backing out or sneaking into other apps.
  • No Peeking at Notifications: You won't get distracted by messages or alerts. It's just you and your exam.
  • Full Screen, Full Focus: The app takes up the whole screen, so there's nothing else to look at.
  • Super Compatibility: It works with almost all Android phones, which is great!
  • Offline and Online: Whether you're connected to the internet or not, Exambro's got you covered.

And there's more! Riyu Exambro Mod APK keeps updating with new stuff to make sure it's always the top choice for secure exams. It's like having a high-tech, super-smart exam hall right in your pocket!

The Attractive Features of the App

Lockdown Feature

The lockdown feature is an app-changer. Once you start your exam in Exam Browser Mod APK, you can't use other buttons on your phone to leave the app. It's like being in a real exam hall where you can't just walk out!

Download Exambro Mod APK

No Notifications

With Exambro Mod APK Bisa Keluar, your phone won't show any notifications during the exam. It helps you stay focused without any pop-ups or messages interrupting you.

Single App Focus

The app makes sure that during the exam, you can't switch to other apps. It's like having blinders on for your test – no distractions, just your exam.

Auto-Refresh on Exit

If you somehow exit the app, it resets the exam. You have to log in again, just like re-entering an exam hall if you step out.

Offline and Online Functionality

Whether you have internet or not, Exambro works just fine. It's versatile and ready for any kind of exam setup.

Fullscreen Mode

The fullscreen mode makes your exam take up the whole screen. It's like your phone turns into a dedicated exam paper!


Exambrowser Mod APK is friends with almost all Android phones. So, no worries about whether your phone is too old or too new.

QR Code Support

The app supports QR codes, making it easy to access exams or information quickly.

Security Features

Exambro has cool security features like blocking screenshots and screen recording. It's like having a guard that ensures no one steals the exam questions!

Regular Updates

The app keeps getting better with new updates, supporting newer Android versions and adding more features to keep exams safe and fair.

Riyu Exambro Mod APK

Actual Experience of the Author of the Article and Advantages/Disadvantages of the App

User Review about the app on

  • Review 1: I love how Exambro makes exams so secure. It's easy to use and reliable.
  • Review 2: The fullscreen mode and no-notification feature are great. They help me focus only on my exam.
  • Review 3: Regular updates keep the app running smoothly on my phone. I've never had any issues during my exams.


  • Enhanced Security: Blocks cheating methods effectively.
  • Focus Enhancement: Fullscreen and no notifications help students concentrate better.
  • Versatile: Works both online and offline.
  • User-Friendly: Easy for both students and educators to use.
  • Broad Compatibility: Supports a wide range of Android devices.


  • Android Only: Not available for other operating systems.
  • Initial Setup: Might require some time to set up before exams.
  • Limited to Exams: Its use is specifically for exams, not other educational purposes.

Compare with Other Apps

When we compare CBT Exam Browser Mod APK with other exam apps, a few things stand out. First, its focus on security is top-notch. Unlike some other apps, the app doesn't just rely on basic features like fullscreen mode. It goes the extra mile with its lockdown feature, preventing any form of exit or app switching. However, it's worth noting that Exambro is specific to Android, which is a limitation compared to some other apps that might offer cross-platform compatibility. Also, its sole focus on exams means it doesn't have the broader educational tools that some other apps might offer.

Exam Browser Mod APK


Exambro Mod APK stands out when it comes to keeping exams safe and honest. It's packed with features that keep tests fair and free from distractions. Schools and colleges will find it super useful. Sure, it's only for Android phones and just for exams, but the good stuff about it is way more important than these small downsides. If you need a trustworthy and solid app for exams, Exam Browser Client Mod APK is a great option to think about. So, that's a close look at the app and all the awesome ways it can help keep exams on the same level. Whether you're a student or a teacher, knowing there's an app out there that's got your back during exam time is pretty awesome. Remember, fair exams mean everyone gets a fair shot, and that's what the app is about!

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