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Facebook APK 438. (Old Version Stable, Install for Android)

Oct 23, 2023

Facebook APK is a social networking platform that connects people globally, offering features like News Feed, Friends, Wall, Likes, and privacy controls.

Name Facebook
Updated 2023-10-31
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 438.
Size 126 MB
MOD Old Version Stable, Install for Android
Category Social
Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Ever wondered about the evolution of Facebook's Android journey? Since its inception, the core objective remains unwavering: to bridge gaps and connect folks from all corners of the globe. Today, millions tap the app, making connections, sharing moments, and creating memories. It's not just an app; it's a community.

Main Features of Facebook on Android

News Feed

Ever missed out on the latest cat meme or Aunt Mary's beach photos? Fret not. The News Feed got your back. Get real-time scoops from your connections, be it friends, family, or pages you follow. Customize what you see, filter out the noise, and enjoy content that's tailor-made for you. And hey, if privacy is your thing, you’re covered. Control who sees what, ensuring your private moments remain, well, private.


Adding friends or getting to know someone new? A simple friend request does the trick. Once they hit "Accept", you're connected. But life happens, right? Sometimes, you need a bit of virtual distance. Whether that's hitting "Unfriend" or going a step further with a block, it’s smooth and straightforward.

Wall and Timeline

Your personal canvas awaits! Share that mouth-watering pizza pic, rant about the traffic, or post that catchy song lyric that’s stuck in your head. Your wall is where your moments shine. The Timeline spices things up a notch. It chronologically lays out your shared content, giving viewers a journey through your Facebook life. Want to keep some memories on the down-low? No sweat. Adjust who sees what with a tap.

Likes and Reactions

Ever seen a post and felt the urge to give a virtual nod? Hit that "Like". Feeling a bit more expressive? Throw in a "Love", "Haha", or even an "Angry" for those not-so-great moments. Every reaction tells a story, making interactions lively.


You're scrolling, you see a post, and bam! You have something to say. Drop a comment, spark a conversation, or simply sprinkle some GIF magic. And if you’re feeling extra, slap on a sticker. Whether it’s cheering someone on or sparking a debate, comments keep the convo going.

The Facebook APK Dimension

Navigating the APK landscape can be akin to wandering in a forest with paths diverging in all directions. For the uninitiated, APK stands for Android Package Kit, a file format used for Android app distribution and installation.

Facebook APK All Versions

Looking to roll back the years and experience Facebook's interface from yesteryears? Facebook APK all version opens up a time portal where users can experience older versions of the app, each offering a different slice of nostalgia and functionality. It's an archive, a library, a walk down memory lane.

Facebook APK to Download Old Version

Sometimes, newer doesn't always mean better. Maybe it's nostalgia or perhaps a preference for a simpler design. Facebook APK to download old version is your ticket back in time. It’s not about rejecting progress but embracing a version of digital interaction that you know like the back of your hand.

And hey, if you’ve got a device that's a bit long in the tooth, Facebook old version APK 235 could be your go-to. Optimized for older systems, it ensures that nobody is left behind in the constant march forward of technology.

Specific Versions: Facebook APK 4.4.2

Enter Facebook APK 4.4.2. It isn’t a random assortment of numbers and letters but a version that stands out for its stability and streamlined performance. Users hunting for a blend of reliability and functionality often find themselves retracing their steps to this particular rendition of the Facebook app.

How to Install Facebook APK for Android

Worried about the install process? Fear not. It’s easier than flipping pancakes. You download Facebook APK old version, change your security settings to install apps from unknown sources, and voila, you’re in business. It’s tech without the headache, functionality at your fingertips without a computer science degree.

Navigating Privacy and Security

In the realm of social media, especially a titan like Facebook, privacy and security are at the pinnacle of user concerns. Each user’s data is a personal narrative, a story that’s both precious and private.

Users can sculpt their privacy settings with the precision of a master carver, determining who sees what and when. It’s not just about connecting but doing so with a safety net snugly in place, ensuring that personal and sensitive information isn’t tossed into the digital winds.

Two-factor authentication is like the guardian at the gates, an extra layer of security that keeps unwelcome guests at bay. It’s not just about having a password but an additional code that’s as personal as a fingerprint.


In the grand tapestry of social media, Facebook’s Android app emerges as a tool of connectivity that transcends geographical and cultural frontiers. With an array of features nuanced for user engagement, privacy, and security, it’s more than an app—it’s a dynamic ecosystem where the global village converges, interacts, and thrives.

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