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Five Nights In Anime 3D
Five Nights In Anime 3D

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK 1.1 (Fanmade Android Game)

Jun 03, 2023

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK is a game that brings many surprises to players, taking you to a pet store space as a security guard. Download now to play.

Name Five Nights In Anime 3D
Updated 2023-06-03
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.1
Size 51 MB
MOD Fanmade Android Game
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Google Play Link

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK - Fighting nights with spooky bears

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK is mentioned a lot in the best horror game genre on the market. So this is the game you should not miss and will regret on Android devices. The game is full of horror elements with attractive chases and escapes. With this game you will be immersed in the guard guarding the pet store. But those robot bears are becoming creatures with terrible power and they are hiding everywhere in the store. The following article will give you information so that you can destroy the robot bear. This will be the key for you to escape.

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK

About Five Nights In Anime 3D Android APK

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK is a tactical action game. The player takes on the role of a pet store security guard. The weird thing here is that you will guard the store at night and not be provided with any lighting conditions. When there is no power supply, the systems in the store using electricity will stop working, especially doors will be expanded to full extent. And your task is to guard the main door not to let the bears move out.

FNIA 3D APK will show you how to perform the task of a guard. Start the chain of five nights guarding the store, the first thing you need to prepare includes costumes, electric whips, guns. In addition, you will be able to attend professional protection training. You will be fully equipped with skills and qualities as a long time bodyguard with extensive experience. Upon completion of the training course, you will embark on the implementation of the assigned tasks.

In the game Five Nights In Anime Android APK, players will keep in their hands a map of where the bears are standing to easily control them in the dark. The evening has gradually fallen, you will have to fight and fight with these mischievous bears. Players use bright eyes like headlights to focus their observation on the bears and doors. When a bear moves away from the position the guard immediately detects and prevents it from returning to its original position. You have to be careful when confronting it, prepare defensive weapons to protect yourself and control it.

Five Nights In Anime 3D Android APK

The bears must have good mental control and calm in order to see and listen to each step of the bear's timely disposal. You will think about the situation of looking for heavy objects to block in front of the bears so that they can no longer move out. It is also a way for you to use your mind to fight them. The game integrates with many unique features that take players through many different emotional levels. You will feel very nervous and unpredictable about what will happen ahead. Try to overcome the challenges and fulfill the task of being a professional guard.

Features of Five Nights In Anime Game APK

Five Nights In Anime 3D APK is the most popular horror game today. Due to the simple style of play, you can easily manipulate and control the character in the right direction. Players need to interact with objects to be able to touch the light switch. So you can control the observer cameras. In addition, find the remote to close the metal door, aim to scare away the robot teddy bear so as not to infiltrate the control center or to hurt you.

Since there is a pent-up power in the door, if those robotic bears approach it, it will be very energy consuming, resulting in a power outage. What you do is maintain the power supply and save them away from the door. So it's difficult to overcome so you need to build yourself a tactic to be able to face any situation.


Main characters

The game is very attractive when you become a guard on duty at night. When joining you will not see virtually no character. Players will start receiving mysterious calls that appear regularly in the middle of the night. This will be the time when the teddy bears begin to wake up star days long controlled by the rays of the sun. Use your tactical ability to destroy because there is only a computer, no electricity, so you have to be careful. You should carefully observe the camera and look around to dodge their claws.

Camera out observation

With this horror survival game you need to use your tactical skills. With keen observation skills to be able to protect themselves. Because you can't just rely on those cameras to see because if you pay too much attention, if the bears appear, you will get hurt.

So it is necessary to observe very acutely because the lights from the camera are red when looking at, they will show up their eyes glowing. Five Nights In Anime 3D APK makes it possible to close their location so that they can destroy the robot bears and find a way to escape. Allows you to maintain cameras from all different perspectives. Assist you in recognizing the coming monsters to prevent them from coming into contact with you through the door. To protect yourself from danger.

Graphics and sound

To make the game more attractive, the publisher of 3D graphics brings situations from the camera perspective very realistic. Make the player feel attractive and attractive. If the player loves the horror adventure genre, then this will be a very suitable game for you. Bring situations you have to handle in the shortest time, so you need to possess strategic skills to destroy the robot bear.

Download game Five Nights In Anime 3D APK for Android

Sound will bring background music that makes users impressed and let the game become attractive when experiencing it. You should equip yourself with a headset so that you can listen to the sounds when approaching you, especially the footsteps of the robot. To protect myself from all dangers lurking in the night of the store.

A game full of fun gives you the experience of a horror adventure. So this game is very popular with fans. For you to discover and be aware to win this game you need to own trusting eyes to recognize the bears are hiding in the dark. Download game Five Nights In Anime 3D APK for Android now to enjoy top notch entertainment space!


Five Nights In Anime 3D APK is a game with night play space for you to feel both frightened and excited. You will have to face horror bears and have to stop their movement. You can Five Nights In Anime download Android APK right at this site to experience it now. May you have a great time relaxing.

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