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Flood Rush Supercell
Flood Rush Supercell

Flood Rush Supercell APK 1.6.0 (Beta Version, Android Game)

Jun 01, 2023

Flood Rush Supercell APK is a strategy game for players to flexibly use their brains to collect resources to build a solid base to fight off enemy attacks.

Name Flood Rush Supercell
Updated 2023-06-01
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.6.0
Size 235 MB
MOD Beta Version, Android Game
Category Strategy
Developer Supercell
Price Free
Google Play Link

Flood Rush Supercell APK - Collect base building resources and fight the onslaught of enemies

Flood Rush Supercell APK brings the genre of strategy so players have to build themselves a battle plan. Give players a unique entertaining space with many missions where players must use their abilities to pass the levels in this game. The player's task is to collect resources to proceed to build the base with the cards that you collect. Build a mighty army to fight the enemy. The game is very much loved by many users in terms of very impressive visuals and sounds that make players very excited and engage in the game. If you want to play a strategy game, the full game will be very suitable to bring you interesting experiences. The game allows you to download it completely free on Android devices. Discover this game now and don't rush through useful information!

Supercell Floodrush APK

About the game Floodrush Supercell APK Beta Version

Flood Rush Supercell APK is a genre of strategy game that protects your kingdom. You will use your wisdom and adventure experience to perform in-game missions. Supercell Floodrush APK requires you to collect resources, build bases and trace the fastest treasure hiding place. In the game there will be a lot of opponents, you need to build yourself a strategy to collect, fight and build your stronghold growing.

Flood Rush Beta APK is being favored by gamers and selected by many outstanding advantages that it gives players. This is a game dedicated to players who use the Android operating system. The game is set in a vast land that contains a lot of resources. The player will start the game with a small land campus and a building, you will have to develop the base by collecting resources, engaging in combat against the onslaught of enemies. Countless monsters are lurking around your stronghold, always be on the lookout to timely prevent them from entering your territory.

Players will use coins to create a character whose mission is to detect news around the base. If there is anything unusual it will notify you right away. Besides, you will use your own tactics to build a powerful army, build weapons, upgrade bases, strengthen. Army combat is one of the essential elements for you to win. Therefore, you must regularly evaluate the quality of the army, upgrade the strength, armor protection, organize training and test matches to test the strength and energy of the army. If any army qualifies, it will be prepared to go to battle invading enemy territory to collect resources and search for treasure.

Download game Flood Rush Supercell APK for Android

In battles you need to consider the number of troops to battle, the reserve army is always in a combat ready position. In some cases if the attacking army is consumed with manpower, you can add a reserve army to increase the likelihood of winning that battle. Each winning battle will bring you many bonus points and quickly pass that level. When completing the mission pass the levels will unlock many items to upgrade the base and become one of the largest kingdoms. Floodrush Survive or Sink APK owns its many unique and impressive features that take people to the simulator world to imagine a perfect playing space. Players will be addicted to this game and can play it for hours continuously without taking their eyes off.

Highlights of Flood Rush Supercell APK Latest Version

Flood Rush Supercell APK aims to give players a colorful world where they can build their own bases and use weapons to deal with enemies to protect their kingdom. When playing this game you will collect resources, defend, and build bases. Throughout the course of the game you will become the commander of an army that you build. A fun filled game that you should download and experience now!

Adventure Mode

Let the player have an entertaining space full of charisma. You will be surprised with this version when you experience the constantly changing underwater environment. Give players a whole new space that has not appeared anywhere, when adventure through the rivers to the waters. In addition, the game also allows you to go to the map to search for characters and get rewards. Players will be able to challenge themselves against unexpected developments in the game.

Flood Rush Beta APK

Unique levels

The developer wants the game to be interesting, the game level will make players unable to disappoint with the many challenges associated with each level. In order to be able to pass the levels that the player needs to build themselves a high tactical skill. In order to build an army with tremendous power to defend against the tremendous power from enemies, you have to win to receive rewards aimed at upgrading skills for your army. Along with building your walls become more solid.

Unlock mode

With this version players will be using unlock mode, support players can unlock the power inside the character and rewards will help you perform the challenge quickly. This upgrade will discover special abilities such as jumping high and farther and swim fast. This will be the advantage for you to make the turning point that wins.

Connect players

To increase the player experience and create a playground full of fun and drama, players link with many other players around the world. To open an attractive match and compete first place in the online achievement.

Ultra sharp graphics and sounds

If Flood Rush Supercell APK wants to attract attention and impress many players and make them choose, then graphics are important in each game. Bringing you stunning graphics you will be fascinated by it from the first time with a water space accompanied by vivid effects that make players attracted. At the same time, the sound used in this strategy game is so realistic that players have to immerse themselves in this game space.

Flood Rush Supercell APK Latest Version

Fight in real time

Players must choose from among the three nominated characters to engage in combat with the ruler of the island. Allows you to use weapons and game modes that the game equips to surprise and seize the chance to win before the island is destroyed.

You need to plan and your tactical abilities to start exploring adventures on the island and bring back the rewards. Unlock the skills the game offers you to upgrade your tactics and combat skills. You have to complete the challenges and seize the opportunities in this game. Download game Flood Rush Supercell APK for Android now! For Great Explorations and rewards to upgrade your skills!


Flood Rush Supercell APK is a role playing tactical game in which the brave hero character protects and builds territory that becomes strong. Defeat every enemy who dares to invade his base. This is an extremely ideal game for those who are looking for light but very smart and fun entertainment. You can visit the Google Play Store or source from this article to download. Please follow us to update many new, extremely attractive and promise not to disappoint you.

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