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FNAF 3 Plus
FNAF 3 Plus

FNAF 3 Plus APK 2.0.2 (Android Game, FNAF 3 Plus)

Jun 07, 2023

FNAF 3 Plus APK is an action game with horror elements that create a challenging space for players to overcome five dark and dangerous nights at the building.

Name Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Updated 2023-10-18
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 2.0.2
Size 58 MB
MOD Android Game, FNAF 3 Plus
Category Action
Developer Clickteam USA LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link

FNAF 3 Plus APK - Mystery story inside the building full of ghosts

If you are looking for a horror genre mixed with little fun then FNAF 3 Plus APK will be the right choice for you. You experience mysterious situations in abandoned buildings. The player takes on the role of a guard who oversees the building and finds out the mysteries that are going on behind them. When the game takes place you have to survive to the end and make choices because they will affect the outcome of the game and if you make the wrong choice then there will be a scary ending that you have to endure. Allows you to download for devices running Android operating systems for free. Discover the article below to learn more about the game!


About Fazbear Frights Attraction APK Full Version

FNAF 3 Plus APK impresses players with an immersive action genre that experiences many horror episodes that the game brings. You will play the role of a manager of the five story building and it is used for many tourists to visit. The value of this building has reached decades of age. And here there are many mysteries and strange creatures. Not only is it an old house, but it also appears in a lot of spiritual stories and now it has been handed down and opened for everyone to visit.

FNAF 3 Plus Android APK extras mode will take you through the extremely cold night guard of late night weather. This place will always be carefully guarded by players and not let anyone come to sabotage. Or something happens here. You must always be secure and intact. FNAF 3 Remake APK will give players a map that locates all the floors of the building and allows you to manage, check the operation of the camera. Only you have the right to log in and control the camera. This is advantageous for you to easily control the operation around as well as inside the building. All places have installed surveillance cameras even for a small nook and cranny do not ignore.

Monsters will appear unexpectedly to create additional horror elements. And you need to pay attention to every gesture, their actions so that no malfunctions occur that affect the visitor. There will be quite a lot of ghostly spectacles in the game so you must always keep your body balanced, calmly face many creepy images and noises. The images in the game are desirable to bring the most real feelings to people so they are always designed inspired by real stories. You will not waste time experiencing this game.

Fazbear's Frights Attraction APK with the ultimate gray matter investment to create a fantasy world for fans of action games. When you join the game, you will feel fear, surprise and excitement. These weaknesses have created a wonderful session that caters to gamers.

Fazbear Frights Attraction APK Full Version

Features of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Plus APK

Players will experience the fascinating mystery gradually revealed when discovering this FNAF 3 Plus APK. Complete the tasks through the observer camera and you must protect the system from any situation that occurs. Since it will be very important in observing and deciphering the mysteries behind this house are constantly happening. There are many features that will assist you throughout your exploration and you need to be very cautious as all dangers are around you.

Start work at the building

When you come to this game you will play the role of the newly hired supervisor in this building. The player will be guided by the owner in every detail and place to monitor. All the information on the camera you will have to observe the activities that take place on the screen. Now mysterious things will begin to appear with your first night of work. In this game players need to save electricity and not drain too much because if you use all the effort, the room will no longer have light and then it is easy for the monsters to contact them will hurt you. You need to save that energy to deal with them.

Monitoring system protection

Regardless of the situation or mystery that takes place, you must maintain your spirit in the process of finding clues about the mysteries of the past. When you come to the system that monitors every action and the appearance of shadows that lead clearly. This game you need to skillfully handle situations because if they come into contact with the room safely they will interfere with the power supply resulting in a lot of energy consumption. You need to equip yourself with some skills to be able to survive and escape this building. In addition, it will be time to find out who is behind the scary things that always happen. Rely on each different dangerous situation so that you can protect yourself and do not let them have a chance to hurt your energy.

FNAF 3 Plus Android APK Extras Mode

Complete missions to survive

Players will participate in missions and in each mission will be associated with small games you need to pass them in the fastest time. To be able to survive to the end in a horror game to help you can attack from multiple sides. You need to be able to pick up dangers in time to prevent attacks from mysterious forces. In order to avoid them you can observe the camera from the perspective and at the same time be alert around your residence. You need to be assertive in any situation and make the most accurate choice. Since your choice will greatly affect the course of the game if the decision is wrong, the consequences are unimaginable.


FNAF 3 Plus APK makes it possible for players to immerse themselves in the mysteries inside the game, so they have equipped 3D graphics with realistic images. Give players the most exciting experience. With the combined colors that make up a game full of mysteries is no different than watching an action movie. This will be a game full of fun that you should try to experience. There will be many situations where you have to constantly be surprised. Download game FNAF 3 Plus APK for Android right down to be able to enjoy the fascinating horror genre for your Android device.

Download game FNAF 3 Plus APK for Android


FNAF 3 Plus APK is refined little by little by little by little from graphics, images, sounds to the actions of the characters. Everything is combined to make this game perfect. If you are looking for an action and role playing game, this game is definitely for you. FNAF 3 Plus Fanmade download for Android to not miss the hours of exciting game experience with friends offline. If you have any questions please leave a comment below, we will read and respond soon for you. Have fun enjoying the game.

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